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Re: The Hobbit at 48 fps: Film, It Ainít

It makes one wonder just how much effort movie plexes put in to setting up their theater. I wonder if they would even tell us if we asked? Or do they just order the gear & have it installed assuming all is well.
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Wow. This isn't the kind of review I was expecting....

What about 24fps makes the image more colorful and better contrast (or did I miss read something)...?
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Re: The Hobbit at 48 fps: Film, It Ainít

As you start using higher resolution film formats, like 70mm and IMAX, you stop seeing grain and just see the image. As you start using higher resolution digital, like current 4k and 5k cameras can do, you stop seeing pixels and just see the image.

So when using the best that each respective medium offers, you can't easily tell film from digital, since the image is not suffering breakdown into grain or pixels. In that case, what makes us psychologically think that something looks like a traditional movie we see in a cinema vs looking like you're watching a daytime soap opera on TV?

Turns out that cadence (seeing 24 images per second vs seeing 60 images per second) does more to create that feeling than image structure (grain vs pixels). I'm sure we've all seen video based footage displayed as black & white with phony grain and scratches added, but still didn't feel like film for whatever reason. What's missing is the 24fps cadence.

I've seen film shot at 60 fps (Showscan) and it looked like hi-def video. I've seen live video shot at 24fps (MTV Movie Awards) and I swore it was film. The latter was uncanny: I couldn't figure out how MTV could shoot an event on film and still claim it was live. Turns out they set their video cameras to 24fps and converted it to 60 using 3:2 pulldown before broadcasting.

The younger generation who, unlike us, have not permanently imprinted on the 24fps cadence being an indicator of film, might have less of a problem with the way Jackson shot 'The Hobbit'. For me it's too late. It's not that I hate higher frame rates, it's just that I reflexively think 'video' the moment I see it. Let me underscore that last part: this isn't something I choose to do deliberately, it's an automatic reflex based on decades of getting used to a certain cadence that I always associate with movies.

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Re: The Hobbit at 48 fps: Film, It Ainít

I am in my mid 50's and I am ready for the movie industry to move to much higher frame rates.
24fps holds no special place in my heart.
When I was a kid and knew nothing about frame rates I remember talking about movies going out of focus when the camers panned.
When the blur and flicker are gone will be a happy day for me.
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Re: The Hobbit at 48 fps: Film, It Ainít

I bought a prosumer Panasonic video camera that records in true 1080p 60frames per second and I love it for shooting video thats got alot of movement. 24p is just far too riddled with studder when pans happen. I am also on the higher frame rate bandwagon.
My Panasonic E4000u has frame creation and I use it often with movies as it does a great job in filling those missing frames.

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Re: The Hobbit at 48 fps: Film, It Ainít

I saw the movie, and the main reason I noticed it is that I was looking for the difference. After the first few minutes, I really stopped looking and became immersed in the story.
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Re: The Hobbit at 48 fps: Film, It Ainít

Thanks Mechman. I'm interested to see how this shapes up for me. We're seeing the HFR Dolby Atmos show in... 4 hours. I was glad to read in your other thread that the HFR doesn't make it look like 120Hz LCD effect TV, because I had forgotten how much I hate that until we watched part of Transformers at a neighbor's house on the weekend. I kept staring at it wondering what was wrong.

I'll chime in with my impressions tomorrow, and as of right now I'm optimistic. The popcorn is half full, you might say (which is good because the big theatres here don't offer free refills anymore).

- OJ -
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Re: The Hobbit at 48 fps: Film, It Ainít

I saw the movie and it started out slow and then picked up very fast.. I can't tell any difference in fps..

I highly recommend the movie. I just wish they didn't split it into 3 parts. I know the reason why -- $$$$$

Now, I have to wait sometime for part II and then part III..
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Re: The Hobbit at 48 fps: Film, It Ainít

I actually felt more immersed with the 48fps. In 24fps it looks like the rest of the movies the last whatever years. The funny thing is, many of those movies we associate with film aren't using film. But that fare actually always made me feel like I am looking at a stylized window. Perhaps with some frost on it. This felt like that window had been removed. Especially during the battle sequences. I disagree about the contrast comment. Especially the first Smaug scene. The contrast and colors of the whole set and costumes was incredible. Especially the fire. I had to take my glasses off to get a little glimpse outside of the glasses. Simply incredible I thought. I think Avatar would have been truly awesome in this format.
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