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Re: Don't laugh at me, but I need a BUDGET (e.i. Low-end) suggestion :/

The decisions are definitely tough when a budget is a strict cut-off... but, that is a reality for the vast majority of folks. Just the way it is.

In looking at this, the Martin Logan MLT2 system probably would be the top choice... the sub has a 10" woofer...

The two polk systems (RM6750 and the RM705) both have subs with 8" drivers...

All that being, said, having used the RM6750, if $$$ were to push you in that direction, I'm sure you'd be happy.

The good news is that you are being realistic about where you are going with this. I think any of the 5.1 systems would be good to go... What this comes down to is $ and where you want to allocate it. You're going to need to look at the specs, read the user reviews, and make a choice. The next step is the fun step: Setting it up and lettin'er rip!!!

Good luck

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Re: Don't laugh at me, but I need a BUDGET (e.i. Low-end) suggestion :/

Okay guys, I know I've probably driven you crazy so far, but one last speaker question and then I'll make my decision and then start annoying you about AVRs. I have definitely narrowed it down to 3 different, similarly priced speaker packages, and each having possible pro's and con's. I need your input within the next day or so and in order to make my final speaker decision. Here's the options (Not necessarily in any particular order):

Option A:
  • MartinLogan MLT-2 5.1CH Home Theater Speaker System
  • Here it is
  • $299 on Newegg until 10/26 (Normally $499)
  • Pro's: Seems like a steal compared to the normal price. Larger system. Easily wall-mountable w/o extra hardware (also, don't appear to have rear bass ports). The ML name and reputation(?)
  • Con's: Sounds too good to be true (why sell a $1000 MSRP set for $299?). A fair number of Newegg customers complained of long-term reliability issues and received damaged products due to poor manufacturer packaging. There was talk of these not being true ML quality, but poor quality Chinese builds backed by the ML name. Basically I'm concerned that this speaker set doesn't live up to ML's reputation.
  • In spite of my concerns, I know that even the best products will get poor customer reviews, and that a few poor reviews always get more attention than many good reviews.

Option B:
  • Pioneer SP-PK21BS 5.1 system (Would have to piece together the set. Can't find the whole package together, but that's okay)
  • Very highly regarded by CNET - Take a second to skim the review
  • Could build it using either the smaller, reviewed SP-BS21-LR speakers in the front, or the larger SP-BS41-LR's up front and the SP-BS21-LR for the surrounds
  • The center channel is the SP-C21, and the surround is the SW-8.
  • Price if using 4 of the smaller SP-BS21-LR's = $299.50
  • Price if using 2 of the larger SP-BS41-LR's = $319.50
  • Pro's: Very good reviews on CNET. Fairly well-respected brand. Decent price and easy to find the various speakers online.
  • Con's: Pretty big (not necessarily a con, but...). Not easy/possible to mount, and if I wanted to mount on a wall, may block rear bass ports. Smaller speakers and sub than the ML system (But the SP-PK41's are bigger than the ML surrounds).
  • I like these a lot, but I wonder if the ML system is a better deal. Also, the whole mounting issue would be a little annoying.

Option C:
  • Energy Take Classic 5.1 system (Will probably have to buy the 5.0 system and the sub seprately.)
  • The 5.0 system is on sale for $150 on Newegg until 10/26 (Normally $200)
  • Would have to add the highly-touted Energy ESW-8 200W 8" sub (kind of pricey/hard to find) or a different sub.
  • Could add the previously recommended Dayton sub for $98 (10” 125W SUB-100) or $124 (12” 150W SUB-120)
  • Total price would be $250-$300+, depending on the sub I used.
  • Pro's: Very highly regarded on CNET (This review talks about these two sets. Editor's pick 2011). Small, stylish system. Easy to mount. Might be the best of both worlds - Definitely are considered good quality, and are smaller and easier to mount than the Pioneer set.
  • Con's: Although the sound is great for a small set, it can't keep up with larger speakers at high volume (I don't anticipate being extremely concerned about high volume, but you never know and it plays into the decision). The matching sub is hard to find at a good price, and I'm unsure how well a different sub will match with the set (CNET attributes the set's great sound mostly to the ESW-8 sub and how well it's matched to the speakers). These also have rear bass ports, so wall-mounting might affect the SQ a bit.
  • I'm not sure what to think of this option. The look, mounting convenience, and price are a plus, but Idk if it's worth sacrificing a little SQ, or if it would even be a noticeable SQ difference for my purposes.

Please take just minute to read this and tell me which option of the 3 you would go with if you were in my shoes and maybe a sentence or two why. I would really appreciate it.

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If your budget is $300 or less for AVR and speakers the onkyo htib for $279 at newegg should still be under consideration.
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Re: Don't laugh at me, but I need a BUDGET (e.i. Low-end) suggestion :/

chashint, I appreciate that suggestion. However, I believe I have convinced my wife to splurge a little more on an okay system and a relatively good AVR. I'm kind of leaning toward the Onkyo HT-RC360 as of now, assuming it's a good match for my speakers and projector, and that there isn't a cheaper option that will perform just as well with my equipment. Thank you though.

I also posted a poll in the recommendations section, figuring it would be easier for members to give their input that way. Go vote! lol
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Re: Don't laugh at me, but I need a BUDGET (e.i. Low-end) suggestion :/

Primus 363 @220/pair until tomorrow night.

Though there are many good speakers that have been listed, and many good packages to choose from.
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Re: Don't laugh at me, but I need a BUDGET (e.i. Low-end) suggestion :/

You will have to decide if you Will want to wall mount the system eventually. IF Yes, the MLs, if No the Pioneer.

If you are going to wall mount you can also look at a soundbar
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