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Re: QSC Amps for HT?

conchyjoe7 wrote: View Post
I personally doubt you've ever owned one.
You got me on that.

I've owned 3. I used one of them to demo a set of 2-ways I had built in 1997 at a PASS audiohpile meeting in Seattle, Wa. I remember A/B'ing that amp against an Aragon at that same meeting....

The other 2 were bought and sold over the years, I have always like those amplifiers....

And an HCA800II (Sp?) I bought brand new in 1995 for $400, I borrowed some of the money from my mom, LOL....

-Mike Edgar
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Re: QSC Amps for HT?

95Honda wrote: View Post
Boy, I can't tell if this is directed as another snide comment, if I am wrong, please disregaurd... If it is, ***? The one thing I have been stating since the beginning is that weight is not the only factor in amplifier performance....

BTW, Audioprism was bought out by Mark Levinson. At that time they were back-ordered over a year on many products when he (Mark Levinson) claimed backruptcy do to his other ventures and took Audioprism with him.... Another got big and then took a dump story like you see so much with audio...
No, it was not a snide comment. It was more like thinking out loud. As for Audioprism's history, I wouldn't know anything about it. My mistake on that one. But if those amplifiers were such a big hit, then why didn't they try starting production of them back up again? Just curious.

And I still stand by what I said about weight not meaning anything for quality. It depends on what power requirements you're going after. If you only need an amp that produces say 35W per channel, it doesn't matter if it's a home amp or pro amp, they are both going to be small and light, unless it is pure Class A.

Although, like what thxgoon said, digital amps are coming a long way these days and can even give good Class A solid-state amps and SE valve amps a run for their money. The "biggest" thing about these new digital amps is that they are (or can be) so much smaller and lighter than the traditional amps and provide all the power and sound quality the other amps can provide, or even better them.

That's all I was trying to say before, I just didn't go into great detail.
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Re: QSC Amps for HT?

Anamorphic wrote: View Post
But if those amplifiers were such a big hit, then why didn't they try starting production of them back up again? Just curious.
When Levinson bought Audioprism, he bought the rights to all the electonic also, you may notice that the Vibration controls and antennas are still avalible though... But with him went the amps, and now nobody makes them.... And if anyone else made them again,,they would be sued...
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Re: QSC Amps for HT?

Greetings to all:
For the record, I am not trying, nor am I at all interested in trying to "RIP" anyone a new one! My last thought and comment on this thread is this. We ALL seem to be thrilled with the equipment we have and I couldn't be happier that that is the case. I am a little amazed that someone that doesn't know me from the man in the moon describes himself as building etc. more amps blah blah blah than I've ever seen, heard of or owned...hardly fitting when in fact he has no clue whatsoever as to who I am, nor what I have owned or heard, but you would think that he would bear in mind that as the (retired) owner of 3 VERY large night clubs and 4 restaurants all of which I chose and oversaw the installation of equipment for and replaced over the years; I've heard far more than a few! I am however thrilled for him that he has such incredible capabilities in building amps and the time and patience required to do it well.
I couldn't agree more that pro amps if used for the right purpose and in the right environment do indeed have merit, it's just that IMHO that purpose is to drive "club" speakers made up (usually) of very large EV woofers, a large highly efficient EV horn and generic piezo electric tweeters in what (again usually) is a copy of a JBL or EV cabinet in a "club"...which is the correct environment. Those speakers are VERY efficient and sound in an empty room (in a word)errible! However, fill that room with hundreds of people and you have fairly good sound...plenty good for the louder is better drinking and dancing crowd, and as I have previously stated, it's a pretty much bullet proof system. FYI, we also used Bozak mixers and EQs, Technics SL 1200 mk II turntables and everything wired "balanced" XLR. This is the correct place for those amps (IMHO), doing what they were built to do and in that environment they have a LOT of merit...I wouldn't consider anything else in fact.
As I've said, we ALL seem to be very happy with what we all have and I'm no different. I do however fervently believe (and it would not be possible to change my mind on this if your hearing is anywhere near normal), that anyone who owns and is here professing the fantastic, incredible, powerful, etc. etc. qualities of pro amps for critical music listening in a home environment based their purchase on one and only one criteria:Price! That too is fine, but hey, don't just argue with me; send off and tell them what ripoffs they are to NAD, Parasound, Krell, Ayre, McIntosh, Cary, and hosts of other "high end" amp manufacturers who despite the availability of a plethora of pro amps at next to nothing prices are still doing just fine thank you very much. Of course since the pro amps sound so good and there's no point in buying a good high end amp, I guess we should extend the same attitude and reference to those who make high end speakers, or high end anything for that matter...Let's get rid of B&W, Aerial, Wilson Audio, DALI, Magico, Dynaudio, and 100s of other high end speaker makers as they too must all sound basically the same. Then, lets get rid of Lexus, BMW, Infiniti, Mercedes, Acura, Porsche, Audi (for the record, we drive Honda, BMW and Nissan) etc. etc. After all, we can all get from A to B in a 10 year old used Kia, and I'm waiting to hear from someone who has one of those who is definitely going to tell me his 150,000 mile Kia is as good as or better than a new Lexus 470...yep, uh huh!
You have to love subjectivity; it's what makes the world go round..
Let's just all enjoy the music and films that we so preciously love...Listened to Jennifer Warnes "Famous Blue Raincoat" 20th Anniversary Edition, (if you already own it, the 20th Anni edition is still a MUST buy and hear) and saw "Happy Feet" last night in HD on DirecTV...beautiful, absolutely beautiful on both counts!

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Re: QSC Amps for HT?

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Re: QSC Amps for HT?

Guys... if I were reading this thread and trying to learn about using QSC amps for HT, the posts here on this page would serve no use to me.

Please remember where you are at... and if you have not read the zero tolerance forum rules, please do. We do actually enforce them, unlike other similar forums.

Thanks for understanding. I see no reason for this thread to remain open.

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