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Re: Conceptuals, would love comments

Hahah, just thought of something else.

Bryan is spot-on about the height of those risers -- on the weekend we saw Transformers in one the posh "Gold Class" cinemas here in Australia. When the seats reclined, the angle needed to tilt your head forward was actually a little uncomfortable (I reverted the seat to upright and just used the footrest).

You may have to do some tests with seats and big boxes to work out what's comfortable for you, before you start building.

I do believe I'm quite excited about your project. Keep us up-to-date!
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Re: Conceptuals, would love comments

I'd definitely do 7.1. 9.1 is doable with some tweaking.

Speakers absolutely need to go more toward the front. You might want to consider a small false wall, a good AT screen, and some quality inwalls like Snells or Triads. That will give good audio to video presentation for all rows.

If you want to set up the screen for front and middle row, then the screen will be lower and the top row will have eyes at or above the top of the screen which will present PJ issues for throw angle. Setting it up for middle and rear (screen higher) will put the PJ right and make the front row more like a real theater where you're just looking up all the time. Recliners help here though (recommend motorized)


I am serious... and don't call me Shirley.

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Re: Conceptuals, would love comments

Thanks for the info fellas.
Good eye John, that was raytracing only. No global illum at all. I'm amazed how the raytracing carries the colour of the material, as the walls are actually a yellow colour, but the ray tracing reflects the back of the panels which are covered in the red.
re: the 7.1, 90 percent of the time, or perhaps more, the middle row only will be used. The additional seating is there for those rare occasions that the theatre will be used for demonstrating stuntwork/ filming to movie industry execs. Can anyone point me to an article about the benefits of 7.1 in this type of setup? Is 7.1 better even if it's only 2 people in the theatre? I was under the impression that this was not the case, but am admittedly ignorant in this regard.
I am striving for crisp, clean, echoless acoustics for the 90 percent of the time, mid circle, two people in theatre kinda deal with a compromise all other times, concentrating on acoustical design rather than expensive equipment.
The screen/ recliner setup is definately a headscratcher. I believe that the screen and pj will have to be movable and maskable to solve this satisfactorally. Good call on the mockups, they are worth their time in gold.
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Re: Conceptuals, would love comments

I use CARA ( for acoustic analysis. Way more powerful than anything I've done with it, but it takes some time to set up and run.

Renderings are nowhere near as good and 3D Studio, but you get the general gist. It is extremely helpful for finding room modes, standing waves, first reflections, etc.

It also has a great speaker placement tool. I once spent a whole weekend doing sweeps and moving my subwoofer around to find the best location. I modeled my room (L shaped with level changes) in CARA and it told me the EXACT same location I found experimentally. The predicted frequency response was almost spot on too.

So powerful tool, not too expensive ($100 to $200 IIRC).

Great work so far and good luck!


formspace wrote: View Post
This one was done with 3ds Max to take advantage of it's lighting analysis.
Would like to find another tool that can do the acoustical analysis, if one exists.
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Re: Conceptuals, would love comments

There are a few free programs out there to create a first order idea of your room modes. This is used to get an idea of where to place your seating in speakers. Preferably you want to keep the seats out of the first and second harmonic nulls for the length. This will place your seating in the third harmonic peak, but you can compensate for that by placing the speakers in the null of the third harmonic. Keep in mind that placing your front speakers right along the wall will place them in the peak for all of your room resonances. This will excite all of them and result in boomy bass especially between 150Hz and 300Hz. The best thing to do is place your seats, then build your room around them. You can thus play with the room dimensions to reach the best compromise of your setup. This is assuming that you are working with a blank basement. If you need a program that gives the room modes, let me know, I created one using excel. Not toom difficult to understand. The aesthetics look great! However, the way you currently have it setup, it will sound terrible. It is amazing the differences in room acoustics with a few modifications. In addition, it looks like the room will be quite dead with all the panels you have in the drawing. My suggestion if you wish to have all those panels is to not treat them. Basically have wrapped fiberboard or plywood or something reflective. Treating the room that much will completely kill all of your highs and will actually change your room modes as well if you use thick enough insulation. I would look more into construction (studs..insulation..etc.) for some treatment and isolation. Also, don't forget that your most important frequencies to tame are 300Hz and below not the high ones. Those are quite easily taken care of especially if you are using and Audessey RoomEQ built into a good receiver (or seperates...Lexicon comes to mind). Audessey basically rolls off the highs, but you may have to treat the room just a little to avoid harsh initial off axis reflections.

For the video aspect, if you are going to sit that close, you absolutely must have a 1080p projector using either blue ray or HD DVD. This is the only way you will get the pixels to be small enough for closer viewing.
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comments , conceptuals , love

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