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Re: Are advances in home theater technology killing real theaters?

I have a decent home theater that cost about $1200. So in my opinion I have PrePaid for a large number of theater visits. Plus being in my home provides conveniences that just aren't available in a theater, like beer and other vices, or a refrigerator full of snacks.

But that last few times I've been to a theater there were technical problems like they don't even know what they are doing.
Sound incorrectly patched, like the left and right speaker reversed
Bad focus
Me and the wife and many friends have decided that going to the theater is just not any fun anymore. Also I have 6 RedBox places within 2 miles of home and a single DVD subscription with Netflix.

I just wonder if the movie business can do without theaters and just survive off of DVD sales and rentals plus streaming services like Netflix?

W o o f e r h o u n d
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Great article and seems right on point..maybe I'm a home body but I rather wait for a movie to come out on blu ray rent it and watch it on my home theater and when I'm ready to.Between ticket/food/drink prices having to find a babysitter a movie night could easily cost 50+ dollars. The last movie I seen in the theaters was about a year ago and was not worth my time or money.
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Re: Are advances in home theater technology killing real theaters?

+1..With a dedicated home theatre, a relatively large 2.39:1 projection screen with good sound..who needs to go to a cinema and put up with all the idiots that go there!!
I haven't gone to the cinema in over 7 years!!

Home Theatre...the never ending story!
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Re: Are advances in home theater technology killing real theaters?

I think the cost of going to theater (ticket price and the food prices) along with the hassle of driving thru traffic, etc. as well as loud and cell phone talking teenagers are the real reason people don't go to the theater anymore. Plus, it is a lot easier just to get a movie off of redbox or netflix for a very low price and enjoy at home without all the noise that the theaters have.
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Re: Are advances in home theater technology killing real theaters?

The positive side of this is that there are less idiots at theater these days. I rarely go and even then it is only because there is a blockbuster that my son and I want to go see. Our local cineplex is actually pretty good, the main auditorium has a very nice state of the art projection and sound system. I still think my home system is better in most every way and really only lacking in screen size. Theaters will have to continue to innovate at a much faster pace or risk total extinction. If this happens that could be a boon for us true afficianado's of HT. I would not mind paying a premium to have access to a new movie release to home.
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Re: Are advances in home theater technology killing real theaters?

I don't have a really fancy home theater yet, so my wife and I go to the movies occasionally if there is something that interests us. And therein lies the problem with the regular theaters. In contrast, last season we were members of a filmclub in Washington DC at the Avalon and the theater was packed everytime on a Sunday morning. All most all films were great, many of them foreign.

What I find a sad development is that many theaters in small communities are forced to close because they cannot afford the cost of converting to all digital. They have an audience, but not the financial backing for major upgrades. In this case it is not the home theaters that killed them.
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Re: Are advances in home theater technology killing real theaters?

My Fiance and I have not been to one movie theater since we setup the 134" screen in our living room. Reasons are:
1: We can enjoy the movie at home whenever we want and pause it if we want to.
2: It is less expensive, I can buy the movie for less than going to the theater let alone the refreshments pricing and the surcharge for 3d (don't have 3d yet but hopefully sometime in the future).
3: The last time we went to a theater the sound and picture quality were poor.
4: Nice to have a movie night with friends at home.


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Re: Are advances in home theater technology killing real theaters?

My wife and I have been to the theatre once in the past two years and we were reminded why we hadn't been in so long. Although the prices are high and our theatre has good quality, the other patrons ruin it for us. Phones going off, people actually answering them, and getting the back of your seat kicked by a kid in a rated R movie has put us over the edge. I'll invest in an awesome HT before I go back out.
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Re: Are advances in home theater technology killing real theaters?

Going to cinemas was always a mixed experience. The pros included: Big picture and big sound, and an evening out for some entertainment. The cons included: Uncomfortable seats, annoying patrons, line-ups and long waits.

VHS and DVD made watching movies at home an increasingly viable option, especially once the wait times for movies to make it from the screen to consumer media started shrinking.

These days, with a decent HT set-up and most movies available on BD or DVD for a couple of bucks within 3-4 months of hitting the cinemas, there's just not much point to going there anymore. My wife and I have gone perhaps once in the past couple of years.
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