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Keith Lock
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$3 million home theater, 4 years in the making

Home theater systems certainly aren't what they used to be. From unique entertainment sources (i.e. Internet streaming) to the Dolby experience at home, and now home theaters taking longer to build than entire homes, we are a far cry away from the giant tube TVs that were so big they didn't need a stand, and with enough room on top to house the top-loading VCR and radio tuner.

The home theater on topic here today is a 45-seater that cost around $3 million and 4 years to complete. It was ranked as the "Best Home Theater" Over $150k in the Electronic House Home of the Year Awards. The theater has seen more use in it's first year, requiring replacement of the 2,000 hour projector lamp, than most other home theaters see in their lifetime.

The room for the home theater became an 8,000 square foot addition to a 25,000 square foot home.

The concept started with a tiny piece of red fabric

The idea of how the home theater was to look and perform was not clear from the beginning. "Really big" was all they knew before the project got under way. A piece of lush, red fabric was held up by a home theater designer from Slayman Cinema, which is based in Laguna Beach, and the home owner reacted with: "I want my theater to feel like this piece of fabric." Finally the designers had a clear direction of how the theater was to be created.

Top notch equipment to be used in the theater

To match the exquisite look and feel of the theater because of the lush fabric, top of the line equipment needed to be used. The theater boasts a large supply of Genelec speakers. Recommended by the engineers from Genelec, based on the room's acoustics and other factors, were the use of 13 reference-grade speakers and 5 subwoofers to deliver 8,400 watts of audio. The speakers weren't to attract the eye, but to attract the ear, so they were tucked away in the studs before any of the red fabric was applied to the walls.

Diligent speaker diagnostics determined the placement of each of the speakers. Small holes were cut into the red fabric and covered with decorative grilles before being placed over the speakers so as not to dampen any of the sound.

Behind the 18-foot CinemaScope screen from Stewart Filmscreen are three of the Genelec speakers. Beneath the screen, a custom made proscenium houses one of the massive sub woofers.

Digital Projection International provided the 2,000 lamp hour Titan Reference 1080p 3D video projector which hangs in an equipment rack in a room outside the theater. To provide many sources of video content the gear also includes a range of devices including a Samsung Blu-ray player, the Apple TV rather than the Roku for some reason, an Autonomic media server, an Xbox 360, and a DirecTV receiver. Soon to be added is the Prima Cinema media server allowing the viewing of movies at the same time they are at the movie theater.

A simultaneous 3D and 2D experience

A second Lumagen video processor was included allowing some to view the video in 3D while others view the same movie in two-dimensions. The main projection screen would provide the content in 3D as expected. Then, in the balcony and bar area outside the theater, content would be projected in 2D on Samsung displays, thanks to some complicated manipulation of the native 3D image from the Lumagen processor.

Advanced gaming experience

The theater isn't just for movies, as it provides a unique gaming experience as well. After touching an icon on the portable AMX touch panel, the D-box motion actuators placed beneath the seats in the front row kick into motion. These motion actuators allow the seats to shake, shift and rumble in unison with the video game action on the screen.

More features of the AMX system

Other interesting features of the AMX system, besides the ability to control the lighting and the temperature in the theater, is the intercom function that it performs. If someone is to arrive at the front gate and ring the bell, the system will pause the movie and the owner can then see and speak with the guest through the touchscreen.

View the $3 million home theater slideshow here
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Wow... It is B-E-A-utiful
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Re: $3 million home theater, 4 years in the making

Wow. must be nice to have millions to spend. But, if you do, might as well go all out!
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HTS Senior Moderator
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Re: $3 million home theater, 4 years in the making

Incredible looking theatre!.. Absolutely stunning!!
Interesting to note that with all that expensive equipment, he's only using a Samsung blu-ray player!

Home Theatre...the never ending story!

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While I'm sure the screen and sound are amazing it's way overblown aesthetically for my tastes. I suppose if you're into the whole royal palace look then so be it. I have seen countless rooms I'd take costing much less. Just not my taste I guess.
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A little to much for me but to each there own. I do like to see how some people spend there money I find it very interesting.
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Re: $3 million home theater, 4 years in the making

I'd love to hang out there, and would enjoy every minute. Good choice of speakers and the effort was made to get the most out of them.

"I left in love, in laughter, and in truth and wherever truth, love and laughter abide, I am there in spirit." - Bill Hicks
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Re: $3 million home theater, 4 years in the making

My question would be with all that money, Why didn't they install Dolby Atmos 62.2 Surround Sound system?

As for the theater, nice but just a little over the top for my taste.
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Re: $3 million home theater, 4 years in the making

I think the thing that stood out for me was that they built an addition onto the house to do this - and that addition is 4 times the square footage of my entire house...

And, I concur - it is nice, but way too ostentatious for my taste...
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I love it. i think it looks great. I would not spend that kind of money on it even if I had it but if I did that is exactly how I would have it look.
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