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proverbs wrote: View Post
Thank you for all the advice , I was kinda thinking the same thing with the wides . But I might give it a try with some movies like transformers 2 has a lot of side to side action . heights I am definitely going to do . I read putting them close to the ceiling is recommended . Do you think 12" is to close yo the ceiling ? I plan on mounting the surrounds about 6ft . About 3 ft above the listeners and at least 2ft down from the ceiling Thanks for the input
I think it surely would be worth trying the wides, especially with something busy to highlight their interaction(good or bad). I still think height is the way to go here, but I always think experimenting is good. I'd also say 12" below ceiling would be good. The only thing I'd wonder about is coloration, but the information is mostly ambient anyway, so it might help. My Onkyo manual says at least 3.3' above the mains, and as high as possible. (Clear as mud!) So yeah, 12" down, and just a little outside the mains. I really kinda want to try this too, but my 7.2 uses the rr surrounds instead. I have about 6' behind my LP.
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Re: 12x12 room back snd side surround placement

I would choose heights over wides. Your 5 speakers will provide a nice 2D ring of sound around you. A pair of wides can make that ring a little more seamless. But a pair of height speakers will turn it into a 3D bubble of sound. More immersive.

Instead of follow the usual suggestion of putting the heights above the L/R speakers, I would put the heights between the fronts and sides, mounted as high up as possible. That will give the impression of sounds coming from above, rather than merely a taller front soundstage.

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Sorry for the delay , I had to finish building my wall and installing the pocket door to enclose my home theater room. Paint , ceiling fan , molding and such . Hang the speakers , run wires cables , you get the idea .

Heights in front comers about 9" down from ceiling . pointed down about 18" above listeners heads at a 60 degree angle pointed to center . They blend nicely with center speaker being mounted above TV for sound effects and overall sound . The heights produces a low volume sound for movies back ground music and other back sound effects during a movie. It fills in the sound I never noticed missing . Star Trek music in the movie is more pronounced and shoots off the screen smoothly and effortlessly . While not taking away from the dialog or action . While also sounding Natual in all other parts of movies and sitcoms

Center mounted just above my wall mounted 58" samsung about 21" from ceiling . Pointed down slightly about 24" over listeners heads. The dialog sounds great and sound effects blend nice with mains and heights . I was pleasantly surprised

Mains Are spaced about 8.5 ft apart and about 12" forward from wall , 2 1/2 ft from outside walls and are powerhouses that I think make the center speaker being mounted 2ft high then them work .

Wides are placed 3ft forward from front wall and about 4" from side wall are angled in toward the listeners . This puts them a little more then 2.5 ft
Away from the mains in about a 45 degree forward angle . The wides bring it all it all . together . It wides the sound coverage and brings it forward creating a great front stage
Presence as the sound curves around the room and blending with the rear side surround dipoles and the back bipoles . In robo cop last night his motorcycle raced from the back bipoles to the right surround then across the screen via the rt wide , rt main , center then moved forward and away naturally blended with front mains , center and maybe the heights . Wow their was several scenes that motorcycle sound awesome . A lot like the dark knight screens in his various vehicles darting around town . Transformers side to side action, helicopters going by , machine guns ect ect . Yes , even the fast and furious side to side , Front to back cars racing around .

The side surrounds are mounted at 68" and the surround sound effects sound just amazing . A huge difference from being on 36 speaker stands
At head level about 3ft away . I say my brothers , get those dipole surround speakers up up the walls about 3 ft above the listeners heads . It sound do much more natural . You can tell where the speaker is as much . You just hear a natural surround sound as the side surrounds blend with yen back surround bipoles and finish that sound circle in the middle of my not so square room . I have found that the rear side surround placement is important to the front wides and heights as they create that additional surround sound coverage with realism .

The back bipoles surrounds at 68" on the back wall spaced about even with the mains . It brings the sound to life when it's going forward and back or when a car , motorcycle , helicopter or other sound effect come from behind . I have found that being in a bipole mode is best from the rear . Especially in such a small room as mine 11.5 deep and 13.5 wide . I haven't experienced any weird sounds or unnatural sounding sound effects . They just simply complete my circle of sound in a square room .

Peace out my ht brothers and many thanks as I enter my new minidsp frustrations
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Re: 12x12 room back snd side surround placement

sounds like you got it covered
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Hello mike ,

I think it's about the best I can do with this size room . Thank God for audessey room correction to make up for my want to run so many speakers . After installing all the speakers . I did hesitantly try running 5.3 , 7.3 , 9.3 11.3 with Audessey room correction . Just to make sure I didn't end up with in funny sounds or weird sounding sound effects from running to many speakers . I Tested it with Some sitcoms and transformers revenge of the fallen . It has a ton of scenes in the first 15 minutes to test all aspects of home theater. From side to side action over head , it brings the dsx wides height and your surrounds speaker to life.

Trying to integrate a Minidsp for the subwoofers . I got a bad cable in the mix or problem with the minidsp . I can't get sound to pass through it during running rew v5 .
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