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Re: Tanner Ridge Cinema Construction Thread

The stage planning goes on - I've attached a couple of sketchup pix with a **rough** plan.....I'm almost tempted to go with a curved stage and a striaght/angle solution on the top portion. A curve might allow me to come a bit further into the room and give it some added depth while allowing some clearance for the adjacent door. I wonder if it would look funny if the top curve did not match - I am limited by a HVAC vent on the ceiling around 38 inches from the front wall.

I'm still not sure if that 21 inch depth for the shadowbox will look right. Work on the stage is at a standstill for now until I can settle on a final plan.

However, work continues on all of the other little things that need to be done! (And boy, there are many )
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Re: Tanner Ridge Cinema Construction Thread

As for seating, we debated over Berks and other theatre-style seat solutions. At the end of the day, we decided that we would opt for leather sofas - in our last HT, our time was sepnt as a family snuggled up together wathing ovies, and we felt that the theatre seats were too seperate for our needs. Plus, we could have the option of cramming more guests in without dealing with armrests and cupholders!

As it turned out, we stumbled across a 50% off sale at a local box store and ended up with two black leather sofas for under $1K. Funniest part was when the salesman launched into the whole 'extended warranty' routine - I aksed him if that would still be valid if after ten minutes getting them into my door I ripped off the bottom to install the Bass Shakers........ .

He haggled with his supervisor, but there was no way they would honor the warranty if I 'modified them'! No biggie to me, but the looks on their faces as I attempted to explain my plans was priceless!

Got them home, and then started the long drama of getting them into the theatre - apparently, the previous homeowner got a deal on 28" doors. Not so good with 30" furnishings! After several failed attempts at twisting, turning and such, I reverted back to my favorite tool - the sawzall!

I now had two sofas in place, and a 32" doorway to boot!

The Bass Shakers went in without a hitch:

I placed two per sofa direct onto the solid portion of the frames, vertically for now. I don't know if a horizontal mount may improve the experience - I may remount them later as I experiment. I ran the LFE demo and some other flicks to get a feel for them, and I can say that if balanced proper, they add a completely new dimension to the HT experience! A big thank you to those that have plowed the road ahead of me - I never would have thought of something like this on my own !

This is how it sits as of today. I still have yet to:

- Figure out the stage / run IR back to closet
- finish the step up to the riser
- carpet
- finish off the closet interiors / add bifold / make DVD storage cabinet
- quickport the equipment closet & tidy cabling
run ventilation - Tstat and fan to dump the hot air through the staircase into adjacent foyer
- equipment rack - I've shelf-mounted everything using the standard double-tang brackets from inbehind for now. I plan to AutoCAD some 2,3 and 4U faceplates to match the components out of 1/8 aluminum. There's a shop down the road that will mill them out for me rather inexpensively
- dimming - Insteon? Lutron?
- trim - debating black or going with a darker wood stained trim for crown, stage and such
- spend quality time with REW and my new RS SPL Meter
- treatments - considering panels at first reflection points and such

Work has slowed down as a result of work commitments (and because now we are able to watch the odd movie here and there ). I'm hoping to forge ahead over the next few weeks and get the stage done so I can finally ditch the hideous blue carpet........

For those following, here are some stats:

Room - 12.5x19, ceiling at 90 inches
Riser - 68x112 in , 13.5 in high
First row - 12 feet
Second Row - 18 feet
Screen - 117x72 inches 13 inches from floor height

Constrcution, wiring & materials - ~$1600
Seating - $1100
PJ - $2200
Family Movie Night - PRICELESS!!

So I'm at about the $5K mark right now. Carpet obviously puts me over, as well as dimming and trim. I will try to finish off keeping it within ~$1500 or so! Haha!
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Re: Tanner Ridge Cinema Construction Thread

After a brief hiatus, I've managed to get back to construction. I spent some time mudding and taping the equipment / storage closet, and have now gotten onto the stage. After much debate and crawlling through hundreds of threads, I decided to go with a curved stage. After looking at it now for the past 24 hours, I'm very glad I decided to go radius - I think the extra work pays off in a more 'cinema' kind of look.

Following the techniques outlined many times by others, I opted to decouple for the areas where the subs/speakers will live and just run sand in the speaker platforms.

I managed to find dry play sand! It's been raining here for the past two weeks, but fortunately a local supplier keeps some in a heated covered area. I ended up buying 8 bags, but at the end of the day, only used about 3 1/2. I'll keep the remainder to level out my paving stone walkways come this spring.

The sand definitely gives the structure a good solid damping effect. I just had to kick it a couple times to give me a mental idea of how it might sound when being smacked around by the sub!

Tonight or tomorrrow I will lay down the 3/4 in ply, 30lb roofing felt and 1/2 in sheathing, and start on the framing. The rains worked in my favor, though - I picked up the 2x6 for the curved front, and it was nicely pre-soaked so it would bend far more easily!
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Re: Tanner Ridge Cinema Construction Thread

Well, I've finally gained a bit more ground this weekend. I managed to finish off the step to the riser, so it's not as long a hike to up the back row! I opted to fill it with the leftover sand from my stage adventure, and notice it sure has a dead sound when you trample on it:

The stage was the next project. I finished off the 3/4 and 1/2 plywood sheathing for the top, then began on the sides. I ensured that all of the column was freestanding on the stage base, as not to contact the walls or ceiling and thus transmit more sound energy. The 26 degree angle was fun, and the math made my head hurt !

The sub fit in just nicely, and left me about 4 or so inches in the back for the ports to fire. At the end of the day, I will end up with a shadowbox of approximately 24 inches or so. I was a little hesitant at first, but I think I'm gonna be okay.......

After cranking out the matching twin, next began the top portion. I left about a 1/8 inch gap all way around, again to leave it seperate from the other structures (mind you, I cinched it down tight to the joists above. The thing must've weighed near 50 lbs - I recruited my spouse and eldest to help hike it up to the ceiling while I attempted to screw into the joists. After 6 arms turning into a jelly-like consistency, I stepped backwards to see that the whole thing ended up about 3 inches askew.......

The Mrs. made an expression like ---> , and figured 'no one would notice'....but, as you all know, it's hard to hide a few eighths outage! After having the feeling in our arms return, we managed to get it to line up, and thank god, everything was LEVEL!

I did however discover that the few eights of an inch that the image was off was more pronounced in the company of a structure that was in fact level. A few twists of the mount wingnuts, and all was well in my universe once more



The Mrs did say however she is now able to 'see what I was taking about' as I described my vision........

The stage rear and side walls will be treated with insulation to reduce front wall reflections and hopefully minimize any boundary effects. The fronts will be covered in black AT cloth, likely attached to bevelled frames of various sizes. The edges around the screen will probably be bevelled 4" wide MDF wrapped in velvet. I think I may go black with the stage carpet as well. This week, I will mount the centre channel and the three can lights for the screen wash, round off the stage lip, paint the thing flat black and maybe then take a breather for a bit and watch some movies!

Other milestones to complete:

- finish equipment/storage closets
- entry door / closet door
- carpet......
- mouldings and trim
- equipment rack faceplates
- REW + requisite acoustic treatments

I'm sure my list is missing something, but I can see the end in sight now!
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Re: Tanner Ridge Cinema Construction Thread

Let there be light!!!

I'm sure glad I paid attention to when the electrician came! It was a bit of a chore working overhead, as I got a flu shot this morning - the big, hairy male nurse shot the thing like a lawn dart, and my shoulder was a little stiff! I'm just taking a short break, then back down to mount the centre channel and line it up. My thanks to whoever came up with the stage lights idea - definitely worth the extra effort.

I can tell, since the Mrs stopped by from work, looked at it, and made a face...not a bad one, but you ALL know it............. the one that comes in combination with a shaking of the head ever so slightly

I need to create an emoticon for that!
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Re: Tanner Ridge Cinema Construction Thread

After a question from other users about the setup:

Actually all of my final measurements were based on a combination of limitations, and a desire for as big a screen as I could pull off...

Here is a shot of 16x9 material:

and another with 1.85:

I took a tape measure, and sitting in the back puts me about 58" behind the front row occupant. I took the shots at eye level while slouching a little. With 16x9, if the Mrs sits in the front row (she's 6/1000ths short of six feet), I do lose some screen view, albeit rather minor. My 12 year old is about 5'8", and it just clears him - as long as he sits still

I've found that with film material, the letterboxing gives me more than enough 'headroom' so that the front row does not become an issue for me. I was concerned at first with the relatively height off of the floor - the stage is 2x6 with 1/2 & 3/4 plywood. In the photos, you can see about a three inch 'frame' around the 16x9 material, and the top of the stage rounds out to about 12 inches or so from the ceiling. Each column is a hair over 16 inches wide as well. The riser is 2x12 with the same toppings as the stage.

My rationales for the 'unusual' setup:

I would have gone a little higher on the riser, but I'm 6'5", and have spent many occasion schmacking my noggin on stuff! When I'm on the riser standing, I am about four inches from contact with the ceiling. This one is taken from the stage, while bracing the camera up against the framing ~12 inches from the ceiling:

I wanted to mount the PJ as far back as I could to incorporate it into a soffit-style structure, and keep it from being 'orphaned' in the middle of the room. My thoughts were to both reduce noise, and avoid reading all those posts about 'how to run HDMI/Power/iPod dock to my projector' . I had to run a soffit anyway to hide some HVAC stranded in the right rear corner. As the PJ was now 'maxed out' as far as throw length, I worked on the screen calculations and testing. My zoom ring is as 'small' as it can go, and I have very little tolerance left for focus adjustments. I knew I would be just over the 1.5 times seating rule, and somewhere near 46 degrees on the THX viewing angle stuff, but I do like to sit near the screen in a commercial theatre..... so a little extra real estate was fine by my tastes. The HD72 puts out a great picture, lots of light, and I cannot notice any 'screendoor' from the front row.

I knew I would not be able to stash the sub underneath the screen, due to the low height off the floor. So, I ended up planning out the columns to house the sub with very little wiggle room to the sides. I ultimately wanted three or four inches to create a black MDF frame around the image, so I based my tape measure off of the image dimensions and constructed the other stuff around it. Must be lucky - it seems to have worked out with a minimum of grief!
I better zzzzzzzzzzzz before I have to report to my 'non-HT' job.
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Re: Tanner Ridge Cinema Construction Thread

Well, I managed to get some minor work done this weekend, I tidied up the stage wiring and closed up the junction box. Paint was the main theme for Sunday...

Now my stage comes in black!

I'm going on a bit of a road trip, so I figure I'll stop by my Paradigm dealer and see if I can wrangle a good price on a set of Phantoms for the front mains. The SPL's are quite tired, and it would be nice to keep the imaging consistent across the soundstage. Also will need to look at IR solutions for the front - perhaps may end up pulling the trigger on the HotLink Pro, and just extending it using the Cat5 run I have up at the centr channel wallplate.....

Next up will be hanging a couple of doors, and finishing out the equipment closet and ventilation. I'll wait until the majority of the last construction is done prior to getting the carpets in.

I think maybe it might be worthwhile to invest in some sort of air cleaner; seems like a lot of dust is still airborne (at least when I take pics )
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Re: Tanner Ridge Cinema Construction Thread

Well, after a brief hiatus and road trip, I attempted to line up replacement speakers for the old SPL's. Apparently, Paradigm no longer makes the Phantoms. However, I managed to score a great deal on these, and happily lugged them back home:

Paradigm Monitor 7's, V4.

A closer look:

They seem to be a good match for my centre so far. Preliminary testing shows that I feel they will round out my system quite nicely! Now, just need to clean up the temp wiring, and start on some fabric frames for the proscenium.

I also managed to print off some plaques to dress up the entryway - kudos to the authors of these fine works of art!

I'll tidy up the dolby framing after I finish tackling some of the bigger leftover projects in the theatre...

Now, onto the equipment/storage closet!
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Re: Tanner Ridge Cinema Construction Thread

Hanging the PJ and connecting the audio is a bad thing.....took me this long to get back at it! Nonetheless, I've taken on some of the equipment closet wiring and cooling issues, in the hopes of getting some more done before year's end.

The wiring mess:

I'm using Leviton Quickports for the project, and can say I'm very happy with their product. I ran double evrything to the closet, but figured I would not bother putting in the connectors for unused wires just yet. So far, I have (from left to right, top to bottom):

Top Plate:
Left - speaker wire x 2 + LFE for Sub
Centre - speaker wire x 2 + Cat5 for IR or whatever
Right - speaker wire x 2 + LFE for Sub

Bottom Plate:
Left Surround - - speaker wire x 2 + 1 for future 7.1
Right Surround: - speaker wire x 2 + 1 for future 7.1
Riser (Upper + Lower) - speaker wire x 2 + RG6 + Cat5

Input Plate:
Cat5 x 2, Video-in, L/R Audio-in

I know, I haven't finished off the drywall sanding, but I'm procrastinating on that one....

As for cooling, I felt that if I could shunt the warm air from the closet into an adjacent foyer, that adequate and quiet cooling would prevail. As the closet has a staircase, I figure that the warm air would collect ever-so-nicely near the top of the closet, and would be an ideal spot for a fan/vent.

As you can see, it works out that it is about the same height as the projector, and is only about 8 or so inches away. The HD72 pumps the air out to it's right side, so I fashioned up some sheet metal to make a vent/fan mount that will draw air from that side.

The fan is a RatShack 120V 4" fan, and moves a ton of air rather quietly (can't remember the CFM). I salvaged it from my old entertainment unit where I had it performing the same kind of tasks. Like others in the forum, I included a fan thermostat mounted in the cavity with the PJ

I've set it at 80 for now, and was quite surprised that I did not hear it kick in. I still have to finilize the wiring on it, but bench tests seem to be successful! I'm debating whether to have the Tstat running on the switched power of one of the amps, or leave it plugged in 24/7 on its own circuit. From the foyer side, you can hear the fan a little, but boy she pumps out about five times more volume than my HVAC vents! Hopefully it doesn't wreck someone's hairdo as they walk up to the livingroom!

Next trick, will be to finish the closet spaces with paint and such, then onto the entry and storage doors. I'm gonna have to wait a bit for carpet, as my funding is currently being diverted elsewhere....
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Re: Tanner Ridge Cinema Construction Thread

Okay, it's been a while since I've updated ......

Work slowly continues intermittently, but has spilled over into the rest of the house now! The entryway to the theatre was horrid, and we had plans to convert the ground floor 'extra family room' into a Master Bedroom. Seeing as I am still waiting for my theatre door to be delivered/made, I started to tackle the theatre entry.

Here's a shot from the family room leading down to the theatre:

I wanted to make the entryway a nice 'landing' type area, and ditch the extra set of stairs leading down. I have no idea what the previous owner wanted with twin stairs.....

So, I figured I would continue on with the existing wall:

I filled the framing with Roxul, and just went with a single layer of drywall. The french door is fairly hefty / solid, but would still be a weak spot for sound coming up from the theatre. I had to relocate some wiring and such, which bogged down the process a little...
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