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refurbished receivers

Has any one had any dealings with accessories for less? I was thinking about getting either a onkyo 809 or a denon 3312. They have good prices on refurbished units and come with a 1 year warranty. I am a little hesitant , I know you can get a extended warranty through onkyo, but not sure about denon.
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Re: refurbished receivers

I would consider this forum A4L heavy. There are many patrons of A4L here around these parts. Some, like myself, have purchased a couple of items from them. I think they offer extended warranties on all the items they sell and theyre factory authorized for, I believe, everything they sell. Ive been very pleased with their speed of shipping and quality of merchandise, to say nothing of their great prices. Only kicker is for folks in Florida, you often get to pay both shipping and certainly taxes for any product shipped to FL. Seriously-discounted products often still make them the best price, even for Floridians.
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Re: refurbished receivers

They are fantastic, they have great customer service and are definatly one of the better on line distributors of AV gear. I have delt with them twice now and both transactions have gone without any issues.

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Re: refurbished receivers

+1. A4Less is very easy to deal with. Between my friends and I, we have purchases 5 AVR's with no issues. I would not hesitate to purchase from them again.


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Ok, thanks for the replies . I feel more comfortable ordering from them.
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Re: refurbished receivers

Couple more questions:

Lets say a recall was issued by a MFG would A4L purge their inventory or is there a chance I would be sent a unit i would then have to send back ?

What about software download revision, is this also updated or is only a user installed update
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Re: refurbished receivers

soundoff wrote: View Post
Couple more questions:

Lets say a recall was issued by a MFG would A4L purge their inventory or is there a chance I would be sent a unit i would then have to send back ?

What about software download revision, is this also updated or is only a user installed update

As Onkyo and Denon both are selling B-Stock or Refurbished AVR's almost entirely, I honestly cannot remember a time when there was an issue in terms of Firmware or Hardware as AC4L almost always gets them Months after mainstream retailers. More often than not, major issues manifest upon initial release as the AVR Marketplace is cutthroat and Beta Testing seems to have been foisted upon the Consumer. As for concerns about Recalls, Onkyo recent x09 Series built in the last months of production. (November, December, January), this was due to a Circuit Board if memory serves. This Recall actually only affected Authorized A-Stock Dealers and seemed to be primarily Amazon at that. Moreover, as even the lowest tier of AVR's are equipped with Ethernet Ports these days, Firmware Updates have been available via either Ethernet or USB.

As for a DOA Arrival, a big reason I often recommend AC4L is that there is a 30 Day Return Policy. Be it Brand New or Refurbished there are simply going to be bad eggs. In addition, prior to AC4L offering Denon, Ecost and Dakmart only offered a 90 Day Warranty whereas AC4L was able to negotiate with Denon USA to bring it up to 1 Year. And with Onkyo, you can add an additional 2 years of Manufacturers Warranty for around $60 to bring it up to 3 years of Manufacturer's Warranty. This is 1 Year longer than the standard Onkyo Warranty.

All this being said, I often do recommend Newegg and or Amazon whenever the prices are anywhere close as it always nicer to have a brand new AVR and the full Warranty. However, Newegg actually offers a less lenient Return Policy than AC4L. Amazon offers the same one as AC4L I believe.

It certainly is an easy conclusion that many of us here most often recommend AC4L, but do bear in mind we have no Storefront and anytime I can find a great deal and they are an Authorized Dealer is what I am going to recommend. While for AVR's AC4L is quite often recommended, for Speakers for those on a set budget I cannot remember the last time I did not link to Newegg...

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Re: refurbished receivers

I bought my 606 and 707 from A4L and they've been perfect. My 906 and 809 were bought new. My feeling is that if I can get it new from an authorized dealer for no more than $100 more then I'd buy new. But if I can save $100 buying refurbished from A4L then I go for it. But I will not buy a refurbished receiver from anyone other than A4L, there have just been too many horror stories about some of the others.
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I missed a great deal amazon had on the denon 3312 and it seems like remaining new 809's are going at a premium price. So, ac4l seems like the best option.
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Re: refurbished receivers

A4L is awesome and would have purchased but missed my deal. I purchased my Elite VSX-30 from Hookedontronics and saved almost $300. I doubt very seriously there would be any issues with any product ordered and purchased from A4L. I have them bookmarked
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