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RVA theater audio/lighting setup and programming...

So I'm finishing up the construction of my theater and now I'm starting to work with the electronics and setup of my theater. I'm working in a basement that is completely open floorplan. There is a main room, wetbar, and theater. You can check out my theater at the following link:


Under my stairs is the hub for DirecTv and my audio setup for the main room. I installed 3 sets of ceiling speakers and in-wall volume controls. There are a total of 6 speakers. 2 at the wetbar, Left and Right, tied to one volume control. The other 4 are tied in series 2 and 2, and are left and right tying back to the other volume controls.

I'm currently running a Epson Home Cinema 6100 projector onto a painted Scorpion N7.5 screen. I have the Klipsche Quintet speaker speaker system with 10" sub. I have a Yamaha receiver with 4 HDMI in's and 1 HDMI out. It does have an audio send (out) that can be sent to a multi room audio setup.

I'm hoping to upgrade the Amp and use this one for my second setup.

If you were to buy a new receiver with multiple room capability for say around $1500 to $2000 what would it be?

I prewired all my speaker locations (7.1 setup in all) with 14 guage speaker wire. I also ran Cat6e cables to the projector, under the screen (for RF controls), and into my main room in the basement, as well as into my wetbar area.

I want to be able to run my lights through RF and will be moving up to some type of RF control dimmable light switches. I think there will be 10 in total. Different scenarios for when a movie is being played (dim lights), when the movie is paused (bring the sconce lights up so you can get a drink or popcorn), and the full lights when the movie is over.

Also want to export the video signal and audio to the under the stairs audio setup and run that into an LED TV in the main room. That way I can have the movie/game on both screens at once but also have the ability to switch them up and send one to the theater and the other to the LED TV, and vice versa.

I have talked to a home theater designer and programmer and he basically said that I will need the following gear for my install:
1) Creston AV2
2) 2 - iPads for controls
3) 2+ Baluns to run the double feed from the theater to the TV under the stairs via Cat6e from HDMI.
4) Middle Atlantic Slim 5 for the theater closet and rackgear.

He didn't really talk much about the lighting setup and what I would need. I would love to hear some options from you guys to see what there is available. He is going to get back to me soon but I just want to find out what other options I have. I'm assuming there must be a hub that all the RF switches talk back to. I don't know if you need a computer to get the signal or how that can maniputated online? I'd like to be able to use this feature with my cell phone along with the iPads.

Anyway I hope I made some sense. I'm a little lost on this end so any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: RVA theater audio/lighting setup and programming...

The Onkyo TX-NR3008 and 5008 both offer RS-232 which seems to be a prerequisite. The Integra Models based off of them offer 4 Zones as opposed to 3 Zones and also offer a 3 Year Warranty. The big issue there is that they are next to impossible to find Online and or Discounted. They are pretty much exclusively sold at Custom Installer Firms.

Denon CI Series are truly made with Custom Installers this the CI Moniker. This is a US/Canada only offering as the ROW Models offer different Features like Preamp Outputs on cheaper AVR's and other Features. The AVR-4310CI would work nicely, but I do have concerns about its Amplifier Stage as it weighs around 15 Pounds less than the Onkyo's and is not THX Ultra2 Certified. The only Denon AVR that is costs $5500 Dollars. (AVR-5308CI)

Yamaha's Aventage A3000 is a really nice AVR and would be another good fit as well. Another choice would be the combo of Marantz's AV7005 (if you can find one) and something like the Emotiva XPA-5 or UPA-5 or 7. There are many used Amplifiers you could choose from as well. You could also use the Marantz SR7005 which is the AVR based off the AV7005 SSP. Or vice versa.

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Re: RVA theater audio/lighting setup and programming...

For the new AVR look at the PIONEER ELITE SC-37 . I know many here favor ONKYO or DENON. I recently did alot of research on reliability and ONKYO easily tops the list of problematic AVR's . I did install 1 DENON (we normally do not carry that brand) that failed after 4 months because of heat/lack of ventilation issues (customer would not allow us to cut ventilation holes in the cabinet) and I thought the GUI interface was lacking. DENON has its followers as well. MARANTZ , like ONKYO, had heat/failure issues and we stopped carrying that line...ONKYO got the boot soon after that. Their new line may have addressed these issues to be fair.
I just installed the PIONEER SC35 into my system and so far it's exceeded all my expectations...For what it's worth, Ive been installing HT and integration for the past 8 yrs.

With all respect Crestron is overpriced and cannot be programmed by the end user.... Consider CONTROL4 which is very inclusive (lighting, HVAC, security cams, house audio etc...) and is more affordable... CONTROL4 can be setup w an iPAD as a remote control as well - a very nice feature. The programming can be done by the end user however is not recommended for the novice.

I know Ill probably take a beating on these forums for reporting negative on some favored brand names. Ive just seen too many issues and failed units from MARANTZ and ONKYO in the field to give them recommendation over other brands....

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