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Fingers crossed!

For a look at the actual build process and to see how ugly the room was when I started, refer to the Facebook album link at the beginning of this thread. The pictures there are also much higher resolution.

As I said before, the next few steps are to finish a couple of poster light boxes, install some more curtains, do some ceiling touchups, and hopefully find a motorized curtain for the front near the screen!

*** if anyone knows anything about hooking a motorized curtain up to a projector trigger port, please let me know!***
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Also, here are some photos of the poster light boxes for those interested. If enough interest is expressed, I can be sure to take some detailed photos during the construction process of my last lightbox.
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Re: Jim Socks HT Build

Nice work! can you share a little about your euipment and seating? AVR, speakers, screen, seating?
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Re: Jim Socks HT Build


I am by no means an expert as I have not even finished my walls yet, but I think all you need to do for the 12V trigger is to do a 3.5 stereo plug line like this. Hopefully, someone else will chime in that has actually set that up.
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Re: Jim Socks HT Build


Is that ropelight, strip light or something else you're using in the light box?
Also, what are those long strips on the ceiling for...just decoration!?

The theatre looks nice!

Home Theatre...the never ending story!

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Thanks! As far is my seating goes, it is all leather and each seat is a power recliner. All you do is push a button and your seat reclines. It's pretty nifty! In order to accommodate these, I made sure to include outlets when I built my riser. I also included a couple step lights (red) in the riser for safety. I am using an Epson PowerLite home Cinema 1080 UB model projector shining on a da-light fixed screen. The entire wall surrounding the screen is covered in frames wrapped in black fabric. This serves to catch any stray light, hide the unsightly circuit breaker box, and to a lesser extent aid room acoustics a smidgen. I don't remember the exact gain of the screen, but when I originally purchased it I was watching movies in a non-completely light controlled environment. I know the screen is slightly gray, and that's about it. It still looks amazing to me!

As for the sound system, it's made by Sony. I don't know the exact model as I bought it some time ago, and when I got down just now to attempt to see it I could only see the word Sony due to its positioning in the coffee table. My biggest bummer about it is that it originally came with a microphone to calibrate all the speakers, and I can't find that thing anywhere! I use a PlayStation 3 to play most of my media be it DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix, or video games. The PS3 is kept back in the projector/concessions/library room which keeps the noise down and is convenient since that's where all the media is anyway. The Bluetooth controllers have absolutely no trouble working from the front row.

Being an avid video gamer I can't help but love and be nostalgic about all of the old games that I grew up with. Inside the lift top coffee table at the front of the theater I have a NES, a Nintendo 64, a game cube, and a Sega Genesis. The best part about how all of these are wired up is you don't have to touch a remote to play them. When you turn one on the equipment recognizes the new signal and routes the sound to the speakers and video to the screen automatically! Nothing like a good game of Metal Gear, Toejam and Earl, or Goldeneye to put a smile on my face.

I don't know what brand/models of powered curtains work best or even will respond to the 12v triggers that a projector sends out... There should be someone on this forum who hooked something similar up and can vouch that the model they tried worked/didn't work? Ideally when I turn on the projector the curtains will know to open, and when I power down the curtains know to shut.

I am actually really proud of how these posterboxes turned out! At $80 each they are dimmable too which has a really cool effect when you begin to watch a movie and they all simultaneously fade to black. Additionally, they can be turned on juuuust enough to eat dinner by and not pollute the screen. I built wooden boxes and lined them with tinfoil then put two different color temperatures of Christmas lights inside them. The warm light type of Christmas lights is a rope light, and the more cool white type of Christmas lights are two strings of LEDs. There is another thread on these forums that I started a long time ago which I just posted on again to describe how I created these light boxes. I also threw some pictures on there of the build process. As far as the strips on the ceiling, it's funny you should mention those! That was an experiment of mine in creating an optical illusion. I thought if I left the white lines running the length of the theater, it might create the illusion that the theater was longer. I chalk it up as a "maybe?". All in all though I have decided to nix them and I will be painting them black like the rest of the ceiling soon.
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