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Blockbuster Stores Are Officially Closing, Mail Service Axed Too

Just like that, it’s over.

Remember the days of getting in your car to head to the local Blockbuster on a Friday night? List in hand, you'd circle the parking lot looking for a good spot. If the weather was bad, you’d make a mad dash into a store that was sure to be filled with a sea of people...old and young alike...small kids running through the aisles. It was at that point that you began the game of hunting for your evening’s entertainment. One entire side of the store had a wall covered with copies of new and popular releases. To see if rental copies were available, you had to lift and move display cases hoping for the best. Of course older and obscure movies were more of a challenge. The stores usually had one (at best, two) copies of these movies. First you had find the row in the store matching a specific genre, be it horror, comedy, drama, or action. Assuming you picked the right row (don’t forget, some movies bridge genres making it a total guessing game), you then had to hunt for your title and brace for the moment of truth: In stock? Or out of stock. Any experienced Blockbuster customer knows that this is when a list came in handy, because more times than not a backup movie was necessary. The end of a Blockbuster visit usually involved a lengthy check-out line snaking through shelves loaded with candy and packaged popcorn.

Those days are now officially gone.

Three years ago The Wall Street Journal reported that Blockbuster’s once proud empire had officially cracked. Swimming in the depths of nearly $900 million in debt, the company revealed it was filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Part of their restructuring plan was to shutter up to 1000 brick-and-mortar locations (leaving roughly 2,400 stores in operation) and begin the process of emphasizing digital distribution and Redbox-esque kiosk rental stands. We have since watched the vast majority of those remaining stores close.

Yesterday, Blockbuster (owned by the DISH Network Corporation) announced the official end to the era of its brick-and-motar location dominance. The company will close it’s remaining 300-plus stores and distribution centers by early january 2014. It is also shutting-down its mail-DVD service by mid-December 2013. This is all coming on the heels of an 18 month long slash-parade in which Blockbuster has divested assets in the United States and ceased operations in the United Kingdom and Scandinavia.

"This is not an easy decision, yet consumer demand is clearly moving to digital distribution of video entertainment," said Joseph P. Clayton, DISH president and chief executive officer. "Despite our closing of the physical distribution elements of the business, we continue to see value in the Blockbuster brand, and we expect to leverage that brand as we continue to expand our digital offerings."

The Blockbuster name will continue to live as DISH has announced it will retain licensing rights to the iconic brand and the company’s video library. DISH will continue to operate Blockbuster’s @Home service for DISH customers and its general market Blockbuster On Demand streaming service. The Blockbuster @Home DISH service offers 15 movie channels including STARZ, EPIX, Sony Movie Channel, and the Hallmark Movie Channel in addition to nearly 20,000 movies and television shows available for streaming.

Unfortunately, this is one more nail-in-the-coffin for physical media. Tell us how you feel about this!

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Re: Blockbuster Stores Are Officially Closing, Mail Service Axed too

I noticed this the other day. We had maybe 3 or 4 blockbusters within a very short drive along with Hollywood Studios but slowly over the years they all closed except for 1 blockbuster.

This past week while driving I noticed the big "This store closing" sign. I guess it is the sign of the times with the push toward streaming and the competition with redbox..

To be honest, once netflix, hulu, crackle, and others started being available, I stop going to blockbuster. .
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Re: Blockbuster Stores Are Officially Closing, Mail Service Axed too

The Blockbuster near my work shut down a couple years ago and I was able to snag a ton of blurays for $5 a piece...It was pretty sweet. I thought they had all shutdown until I saw one the other weekend when I was visiting some friends in VA.
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Re: Blockbuster Stores Are Officially Closing, Mail Service Axed too

This is sad to me. I grew up going to blockbuster on Friday nights for the movie rental and occasionally bought used N64 games (my first video game console).
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Re: Blockbuster Stores Are Officially Closing, Mail Service Axed Too

I am not surprised in the least bit with the brick and mortar stores closing, especially with all the streaming that is going on. I have seen a LOT of B&M movie rental places close. We are down to a mere single Red Box in the town we live in. In the city where my office is located, we have had several close up, including Blockbuster. I think there is one left. We don't use it because we can only keep a Blu-ray disc for one night... and we live 20 miles away... so I am not making a 40 mile round trip (about an hour when all said and done) on a Saturday to return a movie I rent on Friday afternoon. Not only that, we usually go out an eat on Friday nights, so I usually don't take time to watch a movie. I would rather watch it when it is more convenient. So... I pay a little more and download it via Dish Network... or wait until I get up a bunch I want to rent and sign up for Netflix for a few months.

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Well at least we can get some deals on movies. We only have one Blockbuster around us anymore. Luckily we have Family Video they seem to be going strong. I usually by my blurays there for 11.95 3-4 weeks after release,they are in great shape and come in the original package unlike Blockbuster. I do think Blockbuster was overpriced on rentals we never rented anything from them.
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Re: Blockbuster Stores Are Officially Closing, Mail Service Axed Too

Blockbuster closed all their stores here in Canada 4 years ago and it was already apparent that this was only the beginning of a trend because shortly after that Rogers closed all their stores as well. There is only a small handful of smaller independently owned movie rental places here now and slowly they are closing as well. I used to rent many movies from BB but their cost was becoming silly as a blueray rental was $7 and I could buy it for al little as $22 back then now they are even less.

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Re: Blockbuster Stores Are Officially Closing, Mail Service Axed Too

It's a shame to see this happening but also not surprising. I grew up within about a 5 minute walk from a local video store and later on a Blockbuster a couple doors down. Ah, the days of 5-day VHS and Super Nintendo game rentals
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It does not surprise me. In this day and time they are expensive compared to Redbox. Two stores closed by my house and the others are too far to rent.
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Pretty sad really. I had some good memories of hanging around waiting on someone to return that must have new release. It's a different world now.
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