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Re: RVA theater construction...

Also, on a somewhat related subject... Do you have (or have plans for) a security or fire alarm system in the house? If so, make sure you have a smoke detector in the basement (need one in mech room and one in the open area). I would also recommend you add another alarm horn or control panel down there so you can hear the alarm if it sounds.

You might also add a doorbell chime while you're at it so you know when the pizza guy shows up.

In my basement, you cannot hear the alarm or the doorbell at all. And I do not have nearly as much acoustical treatment as you plan to use.

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Re: RVA theater construction...

well I'm finally getting some more work done. Been down in the dungeon working as well as dealing with a host of house issues. I only get a few hours a weekend to work on the basement and theater. Its rough. I want to thank Ted White and the folks at Soundproofingcompany.com for all the help and advice. Those guys are amazing and the product was ontime and ready to go. THANKS GUYS!!

Items that have been re-worded and added:
1) Had to rework some electrical to add in the starry sky which required taking a couple of light cans down. Also had to rewire A LOT of my electrical boxes so they will fit when I add the double drywall and hatchannel with Whisperclips. Also, added new lights in the built in shelves under the stairs. Moved the sconce lights around a bit since the screen size won't allow sconce lights beside the screen.
2) Ended up re-building my riser to add another level to get above the first row when completely reclined. Have connected up all my wiring (electrical and audio) to the riser. I've ran S-vid, VGA, HDMI, RCA, and Component to two different locations on the riser. Also ran that same wiring configuration to the projector as well. Since the riser was built our of 2x6 studs I added R-30 in it for insulation.
3) Added two extra walls for sound treatment under my stairwell and in the theater room. Under the stairs I added a 2x8 wall and used staggered stud construction on it. Also added some nice build in bookshelves on them too. For the screen wall I added another 2x4 wall and left an inch air gap between the first wall.
4) Added rigid fiberglass to the projector screen wall and all corners plus insulated all the walls. Haven't been able to insulate the ceiling with R-30 just yet because I haven't completed the drywall installation between the joists. Still got a long way to go with that.
5) Received my shipment of 160 - 5/8" drywall pieces. Ranging in size from 4x8, 4x10, 4x12. Going to be installing double 5/8" drywall on all walls and ceiling with Whisper clips, hatchannel and green glue on the ceilings. The walls in the theater will also have a green glue sandwich but I couldn't afford the clips and hatchannel as well as the space and re-re-work of the electrical.
6) Received my shipment of 600 L.F. of hatchannel
7) Received my shipment of 200 Whisper clips, 5 - 5gal buckets of Green glue, and speedlock applicator
8) Started adding the drywall between the floor joists in the ceiling. Will be making a double 5/8" drywall layer between the floor joists.
9) Ran all my Cat6 cable to the locations I needed in the theater closet, under the stairs, and into the wetbar area.
10) Got my order from monoprice will all the 14 guage and 12 guage wire, connections, and faceplates for the walls. I've ran all my wiring and made the connections. The test speaker system is really nice since they are just a simple Klipsche Quintet system with subwoofer.

Its a slow go right now but I'm still making progress. I'm hopeful that I can get the double 5/8" and green glue between the joists soon so that I can put up the R-30 and install the Whisper clips and hatchannel on the ceiling. I have some extra Auralex Sheetblock that I'm using on the screen wall to save cost but I have to get the ceiling done before I can start anything else.

I still have to figure out what to do with the wetbar area and rent a concrete saw to add the power to the center island. I'm not really looking forward to that. There is still some framing to be done in that area but we need to know our refrig height and other dimensions.

I've decided, at least for now, not to run the awesome marquee-esque type bulbs under the cabinets and above the sink area. I would love to do it but I think its probably overkill. We are adding in some rope lights in the wetbar area and the starry sky in the theater will be great. We are also going to be adding glass blocks under the center island in the bar area. That with some backlighting will look rather nice too.

I'll have pitures up soon. Its funny most of it looks the same! re-work. O-well as long as we get it the way we want it I'll be quite content! I just might be 80 years old when I finally get to enjoy it!
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Re: RVA theater construction...


Well itís certainly been a while since Iíve posted on here. I'm still working on the basement and theater but boy oh boy has it taken more time that expected. I'm sure thats pretty standard in these things.

We are now at the pre-carpet installation standpoint. I still have quite a few things to do but let me tell you what, this is a HUGE point in time. The only thing that I had to contract out so far was the drywall and mudding/taping. I ended up doing everything else. The wetbar is now going to be a full kitchen as we ran a gas line to hookup a gas stove. Figured this could someday setup as a rental property if things turn south on the job front. Good Lord I hope it never comes to that! Iím going to install a nice full height back splash above the sink area all the way to the soffit. I found a really cool red-ish color backsplash at Lowes and hope to use it. Going to have granite installed in the kitchen area and bar as well as the half wall separating the theater and the main room. I plan on using that for a nice bar landing when we have more people than the theater will hold.

Once the carpet is installed I can finally move our 6 theater seats down and start to enjoy the room a little. Still much to do but its time to relax a little and enjoy it for a moment.

I still have to install the 16íx8í starry sky in the theater area which is why the ceiling paint looks strange. We bought the unit but I still have to get the plywood, furring strips, paint, and black velvet. Plus the whole installing 800 light strandsÖYIKES.

The basement bathroom will be installed sometime this fall and Iím hoping to start on my recording rooms during that time as well. Whew! From one cooker to another. I wonít even get into brick paver and deck construction.

I ended up installing hat channel, whisper clips, and green glue in a double 5/8" sandwich on ALL the walls and ceiling. Cost a little more but was well worth it. I also installed a double 5/8" layer of drywall and green glue between the joists in the ceiling. The front wall of the theater and under the stairs is a staggered stud 2x10 wall with R-13 insulation and Rigid Insulation as well. The theater has all R-13 insulation coupled with Rigid insulation except for the ceiling which has the R-30 insulation.

The speakers in the ceiling of the main room are from Monoprice and I wired them with 14 gauge wire. Literally the last thing I need to do before the carpet folks show up is install the volume controls in the wall for the 3 sets of ceiling speakers. The rest of the work can happen after the carpet is installed. I can't say enough great things about monoprice and their stuff. Just amazing speakers and cable for cheap prices.

I used a flat Behr darker chocolate paint for the theater. It seems to hold up pretty well with the ambient light. I got all my trim down and the ceramic tile installed over the past couple weekends and everything looks pretty good.

I went with the Scorpion N7.5 DIY paint for the projection screen and really like the way it turned out. I may someday install a 145Ē pulldown or motorized screen but for now this is just amazing. Took a little to get the aluminum base but it was well worth the time and efforts.

Working with a home theater installer (on the side) to install a Crestron AV2, Baluns, and iPad2ís to connect up the theater components into a Middle Atlantic Slim 5 rack. I need something that can fit into a tight space (about 22 inches of free space) and this unit seems to do the trick. He was also going to work on new RF light dimmer switches to control upwards of 10 lights into different scenarios. Not sure how much we are going to be able to afford but Iím hopefully. I had planned on buying a new Denon home theater amp that has multiple zones but he is going to make a pitch for a different amp later this week. Iíll keep ya posted on which one he comes back with.

Anyway enjoy the pics. It certainly isnít a Sandman theater but it should be pretty nice once completed.
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