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Re: Ideal Projector distance?

How wide is the wall your screen is going on?

It looks like maybe your front wall there may not be all that wide... is there a closet or cabinet going on the left side?

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Re: Ideal Projector distance?

I have two false walls in front of the screen wall. I have centered the screen between the two false walls allowing for 1ft inside of each false wall. Cabinets and control room for the house is on left, that is the smurf tubing you are seeing.
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Re: Ideal Projector distance?

In all reality short of the Projector limitations the choice of size is yours. However, SMPTE did alot of work on viewing angle to find the ideal viewing conditions in theatres. They found a field of view of between 25 and 35 degrees and a sweet spot of 30 degrees.

You can be too big for good viewing. This is dispite our natural wide field of vision, the issue is our focal area of view which is quite narrow.
Our area of attention is small.

Some rough figures to get the idea.
Seating is based on 10 feet from screen 16:9 ratio
(to the nearest inch)
25deg = 61in diagonal
30deg = 74in
35deg = 87in

Again personal choice and these are SMPTE guidelines.
The reason you can't find many projectors doing a short throw wide is because of the these guidelines.
Personally I would be thinking 90in max.

An issue with short wide throws is that the optical path will use the outer parts of the lens, quite often not perfect and you can have optical distortions. Especially if you have to use alot of lens shift.


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Re: Ideal Projector distance?

A friend of mine who went to film school taught me a good trick:

Sit at your ideal seat location (usually picked due to room layout or acoustic considerations).

Hold your hands out in front of you as far as you can. Touch the thumbs together and spread your fingers.

The distance from pinky to pinky is close to the ideal screen size in terms of field of view.

I did this in my theater and came up with a 92" screen and 9' seating distance.

The reason it works is that hand size and arm length are usually proportional. If you have giant hands and stubby arms, it might throw off the calculations

It also works to try and find the best seat in a theater, not that I've been to one in years
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Re: Ideal Projector distance?

Hi.Am i right to say that you mean the tips of the thumbs and not side by side. And the 92 inches is the Diagonal .I used your method to calculate screen size. 6 feet wide Diagonal around 77inches at 9feet 6 inches from the screen .I have read on home cinema forums if you get to small a screen you will wish you had gone next size up. It is starting to drive me mad ,To small a Screen Wish i had gone bigger ,to big eye strain. You cant win .Gerald
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Mark Techer
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Re: Ideal Projector distance?

My approach to this is to apply some really easy math. If you take the room length and divide it by 3.68, you have actually found the largest (tallest screen) for that room. You take the height and times it by the aspect ratio you want to find the width.
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Re: Ideal Projector distance?

I'm new to this forum but was also wanting to prewire. I think I'm going to buy the Panasonic AE-2000U. I used a projector people calculator to determine throw distance and was wondering how much the zoom comes into play. I figured the quality went down, but didn't know if there was an average or standard used. I think the room is 18-20 feet long. Does height really matter that much? Aren't projectors always mounted about a foot or two from the ceiling?

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Re: Ideal Projector distance?

I don't know your budget but the Sony VPL_VWPRO1 can throw an image of 120'' at 12'2''. I am getting this PJ myself soon. It can be had for $2500 or less if you look around. Check it out..
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Re: Ideal Projector distance?

Just make sure the screen is not so big that you're constantly turning your head to keep up with the movie. Unless you're into that.
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Mark Techer
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Re: Ideal Projector distance?

robile wrote: View Post
Just make sure the screen is not so big that you're constantly turning your head to keep up with the movie. Unless you're into that.
If your having to turn your head, then you are way too close. Even when seated at 2x the image height with my CIH 2.37:1 system, the screen is not large as to require head turning.
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