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Re: Slaughter House Cinemas (Project Thread)

Well a BIG thank you to bpape for setting me up with some 703 for my bass traps and front screen wall. Sure beast paying for shipping, and I was happy to finally meet Bryan. I can now get started cutting my triangles. Going to watch a movie or two with a friend tonight. It will be the first time now that the screen has been moved. Almost forgot to re-calibrate the speakers.
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Re: Slaughter House Cinemas (Project Thread)

Have fun Carl. Don't forget to post some pics.


I am serious... and don't call me Shirley.

Bryan Pape
Lead Acoustician
GIK Acoustics
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Re: Slaughter House Cinemas (Project Thread)

I only have my iPhone right now to take pictures but I will take what I can, it may have to wait until December when I am back from Sunny Florida!

I will take pictures of the entire process, from cutting to mounting so others can see how to, I know from my experience I have never found progress photos so I am sure there are some details that would be useful. bpape gave me some good advice on making some guides for the 703 triangles to keep them in place, by cutting some 5/8 or 3/4" plywood or MDF in 1-2" strips and run them the height of the wall/corner cut at a 45 degree on both side, it gives you a guide to install the 703 as well as a surface to staple/mount your GOM in the event you are not walling in the end of your room. I believe I am going to just use some binding cord/string from top to bottom and force an extra piece of 703 in at the top to pressure fit it all to keep it in place. Not sure yet how to mount the panels to the front wall, but bpape also said that just screwing it to the wall with some 3 1/2" drywall screws and fender washers would work. Not sure I would want to glue it to the wall or not.
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Re: Slaughter House Cinemas (Project Thread)

I have all my triangles cut for my front wall bass traps, now I have to lug them down the basement, that will be another night. All in all it was very easy to do, with the right tool. You need a extendable "razor" knife. The kind that has the retractable blade that you can break off the section as the point gets dull. This way you can cut right through the 2" 703 with ease.
The one I used came from ACE. They had a cheep plastic one for $2.79 that had 2 extra blades, but they had a heavy duty one for $4.79 that included 6 blades, and the blades were $3.79 for 4 blades so I figured I got a deal

Here are the photos of the process:

Who is this masked man!
Attachment 10086

One "Razor" knife from ACE
Attachment 10087

Measure over 24" on the long 48" side to make 2' x 2' squares.
Attachment 10088

Use a straight edge and cut through for your first cut. Also you will want to ware a long sleeve shirt and paints and a pair of gloves, this stuff gets all over when you are cutting and moving it around. I also highly recommend a mask, suitable for working with fiberglass insulation, you don't want to be breathing this stuff. Scary to think I am going to put it in an enclosed room
Attachment 10089

Next make your diagonal cuts from corner to corner of the 2' squares. I recommend that you cut almost to the end, then turn around and cut back toward the point where you stopped from the opposite corner to avoid "tearing" the corners out as you see here.
Attachment 10090

Make your next corner to corner cut.
Attachment 10091

Do this to both "squares". Also I found that using a piece of cardboard helped me make the cuts without cutting into another sheet of 703, and it provided a good base to where the material stayed together while cutting. It also provided a nice cutting surface.
Attachment 10092

Wedge removed.
Attachment 10093

92 completed wedges
Attachment 10094

Almost a match
Attachment 10095

I need about 44 for each corner but I measured the thickness and it was not quite 2" so I think I will need 45 in order to fill the corners. Next I will have to take down the screen again to install the 703 in the corners and to cover the wall. I also notices when I measured for the frames that will go around the screen that I am off about 1/4 on the right top corner, and it is throwing all the corners off by 1/2" so I will need to re-measure my screen mounts so I do not have to make fancy cuts on my frames.

I have 7 yards of GOM ordered from bpape to finish the frames, I hope to have the insulation in and the frames done by the time it gets here. More pictures maybe tomorrow, I am done for the night. "scratch"

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Re: Slaughter House Cinemas (Project Thread)

Nice work. That mask will come in handy with the installation and cleanup also. I usually wait a good 24 hours before entering the room after working with fiberglass, or I watch the movie with it on. I like to duct tape mine to my face since it did not have the nice support on them like yours.
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Re: Slaughter House Cinemas (Project Thread)

I am not sure how I am going to keep the 703 in place, I don't want to use a spray adhesive in case I ever want to remove it, and re-use it, this stuff is not cheep! So I think I am going to run me two pieces of string from the top to the bottom in each corner to hole the wedges in place and tack it in place.

For the section that will be mounted to the wall I will use some 3" drywall screws and some styrene plastic sheet cut into 1 to 1/2-2" squares and run through the 703 in the four corners into the drywall behind. I will be putting this on the front wall and if I have enough scrap I will put some on the side walls and ceiling in the 2' cavity so the whole front wall in its 2' confinement will be "killed" with 703.

bpape also suggested that I raise the subs off the floor about 11" I am not sure he knew that the floor is concrete or not, but if he is reading he can let me know. I will build some platforms out of 3/4" MDF and 2x4's that will get them off the floor and more behind the screen.

I will take some more pictures tonight of the process. I will also start working on the frames to be covered by GOM to fill in around the screen and cover the 703 and false wall. I have some 1"x2" boards that seem to be pretty straight, I am not planning on being fancy as I have seen some others do, by mitering the corners or using a tool to drill countersunk diagonal holes and screw them together, I am going to glue and use some 3" brad nails in my air nailer I may even lay the boards on edge for my strength and it will give me a 2" depth on the frame where then the screen will be slightly inset in the wall rather then outset as the screen is about 1 1/2" thick
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Re: Slaughter House Cinemas (Project Thread)

Well all the 703 is up, and I am currently working on the frames to go around the screen area. I will post some photos tonight of the progress. I had to get creative account where the breaker box was as the 703 was covering the box. I cut 4 pieces of cardboard into triangles and glues them to the 703, and a 7 piece section of 704 along with a strap to grab a hold of. This makes a wedge of 703 the size of the breaker box so I can pull it out when I need to get to the box.
I am waiting for my black GOM to arrive, I should be ready for it tonight when I complete the frames. I did not take photos of the construction part, but I will take some pictures of the completed frames to show the construction before I paint them and cover them with the GOM.

I discovered when I leveled the screen mounts that the laser level I had the bubble was off so I had to use a regular level on top of the laser level to get the mounts straight. I was about 1/4 off on the right side as a result. Now that it is level my frames all match very well with the exception for between the ceiling and the frame so I will have to get a little creative with that as well.

I made my frames out of some 1"x2" firing strips, they were not all that straight but after screwing them together and adding some extra "ribs" to the middle it will be straight enough when I attache the Velcro it will lay flat in there. They are snug fitting too, so when the GOM is stretched over them they will be that much more "snug" so they will probably go in friction mount without the need of Velcro.

I also made 11" platforms for my subs. I tried them where the port was pointing toward the seats, toward the outer walls, and toward each other. I found no significant difference in sound based on the direction of the ports. So I left them pointing toward each other since my RCA cables were not long enough to leave them any other way. I then placed a 2'x2' piece of 2" 703 in the middle between them just to be safe, in fear of any cancellation.

I spent some time listening to the system after I had finished with the 703 installation, and I have to say it makes s BIG difference, I definitely have more separation and more definition in the mid bass and mid range. Most of what I am hearing now is reflection off the walls, I will have to address that next.
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Re: Slaughter House Cinemas (Project Thread)

All the 703 cut from the other day (Almost all of it)
Attachment 10233

Stuffing it in the corners. Had to make some "tunnels" for the power and audio cables.
Attachment 10234

Secured it in several spots with some 3" drywall screws and some plastic "price tag" inserts the guy at ACE hardware gave me. They worked out very well. No need to glue the wedges to the wall or each other.
Attachment 10235

Left side done, there is 45 wedges in there it fills a 7'5" space.
Attachment 10236

Right side now. Have to figure out how to accommodate the breaker box.
Attachment 10237

Cutting some cardboard triangles that will be used to make a removable section of 703 for the breaker box.
Attachment 10238

Finished triangle, made from some project construction board.
Attachment 10239

Materials needed to make the removable section. 3M 77 Adhesive, gloves (ware a long sleeve shirt, an old one as the spray adhesive floats all over the place.), some strapping material and the cardboard triangles (4 of them).
Attachment 10240

Glue the strapping material to one of the cardboard triangles.
Attachment 10241

Now glue all the 703 wedges together, I needed 7 of them to cover the height of the breaker box.
Attachment 10242

Completed removable wedge covering breaker box. Its a snug fit but works quite well.
Attachment 10243

The wedge removed.
Attachment 10244

Both corners done.
Attachment 10245

703 going up on on the walls.
Attachment 10246

Wall complete, 2" of 703.
Attachment 10247

Some extra 703 placed on the side walls.
Attachment 10248

Speakers back in place. On the suggestion of bpape I built some platforms for the subs. Ready for the screen to go back up.
Attachment 10249

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Re: Slaughter House Cinemas (Project Thread)

Nice Job!!!!

Question: The panels you're making to cover the gap between screen and walls are movable, Right???

Remember that you need access to switch box
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Re: Slaughter House Cinemas (Project Thread)

salvasol wrote: View Post
Nice Job!!!!

Question: The panels you're making to cover the gap between screen and walls are movable, Right???

Remember that you need access to switch box
Yes Will take some pictures of those as well. They are not pretty but they will get the job done.
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