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Conceptuals, would love comments

Hello again.
From the info i've gathered so far from this great site, i've come up with a concept. Here's the renderings and diagrams so far. I'd really appreciate some comments. It's a tiered design, with 2 foot drops from tier to tier. My project outline is to make the most "theatre" for the least amount of money. I'd really like to concentrate on construction elements, DIY elements where possible, and acoustics from a design standpoint. I have a tremendous amount of volume to play with, so i am interested in doing something cutting edge, acoustically design wise. For example, i have a room, inside dims 16' by 23.3' by approx 10 feet, with a tiered floor that follows about a 19 degree incline. The ceiling slopes up away from the stage at a 9.46 degree angle.
The theatre room is about 3,728 cu feet.
Underneath that, i have about 2050 cubic feet to do whatever is necessary acoustic wise. I can have access to the floor system indefinately, and can design whatever construction is necessary into the floor system, wall system, ceiling, etc. It's still in the design stage, and the home has not broken ground yet. My questions are:
What can be done to do trapping within the construction. While mid/hi traps are part of the finish, as per the conceptuals, what wall, floor, riser, or ceiling construction could be constructed as functioning bass traps, just by adding elements ?
what can be done with the huge volume under the floor as far as acoustics is concerned? i used to make bandpass enclosures for my subwoofers, and suddenly realized that something similar would be possible, but have no idea how this would work.
I love the idea of spending minimally on equipment, and having the design of the room bring out the best of what we get.
thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions. By the way, i can offer rendering and drafting for other members interested in seeing how their theatre will visualize.
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Conceptuals, would love comments-bonn-theatre-shack-model-21.jpg  

Conceptuals, would love comments-bonn-theatre-shack-model-1.jpg  

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Re: Conceptuals, would love comments

It's nice to have that much space to play with. There are a ton of things that can be done. There are a couple of things that I'd reconsider though...

- I wouldn't do 2' between tiers. That's going to make it extremely difficult to get all 3 rows to have decent lines of sight vertically

- For the subs, if you have room to build them in and have access to the underside (and isolation to the outside isn't an issue) I'd consider using the spaces for a nice IB setup. I'd avoid bandpass. While nice in a car setup, they're way too peaky for home theater.

Be realistic in screen size. Wiht 3 rows in a room that length, from the front row you're going to see every screen artifact there is in terms of perf screen moire, screen door effect from a digital PJ, etc. IMO 2 nice rows is a better solution but 3 can be done.

I like the multi-panel look but understand that some of them would likely be built 'empty' and just for looks. Also, I don't see provisions for any broadband bass absorbtion unless you plan do do it only behind the false front wall.


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Re: Conceptuals, would love comments

Yeah... this could be a super nice setup when you get done. I would say it's super important to plan it out well.

I believe I'll have to agree with Bryan on the front row. It appears it will be almost too close to the screen. If you kept your screen size down to 96" diagonal, you could get as close as about 8' from the screen and probably be okay, but that is still a little close for me. I would also want to keep my back row out from the rear wall several feet.

For the subwoofer setup, IB is definitely something to consider. Also check out Rodny's IB Makeover thread for an interesting LLT concept.

Keep us posted on your design...

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Re: Conceptuals, would love comments

Thanks for the comments fellas.
Yes, realizing that designing a theatre is exactly like designing everything else, basically it's an equation of compromise. Basically, i'm setting up for a good middle and front row acoustically, both at 38%. The back row is definately the cheap seats, but there's room and budget allows. Although 2 foot tiers might not be ideal, part of the design is allowing access to the basement in the space allowed, hence the steepness. I have to work out the screen parameters, any rules of thumb? As the seating also reclines, trying to find the ideal view for all seats is quite difficult. I'm thinking about adjustability, one setup for full theatre, another for just middle row, using masking and a track for the PJ. Perhaps even adjustable angles on the screen, but of course i also want to keep it as simple as possible.
What i'd like to figure out first though is how i could potentially incorporate bass trapping into the construction of the walls, floors and ceiling so i can at least finalize the structural drawings.
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Re: Conceptuals, would love comments

Basically, i'm setting up for a good middle and front row acoustically
From where you have your mains positioned and pointing, I think the front row will get a poor result.

You might consider moving them more toward the screen wall.

Also, I don't see any back channel speakers. Are you not going to be using a 7.1 setup?

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Re: Conceptuals, would love comments

You are right brucek, i'm finding it hard to be both clear and succinct. (compromise...) basically, the program for the theatre is thus: 80 percent of the time, 2 people will be in the theatre. (middle row, most likely. That is why all the speakers are equidistant from this point, represented by the circle) 10 percent of the time, 4 people. Again, say middle row. 8 percent, 8 people. (mid and front) and 2 percent, more than 8 people. (full theatre.) Which is why i'm compromising between the ideal for the middle row, and acceptable other places. Re: 7.1, i was under the impression that the size didn't warrant it, but would be interested in viewpoints. It'll have to be wired for 7.1 in any case for future considerations.
But all that is a ways down the road. I'm still trying to finalize the construction details of the room itself.
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Re: Conceptuals, would love comments

What software did you use for those renderings?

Looks good.

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Re: Conceptuals, would love comments

This one was done with 3ds Max to take advantage of it's lighting analysis.
Would like to find another tool that can do the acoustical analysis, if one exists.
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Re: Conceptuals, would love comments

Looks fantastic Derek -- 3DSMax is a wonderful program. It's interesting to see the soft effect of the indirect lighting behind the wall panels. Did you minimise environment lighting and use ray tracing?

Certainly, your front speakers are in the wrong place. I'd be more inclined to sit them up against (or close to) the front wall... get as much distance between them and the front seats as you can. The whole "speakers in a circle" thing is fine, but only if you sit at the centre of the circle!

Why not drop out the front row altogether? Do you need that many seats? Then you could increase your screensize, and place the front speakers behind it.

Oh, and you would be mad *not* to use an infinite baffle sub for this room. Read into it a bit more and you'll understand why... :holycow:
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Re: Conceptuals, would love comments

Oh, and one other thing: a room this size should use at least a 7.1 setup, preferrably 9.1. You'll want an encompassing soundstage, and not one that is obviously front/rear.

Even if you can't buy the speakers/processor for it now, at least wire it all up and just use the two rear speakers in 5.1 as a temporary measure.
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comments , conceptuals , love

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