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SC-37 Sirius Internet Radio

I have a Pioneer Elite SC-37 which I love.. I have been having trouble with the Sirius internet radio. When I select it on the receiver the receiver hangs at 'connecting...'

I have re-flashed the firmware to no avail.

I have re-entered the user name and password and I get the following error: 'Sirius Login error: Unknown error'.

I have verified the user name and password on the Sirius site. I have used the online listening tool with the same credentials, etc.

Just wondering if anyone else has came across this problem. I am thinking the firmware needs to be upgraded to include the correct webpage since the transition to 'siriusxm'..

All other HMG server internet radio stations work perfectly. Internet speed it 190 MB down / 50 MB up speed..

Thanks for any help.
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Re: SC-37 Sirius Internet Radio

I'm having the exact same problem with a Pioneer VSX-52. I have re-entered the user name and password and I get the following error: 'Sirius Login error: Unknown error'. I've tried both my regular siriusxm account username/password and the siriusxm online streaming account username/password. No good.

Up until about two weeks ago I was using an external Sirius tuner directly connected to my Pioneer VSX-52 receiver. Now reception is junk with the satellites. Apparently one of SiriusXM's birds has been deactivated so that explains my reception issues. Moving my antenna has helped but it's not enough. I've researched external antennas and might go that route. But it turns out my VSX-52 is supposed to support Sirius Internet Radio. Plus the internet streams are higher quality than the satellite feeds so I'm trying to get that to work. Regular Internet radio works fine going through the vTuner website and registering my receiver so I know it's not my Internet connection. But when I try to connect to Sirius Internet Radio with my valid account credentials it fails the login.

Did you find a solution to this problem? Is it related to the merger of Sirius and XM?
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I called pioneer as well as emailed them. Mine worked great till about tw years ago or so. Pioneer replied in a email that it was because sirius changed from 1.0 to 2.0 and because of this different hardware was required in the reciever to be able to use it via internet. I called sirius and they are not aware of any change to '2.0'.. About the time of the merger, the website address changed from to (I'm in Canada. I believe that the firmware was not updated to point the reciever to go to the new address to enter the sign in info. Basically it gets lost in a loop of looking for the old address. I could be wrong but if this is the case, there is a lack of support in my opinion. I paid a lot for the reciever to be able to use it for sirius via internet..
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Re: SC-37 Sirius Internet Radio

Thanks for replying. I'm a little confused though. It sounds like it used to work for you then at some point about two years ago it stopped working? And you haven't gotten it to work since then? In my case I never used it until now and I can't get it to work.

I was on hold with Pioneer support for about 45 minutes today then the hold message changed to "our offices are closed for the day". Bastards. So I will be calling again in the morning. I suspect like you do that the website hard coded inside my receiver is pointing to instead of (I'm in the US). The last firmware update for my model was 2012. I doubt they have any interest in patching the firmware again. But I do want to hear what Pioneer support will say once I can actually get a human to answer the phone.

With the satellite receivers there are XM versions, Sirius versions and SiriusXM versions. But Internet radio is Internet radio. Version 1.0 versus 2.0 does not make sense. Maybe they were confusing the satellite versions with the Internet version of Sirius.
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Sorry for the wording.. I am typing using the app..

Correct, it worked for me for quite some time and when the merger to siriusxm happened, that is when it stopped working (may have been longer than two years ago as I said in the previous email).

I agree with what you have said. It makes no sense to say V1, V2, etc., as you said there was Sirius, XM and SiriusXM. Just dug out the email and this was the last sentence in Pioneer's email: 'Unfortunately it's not a firmware issue but a hardware issue (Funny I did not have to change anything in my PC to continue listening live on thier site '. I won't include the rest of the email as it is just me explaining how I did not want to add a head unit to my reciever to be able to listen to Sirius, but wanted to use it via the internet connection as I always did. I just gave up after that.

The last firmware for mine was quite some time ago as well.. They may not want to release a new firmware for it due to the age, although It would not take much to put 'xm' at the end of line of code if that is what the issue is. Please let me know what they have to say to you if you reach them. It would be intersting to see what they have to say!

I will say during my time using sirius through the internet connection of the reciever it was excellent!
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I encouraged Sirius to look into it when I cancelled the internet radio portion of my account. They did ask why I cancelled it. That is when I told them that Pioneer stated it was a hardware issue Due to the merger to siriusxm. The guy at Sirius said that no new hardware was required and that there was no Version change in hardware from a 1.0 to 2.0 as I was told by Pioneer.
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Re: SC-37 Sirius Internet Radio

Ok, I just got done speaking with a human at Pioneer support. According to the tech all Pioneer receivers across the board no longer support SiriusXM Internet streaming directly to Pioneer receivers. He wasn't clear on why other than saying SiriusXM changed something in their format. Honestly this sounded half true, with maybe a business decision on Pioneer's side to no longer support SiriusXM as the driver after Sirius legitimately changed something. The tech said his location also handles support for Onkyo and that brand has the same problem - no longer support direct Internet streaming fo SiriusXM to the receiver.

The tech said other customers use a phone connected to the receiver playing the SiriusXM app. Or Chromecasting from a PC playing from the SiriusXM website. Another option is an external SiriusXM tuner picking up the satellite signals and connected via RCA outputs or with some of the older models directly if the receiver supports SiriusXM natively (my VSX-52 for example).

So in my case I'm giving up Internet streaming on SiriusXM content and going back to the natively support SC-H1 SiriusConnect home tuner. I'm researching better replacement satellite antennas now and will likely go with an outdoor version with a clear view of the sky. If this fails I'll fallback to Chromecasting as I already have the hardware.
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