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Re: Spencer Dedicated HT - Gimme your .02 !

Your room size is perfect for two rows of seats. A row of three theater seats across takes about 104" or 8ft 6 inch. That leaves a 32" isle on each side based on a 15ft wide room. Depending on the type of seating you use a theater chair reclined takes about 38-48 inches depending on the model. You may need to move the first row up a bit, maybe a foot max. My HT is approximately 15ft by 15ft and I couldnt squeeze a second row so i put a bar height table, 2 ft deep in the back.
As for the speakers the side speakers may be better off centered between the two rows of seats to give equal side sound, or maybe your using them as rear speakers for the front row of seats??
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Re: Spencer Dedicated HT - Gimme your .02 !

3. Insulation - assuming best to do all walls + ceiling, R13? R19?
9. Carpet would be used on the floor, any special sound treatments to consider for the floor?


I believe R13 for walls and R19 for ceiling is the general recommendation from the HT people.
For the floors there is material to lay down between the sub floor and floor, or a heavy dense pad under the carpet. They guys on here can direct you to the best materials.
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Re: Spencer Dedicated HT - Gimme your .02 !

Thanks for all the input so far. I'm learning quickly from all of you and would have never guessed there were so many things to consider. I've decided on a couple things from your posts and have updated the layout. I found that the new house has concrete on three of the walls of the theater - I think this is a good thing?

I have new questions:

- I'd like to place the sub behind the screen. It's a deep box and has a port on the back of it. Is it too close to the wall? Should I orient it horizontally or even place it in one of the front corners (which will be larger columns) ?
- I've seen a lot of screen size/seat position calculators and they have me placing the front row anywhere from 9 to 17 feet. With a 138" diagonal, is 12' going to be too close?
- My front main speakers are of the floorstanding type. Would they be better placed in the corners or flanking the center channel (pictured) ?
- I have the rear surrounds placed between the rows, not sure if this the best spot or not, would love some input.
- There will likely be the main HVAC line running the width of the room on the screen wall side. When having the registers installed, would it make sense to use flex ducting to bring the registers to the back of the room, above the seating? Or to leave them in the front? Or both?
- No idea where I will put the equipment. I'd like to stay simple with this, not really into the dedicated rack stuff but maybe some shelving in one of the front columns?
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Re: Spencer Dedicated HT - Gimme your .02 !

Your room is nearly identical dimensions to mine. I'll be watching this thread with interest to see how it develops as I'm still a few years away from being able to start.

Theatre Build: Portland Place
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Re: Spencer Dedicated HT - Gimme your .02 !

First of all, I would not do columns in the front corners. You can do false ones with bass absorbers in them and just cover with cloth for the look - but don't make them solid.

The sub is too close to the wall - should be able to just turn it sideways or even move your false wall out a bit further to give you more breathing room back there.

If you can do soffits and drop flex duct that will help with isolation. You don't want supplies and returns both in the rear though. Usually supplies in the front and returns in the rear to pull air across the people and away from the screen.


Don't put any speaker in a corner.

I am serious... and don't call me Shirley.

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Re: Spencer Dedicated HT - Gimme your .02 !

camsauce wrote: View Post
- I have the rear surrounds placed between the rows, not sure if this the best spot or not, would love some input.
If your main seating is going to be the front row, with occasional use of the back row then I would move the side surrounds a little more towards the sides of the front row..

Home Theatre...the never ending story!

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Re: Spencer Dedicated HT - Gimme your .02 !

Calling all soundproofing / HVAC experts!

I'm about 1 1/2 months out of a completed home construction and I finally have some pictures of THE room. I have to contend with a beam and 3 HVAC runs.

The first shot shows the beam which is on my screenwall side. I'll have to pull a tape to be sure, but I think with the beam and ductwork it is 5-6' from the wall. The two supply lines would be at the back of the theater.

On the last shot they've put in what appears to be a passive cold air return with the adjacent room.

Any wizardly advice for how to treat these duct runs and the cold air ?

I'll have to frame up three of the walls -- I'm assuming if I space them apart from the foundation and insulation and use IB3's on the top they'd be decoupled and not need clips/channel? I'm thinking I'll do clips/channel on the ceiling and the common wall with the adjacent room.
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Looks like a fun room to build. I would build in a front stage into the room and tie in the ducts into the design
One of my favorite places to get ideas on design is Houzz. Look under media rooms at their web page.
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Re: Spencer Dedicated HT - Gimme your .02 !

Nice space to work with.

I second Bryan's suggestion of no columns in the front corners and bass traps.

I would also pull the back row further off the wall. Another 18" and take that depth out of the front row to screen distance. I also suggest you mount the surround speakers up high, to get them further away from seated ears. A surround speaker two feet from a seating position is going to stand out and be distracting to the nearest seat.

That front ductwork is actually an opportunity. Soffit it all and you can get your theater's front HVAC sheet metal up there, and treat the underside of the soffit for first reflections to the primary seating row.
Black light absorbing fabric to cover the soffit, to protect your contrast ratio.

You don't want your subwoofer (or it's port) blowing directly on the screen. The screen will move slightly or ripple. You also want to make sure the speakers are 6" off the backside of the AT screen, otherwise the speakers will timbre shift.

Dipole side surround speakers would be placed between the rows. Direct radiating speakers should be at the ends of the primary viewing row. The second row is compromised but if you place them midpoint between rows, both rows are compromised.
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