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Re: Dolby Atmos is coming Home!

I agree... adding something to the front mains that isn't timbre matched is not something I'm interested in, personally. The rears? Less of an issue for some, I guess, but my preference is to keep all channels matched.
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Re: Dolby Atmos is coming Home!

New FAQ from Dolby:

Check out the answers to a couple of questions:

If Dolby Atmos allows me to add more speakers, why do I see A/V receivers with just 11 channels?

If this is not a channel-based system, why are there predefined speaker positions?

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Re: Dolby Atmos is coming Home!

I love technology! I gladly welcome any improvement to home theater. I might not be able to afford it when it first comes out to the general public, but I will plan on adding it to my theater when I have the means. I am excited about Dolby Atmos! My boys play PS3 games in our theater room, and it is neat to see how the games exaggerate the surround sound a lot more than movies do. Go play Dead Space. It will make you jump constantly because of the surround sound. Movies tend to keep the main sound in the center of the screen. Good I guess. I am not a director or producer but I like it when I can hear distinct sounds in the rear or side of the room. Dolby Atmos will greatly add to this. All open arm from me Dolby..
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Re: Dolby Atmos is coming Home!

I would love adding more speakers but here is my problem:

I have 8 speakers in the ceiling--a 6.3 plus 2 speakers used as Wides. Here is what Audssey said regarding my wanting to add Heights to my system...

The best and most noticeable results will be with speakers that are separated as much as possible from the front speakers (using height as distance). As all your speakers are in the ceiling, there will not be much separation and the addition will be a lot less noticeable then the addition of wides.

My question would be: Would adding Dolby Atmos achieve the same results as adding Audyssey Heights to my system and that would be: Waste of Money?

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I would not make any decisions until the technology matures. Right now, the software or hardware base isn't there, and the vast majority of surround codecs use traditionally positioned speakers. It would be premature to alter your entire setup for a brand new surround platform, and your current setup with be fine for the foreseeable future.
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Re: Dolby Atmos is coming Home!

I am glad to see the announcement of Dolby Atmos coming to a home theater near me. I had been making my plans to get the speaker placement accomplished in my smaller theater. Right now I have Onkyo's NR818 doing surround duty with it's Audessy and DTS Neo:X capability. I had placed a pair of speakers on the ceiling for height duty. Running the speaker wire for this pair was done with four conductor wire to each speaker. Well looks to me like I may not have to run additional wire. I have already figured out how I am going to access and use the other conductors for my other two speakers on the ceiling. I am glad that they have announced the home implementation of Atmos using two or four speakers. In my small room, I was figuring on 4 or 6 speakers on the ceiling. Ok, Dolby answered that for me and said it is going to be 4. I have the additional speakers in the garage waiting. I have a plan on how to hang them. I also have additional power amp channels standing by being unused right now that can be pushed into service. I have a 6 channel power amp which only two are being used. Maybe by this time next year after a new processor upgrade purchase I will use two of them for two Atmos channels. Two of the channels on that amp are being used for the present hight channels. Those will be repurposed for two of the Atmos ceiling channels. Two channels left over on that amp will drive the two IB subs I installed this weekend. I like it!
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Re: Dolby Atmos is coming Home!

I would love to try atmos at home and would be willing to install ceiling speakers. My only problem is I am addicted to Trinnov. I am sure it will be a long while until something with both Trinnov and Atmos at a reasonable price is available

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Re: Dolby Atmos is coming Home!

Would love to demo this....
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Re: Dolby Atmos is coming Home!

I would love to add more speakers in the ceiling.

He who has the most speakers wins!

this guy/gal maybe the winner

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Re: Dolby Atmos is coming Home!

sdurani wrote: View Post
There is no requirement to go beyond 7 speakers for Atmos. Some of the Atmos receivers announced are 7.1 models (3 fronts, 2 surrounds, 2 heights).
I Hope that's true Sanjay cause I like my system the way it is. I have posted an article on another website. This is the article from John Kellogg of DTS with MDA technology. Please read this. Kellogg was interviewed recently in April of this year re-affirming the article below. You can find the interview on Youtube by Cintechgeek video magazine

I feel that this is the type of product that will make it successful in the consumer end. DTS, THX, Atmos would have to be flexible enough to offer the consumer this convenience along with the option of adding more speakers in the room if he wishes. Forcing anybody to re-buy AVRs with many more channels, and added overhead speakers will simply not fly in the vast majority of households.

SRS Labs believes multi-dimensional audio will up-end the audio industry, but does it
work? And will consumers take to it? By Jamie Lendino January 9, 2012 06:30pm EST
SRS Labs is usually known for its surround-sound emulation algorithms. But the company now has a
bigger idea: revamping the entire way the audio industry produces sound. This could be much larger
than an SRS WOW HD button, so it's worth discussing. At CES 2012, SRS Labs pushed the idea of
multi-dimensional audio, which focuses on audio in terms of objects, instead of in channels (such as
5.1, 7.1 channel surround sound). Rather than mixing individual instrument tracks in a song, or
mixing ambient sound, sound effects, and dialog in a movie's audio track, the engineer instead takes
those audio pieces and directs exactly where they go in the listener's physical speaker configuration,
as well as how loud they play.
In other words, instead of an engineer producing a finished, static mix that plays back the same way
regardless of how the playback system is setup—and if the playback system isn't any good or set up
incorrectly, tough luck—the engineer produces a finished bundle of meta-data, complete with digital
instructions on where and how all of the audio pieces play. Then an MDA-compatible renderer, either
in software or built into consumer electronics components, decodes it properly for the listener's
playback system.
This is a subtle but key difference. "For example, once we create this way, we can do an audio
program mix on 11 speakers," said John Kellogg, executive director of corporate strategy at SRS
Labs, in an interview. "Think of a 7.1 speaker with four more speakers for height (11.1). Now we can
take that mix in a dubbing stage on 11 speakers and the MDA player or renderer, as we call it, can
map it to any number of speakers the consumer has. It's one deliverable that translates into any

The consumer programs the player in the very beginning: "Here's how many speakers I have in my
room: two, five, seven, or whatever; here's where they are, here's how far away from me they are,"
Kellogg continued.
"Once those coordinates are in, the MDA player maps that audio program
beautifully." The goal on the low end is to help people with two speakers, or a soundbar, to get a
much better, 3D-like audio experience than they're getting now, and to help people who didn't place
their speakers properly. On the high end, the surround sound experience would be more defined and
transparent than it is now. SRS Labs talked a lot about systems with 11 speakers, 22 speakers, and
so on with us, but we see that as mainly for commercial installations; we're not expecting the
average home theater owner to go for that sort of thing.

Essentially, SRS Labs is taking the adaptive, object-based audio that the game industry uses (such as
Microsoft XACT, or Creative Labs ISACT), and putting it into a form that works for linear audio, but
with different speaker configurations. Instead of converting sound effects to objects and placing them
in a 3-D field SRS's new system lets audio engineers take apart the pieces of a soundscape and place
them in the appropriate speakers in the listener's own physical environment. It's an existing idea, but
applied to a different kind of situation. But it also means you need a movie or music album mixed in
NDA and an MDA-compatible system to decode it correctly, so it has to be a new industry
standard across the board.
Things like this get the audio community excited on a periodic basis. SRS Labs said some big names
are on already board for MDA, including Skywalker Sound. But there's a huge difference between
that, however, and actually putting MDA-compatible material and MDA-compatible products in front
of consumers—most of whom have already flatly rejected audio-enhancing technologies like SACD
and DVD Audio.
There's no word yet on actual MDA-compatible products or source material yet, but SRS Labs claims
to have a lot in the works. Whatever happens, we're for anything that improves audio playback, as
long as it actually improves it in real-world situations. Here's hoping the company is onto something
that transcends yet another pseudo-surround sound enhancement.

"There is one who comes after me who's sandals I'm unworthy to unloose." John the Baptist
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