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Re: Anyone have experience good or bad with QSC amps?

Thank you very much. I think I'm going to go to my local Guitar Center and check it out.
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Re: Anyone have experience good or bad with QSC amps?

I think I am driving myself crazy looking for an amp to drive the sealed MAL-X (24" cube). It seems to be a maze of rabbit holes, with half the internet saying amp X is great with the other half saying amp X is to be avoided at all costs.

I am leaning towards the Crowns, but there are threads indicating the XTI-1000 do not put out a lot of power at 20 Hz, 4 ohm. I prefer the cost of the XLS series, but fan noise is a concern. Decisions, decisions, decisions!!! Look forward to hearing Matt's take on the head-to-head.

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Re: Anyone have experience good or bad with QSC amps?

Just google and do the fan mod on the XLS will keep the noise down, Behringer are not bad amp, for me and many other people morally do not like them.Tapco Juice 2500, Alto not sure of the model probably 2500 as well aren't bad and cheap $ , over Cult of IB some are using Makie amp (FR2500) that is the same as Tapco and alto.

Crest audio CC serie and CS serie from Peavey are not mention too often but are really good quality amps, It all about how much are you willing to spend. An other alternative would be to get a really good used amp something like QSC MX3000A or JBL MPX1200 which is was made by QSC and happen to be a EX4000(a MX3000A with some minor extra features) on flea beay they go for 500-700$ or a Crown CE4000 for about the same price that were made for sub duty.

Yes Crown XTI was not that good in the race to 1 hz as per the test over AVS, probably because of it switching power supply, being a cheap entry level amp with all the bells and whistles (DSP)they have to cut somewhere i guess, also in Sound reinforcement they just do not care about reproducing 10 hz sound and usually filter everything below the 30-40 hz ish mark. The XTI serie does sound really good in full range application.
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Re: Anyone have experience good or bad with QSC amps?

Hey, someone else in my same boat.Trying to find an amp to power the sub. Here is my take of the three amps. Keep in mind that this hobby is very subjective.

Well, over the weekend we ran both the XLS 802D and the XIT 2000 head to head using both blind testing and listening tests. I had two of my buddies, one who has in own dedicated theater room and the other who is an audio nut. They were both unanimous with the XLS.

The XLS had the best bottom end hands down. The sound was tight and solid and just seemed to have complete control over the woofer. When the amp said stop the woofer just stopped. It also did what us old school car audio guys call “dropping bottom”. In other words, there seemed to be very little if any roll off at the bottom end, and when running REW it seemed to be just about flat to 15hz!

The XIT on the other hand has the COOL DSP but the bottom end was lacking in both output and definition. My wife actually said it best when she said, "the black one just has more oomph.
I really noticed the difference on kick drums and explosions. In order for it to get low I had to add a shelf filter at 20hz “low as the DSP could go” of 12db per octave. The XTI had bass it was lacking and seem to be just one big boom rather than individual defining booms. I hooked it up to my Maggies just to get a sense of how much power and what kind of sound the XIT had. I was VERY unimpressed. The sound was thin and even the Onkyo seemed to have as much or maybe even more power than the XTI.

Earlier in the week I had the Mackie and it was ok. It was better than the XTI, but to my ears it didn’t come close to the power or sound quality of the XLS.

So the XLS is my favorite and I will be changing the fans out soon.

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Re: Anyone have experience good or bad with QSC amps?

Sounds like a clear winner.
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Re: Anyone have experience good or bad with QSC amps?

I'm Glad you find your amp Matt, the mod is easy on the XLS, i own a 402B and changed the fans but got the wrong model so still as noisy , just google it i think i saw the mod at AVS not sure.

I find this really funny because someone was arguing with me saying All amp will sound the same, and i was telling him i could hear a small difference between my Bryston and Yamaha, the Yamaha being a tad brighter in hi freq(sorry for my lack of audiophile vocabulary).
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