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Re: Home Theater/Game Room Help

You could have satellite TV in every room with only a central box (using a audio/video splitter), but all displays would show the same picture. For satellite you need a separate box for each display. Each box connects to an individual LMB on the dish so you would also need a dual/quad/(or more) LMB dish or more than one dish to connect to more than one TV. Some sat receivers have dual outputs (still need two LMB connections), but one is HD and the other is SD.

You could have all the receivers in one location, but controlling them would be a pain because the remotes all use the same codes. I think you can rekey the RF remotes and tie them to specific receivers though.

What you'll probably want to do with audio video distribution is place one or more wall plates in each room and fish wire back to your media closet.

- For Cable/Sat and DVD/Bluray you'll probably want to do one or more HDMI cables per room
- For PS2 you would want a component feed plus two RCA audio cables. You will also need wireless PS2 controllers. I don't know about their range however and you might need an RF repeater.
- For your speakers you would want 2, 5 or 7 speaker wire runs plus a coaxial cable for the sub.
- You would need a component video switch and a HDMI switcher, both of which would need to be IR or RF controllable.
- You would need several good RF remotes with IR blasters placed in your media closet that convert the RF to IR.
- You would need a better AVR that has zones or buy additional AVRs if you want sound to be available in different rooms independently (ie: listening to different things in different rooms). Otherwise you could get a 5.1/7.1 audio matrix switcher to distribute the same audio everywhere (but only in one location at one time). You would need amplified distribution to pump the same audio all over the house at the same time.
- You would want to run a couple CAT5e (or CAT6) runs to each room plus a phone line for network/internet and fax. The other option is using wireless internet. Wired is much faster and less problematic though. You could use a cable/dsl router and/or a network switch/hub.

If you were looking to do this to save money, the cost of getting RF remotes, the extra wiring, wall plates, and HDMI and Component matrix switchers might be the same as buying a couple more RX-V463's (or RX-V363's) and a couple PS2's (($230 to $350 + $125) X 2 = $710 to $950). You also need extra satellite receivers as I mentioned so there's no savings there.

If you did it that way you would just want to run coaxial (for sat) to each room plus network and phone.

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Ms. Tim Allen
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Re: Home Theater/Game Room Help

Answer 1: I am not sure which cables to use. I had plan on using Coaxial, Component/RCA Coaxial Digital Cable, and HDMI?

Answer 2: We already have to the main stereo/cd player system in the kitchen with multiple Speakers apprx. 10 speakers throughout the house. But, what I wanted to do is to have surround sound in each bedroom so when they watch tv/movies or play video games they will be able to have that same theater sound. I'm not quite sure what connections/ports to put up in their rooms that will have the wall connections.

Answer 3. No, I didn't know that; I do have two satellite dish. One that is HD and the other I guess is Standard Directtv dish.

Thanks for getting back with me.
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Re: Home Theater/Game Room Help

If your currently using 2 dishes for Sat, you should consider replacing old dishes with DTV SMW dish. You would get the SD & HD signals and need only a single RG6 for each receiver (locals/SD/HD/HDDVR). up to 8 separate locations.

The sound and networking will be trick, requiring a well thought out pre-plan

Do you have a budget in mind?
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Ms. Tim Allen
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Re: Home Theater/Game Room Help

Our Budget Plan is roughly 9000.00
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Re: Home Theater/Game Room Help

Theres so many questions to ask. If you could give a detailed list of for each room and a rough floor plan with the location of current wallplates and installed wiring for each. Photos are also helpful.

Do all the currently installed CAT6 and RG6 run to a single point (homerun)?

Take some time to figure out how your current setup is configured and then we can integrate it into a plan.
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Re: Home Theater/Game Room Help

Im going to tackle this in sections over a few days...cuz personally...if I were to be there...I would be doing this full time and working on your house at this very moment. Guiding and doing the stuff for you...however...since im not, i can't and dont have as much drive to write out the entire guide in one sitting. So i will do it in sections so you can give me more parameters as I might cross some here and there.

Let me brainstorm a little more...and i will get back to you.
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Ms. Tim Allen
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Re: Home Theater/Game Room Help

Thanks! I will be waiting. I am going to take some pic of the area also for you.
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Re: Home Theater/Game Room Help

Sounds like a great project

Off the top of my head I can think of various solutions that would meet the requirements except the playing of ps3 / xbox (assume 360) from remote rooms. The problem with the game consoles is that they utilize bluetooth between the controllers and the console and if the bluetooth doesn't reach from your remote rooms I don't believe there is a solution for extending the range. (unless you disassembled the console)

For distributing hd audio and video:
If you are going to utilize hdmi for the transport layer then go with a 4x4 or appropriately sized full matrix switch, here is an example: http://www.gefen.com/kvm/dproduct.jsp?prod_id=3331 If you are close < 50ft to your remote rooms you can use hdmi cables, if you are greater then 50ft you'll need a device that takes hdmi and transports it via cat5 then converts back to hdmi, here is an example: http://www.svideo.com/ext-hdtv-cat5.html

They also have solutions also available for componet and digital audio, here is an example of the transmitter: http://www.plasma.com/dvi/cat5tx.htm you would also need a cat5rx for each remote room.

You'll also need something for IR distribution, my vote would go to a xantech solution. I've put in many xantech's and they work great, I have 3 separate xantech's in my house alone Xantech is all done over cat5, you can lenghten the receivers or emitters via cat5.

Whole house audio,
Lots of choices here, I personally like xantech and niles, both have spectacular solutions available. For these you really need to first decide how you want it to work. By that I mean, do you want wall panels for each of the zones? Do you want remotes for the zone controls? Do you want the zones to play different music or all the same? For audio it could be as simple as a single 12 / 24 / ???? channel amp with speaker wire running all over the house then leveraging the remote room IR solutions to extend the control of the music amp. Or,,, you could have wall panels in each room controling source/volume/etc independent of any other zone.

The first step that you need todo is draw up a diagram of what you want. What you want meaning a picture of the rooms including the features / functions that you will want to be able todo in each of the rooms. Once you have that you'll want to decide if you'll be reusing any components or if you are willing to purchase new (this will matter when you need to make the call as to how to transport the HD signal)

put a bunch of attention into the audio features that you'll want, that'll be the place you can spend or save lots of cash

I don't sell any products or services, I'm just a home theater nut whose wife is very understanding Feel free to send me a private message if you would like to chat about your project, much of this is easier to explain on the phone
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