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Re: Emotiva UMC-1 Official Thread : User Reviews and Discussion

Ok so initial experiences are mostly positive with the exception of the EmoQ, I couldn't get it to provide anything close to correct settings on distance or phase. The ambient test would really have annoyed me if I hadn't already read about the finger trick.

Anyways, I simply bypassed the EmoQ setup and performed a basic setup of the unit, hooked up a denon BD-1800 blu-ray via HDMI and my htpc via analog 5.1 connections. Sound quality is excellent, sound stage was greatly improved and channel separation was more than adequate. Video quality seemed impressive though I haven't hooked up any test patterns to the unit to see how well it tracks. I did play a few scenes from iron man 2 and was pleased with the picture.

Build quality was excellent, layout is good and the on screen is nice and simple which is a concern if the unit is to be remotely located in a closet or cabinet. I will have to break out the crestron system as well as I would like to see how well the control works but all in all I am impressed with the initial run through with it.

Finally the remote is good for a weapon but I would get annoyed with it quickly if I had to use it every day, so I would definitely recommend a good universal remote to go with it. It does have a few nice features such as direct channel level and the discrete inputs and power commands, but the ergonomics would prevent me from using it regularly.

Hope to have more detailed information soon as I start to recover from the minor concussion I received yesterday.

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Re: Emotiva UMC-1 Official Thread : User Reviews and Discussion

I hope it wasn't one of Emotiva's power amps falling on your head that caused the concussion. I swear, they probably can only load one of those on a 747 to get it over here.

Your observations on the UMC-1 looks pretty objective to me, based on my experience.

I both like and dislike the remote. Nothing cheesy about it's construction, but there are a lot of buttons to find. I programmed the basics I need into my Pronto TSU-2000 and it works significantly better than the Emotiva remote. That is usually the case with the Pronto and any manufacturers remote.

Right now, my big issue is that I can't get the IR to work with my USB-UIRT and my PC controlled Elve software. The UMC-1 just doesn't know it exists. I haven't been able to isolate where the breakdown might be. I've used both the OEM and my Pronto to teach Elve the code, and I've cut and pasted the hex code from the Emotiva site and it's no go any way I do it.

I had fairly decent luck with Emo-Q being accurate on distance. Mic placement might have something to do with that. I also remember something about early microphones not being right and having to be replaced, but I don't know the exact status of that.

I, for one, will certainly be interested in hearing more on your experiences with the UMC-1. My initial feeling is that the price point is so favorable for a full featured and quality sounding unit, that I'm willing to work through the issues since Emotiva is working hard to resolve them.

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Re: Emotiva UMC-1 Official Thread : User Reviews and Discussion

Well my experience with emoq was definitely not the best but that's not entirely unexpected with a first gen product. When audessy was first released in denon avrs there were problems with regards to phase, crossovers and activation. However when it showed my fronts and center at 1.4ft and the surrounds at 30ft I kind of figured it wasn't going to work so well. That said I haven't updated the firmware which is supposed to improve the emoq. I also experienced and issue with a bluray being pauses for a while, upon restarting having a corrupted audio stream, switching inputs did resolve the issue which would point to a handshake loss.

Now even with these issues the value of the unit is hard to beat and I could see putting one in use in my system permanently, or the new pro version with built in control4. More details later.
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Re: Emotiva UMC-1 Official Thread : User Reviews and Discussion

Just an update, I did all the current firmware updates last night and will get a chance to test it tonight and tomorrow and will give more opinions then.
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Re: Emotiva UMC-1 Official Thread : User Reviews and Discussion

I am really curious as to your findings with the UMC-1. I had one for quite a while but ended up giving up on it. I would really like to see it succeed. Even though I really liked it, I had a hard time living with it's issues.

I am glad I had it to test it out, but it is really nice to know that now I have a unit that just works in my system. It's been nice to not have to worry about what problem is going to creep up when I watch a movie.


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