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Brainfailure: Need help picking a 2-channel receiver.

Well, I have been reading and watching and clicking and comparing... I think my eyes are going to fall out.

History: I not-long-ago built the infamous DIY speakers, Natalie P, in full tower form. I have been driving them off a DIY tripath amp. They sound great, but I really want something with more inputs, remote, etc. I was going to add a pre-amp, but think I just want a dedicated receiver and find another use for this amp. I also got a Musichall mmf-2.2. I also have the TCC TC-750 for the phono preamp. Max volume on my current amp, on some records, just doesn't get it to the level I would want it to be at. Just a low-end Pioneer blu-ray for CD audio playback. TV has Pandora built in (2nd year buying their service for the high quality audio stream). Have a small amp to some dining room ceiling speakers that a B channel pre-out would be great for porting in music and such into there.

OK, given that, here is what I'm after (in order-ish):
-High output at a demanding 4 ohm (100+watts as a given, higher the better) with great low-end response (no dedicated subwoofer here)
-Customizable input naming and pre-set volumes would be excellent.
-A phono preamp that could seemlessly replace the TTC preamp (not a big deal, but would be nice)
-Budget target is $300
-TV ins/outs would be nice to hook up that old-school NES, but not necessary as I can run it through my TV.
-Crossovers would be nice, but seems to be a rare find on stereo models (never know, maybe I want a sub one day)
-Black and sexy with a remote not from the 80s. (lol, might as well throw that in there)

Given that, I have looked at several models...
Onkyo TX-8050
Harman/Kardon HK3490
Yamaha R-S500BL

-It seems to me that the Onkyo has the most bang/buck for features (just over $250 these days). I like the network features... especially the Pandora (wouldn't have to turn on my TV for it). Although some of those features are great, they really aren't necessary and I would quickly trade them for more/cleaner output. Also saw mention of not-so-great phono input.
-The HK3490 seems to be well regarded. The price goes up a little and seems to have a tad more output. Looks are definitely a big winner on this model. Haven't heard much if any on the phono input. Price heads up a bit though, as the lowest in stock price is around $330.
-I haven't seen much on the Yamaha... I have dealt with some Yamaha electronics in the past and had nothing but good experiences with them, though, so they earned a spot on this comparison.

I'm sure there are many other models that could be thrown in there. I'm all ears for more suggestions... perhaps I'm looking too hard, but I definitely don't like throwing money out the window.
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Re: Brainfailure: Need help picking a 2-channel receiver.

The HK may have a bit more power; they are usually "under rated" and actually swing some real current. Real power usually costs a bit more money, and power rating alone doesn't really tell you a lot. Every 100 watt receiver is NOT created the same.

Just a thought, but if you really need a high current amp in a $300 package you may want to look into a used integrated amp. You're using Pandora and could always pick-up a tuner for super cheap; I see them (tuners) at pawn shops for $5-$10.

I'm assuming that since you posted this in the 2-channel forum that surround is not part of the picture??
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Re: Brainfailure: Need help picking a 2-channel receiver.

Yeah, just two towers. This is primarily for music and standard TV watching. I got my home theater w/ 7.1 for the "wow" effect .

I realize not all power is rated equally.... even then, 100 to 120 watts is very little real world difference. Definitely nothing I'll notice. I dont know how honest their distortion ratings are, though. I think that would lead to better overall loudness with similar output levels.
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Re: Brainfailure: Need help picking a 2-channel receiver.

Power ratings are not standardized, so you really don't know what you are getting. Also, to double the SPL (loudness) you need a 10X increase in power! In other words, to make a speaker play twice as loud as a 50 watt amp, you will need a 500 watt amp (all things being equal). Doubling the power (from 50 to 100 watts) only increases you SPL by ~3dB. Strange, isn't it?
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Re: Brainfailure: Need help picking a 2-channel receiver.

I'm a big fan of HK, and have owned much of their gear over the years. The stuff is built to last and sounds great.

I steered my neighbor toward the HK 3490, he loves it. You can find pretty decent prices on these with a little searching.

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