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Re: Tanner Ridge Cinema Construction Thread

Sonnie - welcome to the end of my posting frenzy, and Thanks for the kind words! I did promise you a few months back I would get around to posting

Alas, I'm still not **quite** finished with it - just have to finish calibrations, put in a handrail, rig up some faceplates for the rack components......

and who knows - with you guys throwing terms like SLLT and stuff at me, I may never be finished

Happy New Year!
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Re: Tanner Ridge Cinema Construction Thread

Wow. That's all I have to say!

Great work!
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Re: Tanner Ridge Cinema Construction Thread

WOW!!! That's amazing seeing what the room used to look like. Nice projector mount too btw. Good job! I wish I could hear how great that room will sound with all of that treatment in there.
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Re: Tanner Ridge Cinema Construction Thread

Stunning Tom, simply stunning. That thread will no doubt help more people than you'll ever know, me included!

The "mirror method" eh? I'll have to look into that. One question: do you find the shadow box and stage setup to be beneficial? My aim to is to better the commercial cinemas, and that could be a way to go...

Again, bravo!
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Re: Tanner Ridge Cinema Construction Thread

Very nice work!!!!! Congrats! And thanks for the very detail build thread.
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Re: Tanner Ridge Cinema Construction Thread

I very much appreciate the positive responses to the thread! I posted it here in the hopes that it might help someone looking for ideas for their rooms or construction info. Goodness knows, I'm going to be leaning on everyone here for as much help as I can get as I tackle the tweaks and audio/video side of things!! I'm by no means an expert on any of this, but am more than willing to help or answer any questions I can about what I've learned so far (I made lots of boo boos, and whoever renos the room in 20 years will find lots of bloodstains on the lumber ).

It started out as a rather 'innocent' project, that went way farther than I had originally intended (200% over budget, year and a half longer than planned, fancier than my napkin drawing....). It sure was easy to get caught up in it - even the Mrs was saying "In for a penny, in for a pound!" when it came to forging ahead Somehow, I really don't think it will ever be 'completely finished'.......

John Simpson wrote: View Post
The "mirror method" eh? I'll have to look into that. One question: do you find the shadow box and stage setup to be beneficial? My aim to is to better the commercial cinemas, and that could be a way to go...
I found the mirror method to find the first reflection points quite handy and simple - I was always working by myself , so what I did was used a table lamp with a 60W bulb, and placed it in each of the seating positions. I then ran a mirror along the walls and ceiling until the light would 'shine' onto each of the various speaker locations. Moved the mirror and marked with painter's tape (around the edges of the mirror to ensure enough coverage) - you can kinda see where I was going with this in the following photo:

The panels were originally quite high, so I turned my mains upside down to put the drivers lower to ear level (thereby dropping the two outer areas to about where the middle tape marks are). This made the panel placement a lot more uniform and narrowed my coverage area as well. If you have help, you can use a helper with a flashlight at ear height to shine onto the the mirror for you - would make things a lot simpler!

I find the stage/shadowbox definitely not critical, but it was beneficial to me; IMHO it brings a bit more of the 'theater' feel to the space, in that there's no mistake as to the 'purpose of the room' when you walk in. I do like having the fronts hidden from view - it makes it a lot harder to try and discern where the sound/image is 'coming from'. Plus, there's no visual distraction from the screen image, and creates a great place to hide acoustic treatments, IR repeaters and such. Also adds a bit of a 'buffer zone' to keep back those inquisitive guests that want to touch the screen

If you have the room/budget/time to do one, I found it to be one of the most fun and rewarding parts of the build! (Well, maybe except for the 300 or so kerf cuts with the circular saw in order to bend the 2x6 for the stage front )

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Re: Tanner Ridge Cinema Construction Thread

Really Nice room, congrads!
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Re: Tanner Ridge Cinema Construction Thread

Well, the sound tweaking has kinda taken a back seat for the time being......but of interest, is that it would appear that the IR-543 used for controlling the dimmers has passed away....it developed a faint 'buzz' inside the unit, and is flaky when sending X10 codes to the dimmers Time to RMA it back to SH and get a replacement. Fortunately, I've still got an old X10 RF keypad so at least I still don't have to get up!!

On the tech front, I managed to stumble across a skookum deal -

wandered into Futureshop and saw their 'Table of Woes' freshly stocked with DVD players. Hidden away underneath a pile of open box players sat a Toshiba HD-XA2, with no price tag. I queried the sales guy as to 'how much', and he said he didn't know and had been hiding it until the manager could come up with something. He said it was a really old unit and I should get one of the A3's instead for a few bucks more..... I went back today for curiosity's sake, and ended up negotiating it for $289! They all thought I was crazy for wanting a 2nd generation model with all of the new A20's and 30's out......

So far, compared against the A2, the build quality on this thing is far better, and from the limited testing done earlier, I am impressed with the upconversion of the Reon chip. I'm sure that despite however the format war ends, I've still ended up with a great player for all of my SD content . The only negative thus far is the bejezus bright blue light at the bottom of the unit - lit up the whole theater! After a round of window tint, I settled for a strip of black electrical tape to tame the beam.

Back to tweaking....

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Re: Tanner Ridge Cinema Construction Thread

This is a wonderful HT One of the best I have seen so far...

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- "You can never have too much headroom" (talking about bass)
- "you can never have too big a screen" (talking about still pictures)

Projector selection basics
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Re: Tanner Ridge Cinema Construction Thread

Update time I guess...

I've abandoned the audio tweaking for now...been busy at other stuffs . However, this weekend, I've decided to start finishing off my rack. I always loved those MA racks with the custom templates, but alas, that won't work within my budget.

So, I trotted down to the metal store, and picked up some 1/16" aluminum plate for $30 (DIY is affordable!)

I figure, may as well start from the top down, so first on deck is the Sony AVR for the bass shakers

I used my new DeWalt jigsaw (Xmas gift from the WAF), along with some flat files, power sanders and lots of patience, and ended up with one of these:

Sorry for the bad pic, but the camera fogged up a bit from being outside . Now that I have a decent fit (couple thousandths here and there), I will primer the plate and coat it with satin black auto trim paint to match the moldings. I imagine this will take up a good part of the week to get all of the components cut out. I will use some screws with rack washers to finish off the sides and secure them to the 3/4 wood I left exposed near the moldings.

More to follow.....
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