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Re: Another Onkyo bites the dust

I am still wating on my 809 to return from the repair center, so I pulled the trigger on the Yamaha RX-A1020. The first thing that I learned is that the 1020 lacks the weight of the Onkyo 809. I did not need to get the help of my grandson to slide it into the shelf in the entertainment center. As far as the sound is concerned, there is a difference. The Onkyo seemed to have that stand in you face presence where as the Yamaha has a subtle , yet clear , presence. It may mean that I have to do some more tweaking. It would be understandable of some differences in tone and umph as the Yamaha has less power per channel, but not that much.
In spite of the problems with the Onkyo units I am still somewhat partial to the features and sound, however, I can't drop $800. to $1000. every two years for a receiver.

I am going to listen to the Yamaha, as I do want to give it a chance, and who knows, I just might warm up to it,,,,, Benbo
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Re: Another Onkyo bites the dust

OP: Sorry to hear about the hdmi issues you are having.

Well I just purchased an lightly used 809 from a seller here @ The Shack.

I did read plenty of folks whom had HDMI failure issues, but mostly I read about was due to lack of cool air circulation, which in my case I plan to have my 809 in the open and maybe a few usb computer fans running behind or bottom of it (laptop cooler).

I am a huge fan of yamaha receivers which right now I own a RX-A710 and cannot praise how dependable this receiver is! The only downfall on this YAMI is not having preouts.

I really do-not make a big hissy on calibration between audyssey vs ypao vs mcacc; Why? because at the end I always seem to tweek it to my preference not what the calibration is telling me what is best! At the end of the day you have the golden ears, not the receiver and the mic that was included .

Now if you ask me "if I was so happy with my yami, why didn't I get another one that offered preouts?" .

Good question, however I got an easy answer. the 809 was a great deal! I got it cheaper than what Accessoriers4less sells it for and I still have 9 months of factory warranty remaining on it .
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My System
Congrats on the purchase and yes that was a great deal! I've had no issues whatsoever with my 809 and have been very pleased with it. I had always owned Yamaha previous to my Onkyo purchase and they are built like tanks. I am a big fan of Audyssey and think it makes a huge difference in my room. I think you'll be pleased with your purchase.
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David Burn
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Re: Another Onkyo bites the dust

I too have had an Onkyo HT R-690 fail and had repaired after 2 months from purchase. Was playing in Pure Audio for about 30 minutes at high volume and then some smoke and no sound.

Had a pioneer unit for the past 10 years and not had a problem and its received its fair share of workouts and replaced it with the Onkyo.

I do love my Onkyo receiver, its a huge improvement to the pioneer but im just paranoid to play it loud for long periods for fear of failure which is a bit disappointing for a $1000 receiver and should of stuck with Pioneer.

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Re: Another Onkyo bites the dust

I've never had an Onkyo to fail yet. I've owned two (one of my son's owns the ht-rc180/807) and i still use the 606 in the bedroom. I'm also a Yamaha receiver fan - had a 663 that wouldn't quit, a friend of mine has it now and it still performs like a champ. With all of that said - the very reasons here (repair cost and fears), made me go the HTPC route. I've always used seperate amps in my main setups (maybe that's why they last so long....hmmmmm, but that still doesn't cover the 606 ), so the amps in my receivers are never used. I went the HTPC route so I could repair my own gear - It's worked extremely well for me too.

I hope you enjoy your new Yammy, it's a great buy and an excellent unit. Yamaha's tend to have a warmer sound than the Onkyo's, and may take some getting used to. Glad to hear all is working out for you.
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Re: Another Onkyo bites the dust


Like everyone else, I am very sorry to hear about your Onkyo AVR. Like you (the OP), I have been a brand loyalist for many years now, loving the tactile feel, build and overall performance of this brand's gear since being introduced to it/them -- I agree that heat can cause these issues (I think the OP addressed this in the last post) and would also agree that Denon would come to mind as a secondary brand choice.

For what it's worth, I have yet to lose any Onkyo receiver product I've owned, and one is actually powering a small workout room system (a vingate TX-SR600 from a first-generation surround system I set up when this receiver came out) driving Polk RTi15's on stands...and has survived a cross-country move in horrendous conditions as well as being subjected to physical abuse that lead to the receiver getting a pretty big dent in its side. The unit STILL pumps out the music for the workout room -- my other two Onkyo receivers, the 605 in the 5.1 home theater setup and a TX-8555 stereo unit in my two-channel rig, are doing fine...
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Re: Another Onkyo bites the dust

Oh -- I see, too late prior to my post -- that the OP pulled the trigger on a Yammie receiver...

Good luck!

I've used Yamaha's stereo receivers in the past and they were pretty well made; a friend of mine swears by their stuff and actually has one of the stereo receivers I owned when we did a trade years ago...
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Re: Another Onkyo bites the dust

Man!!!! I gave my old Onkyo 805 to a buddy, emphasizing that the HDMI board was torched and the part was no longer available. I told him the AVR would be fine using alternate inputs and outputs. Then the bloody hardhead, without telling me, put it in a local shop for repairs. ????? Of course, the shop sat on it for a couple weeks and then charged $100 diagnosis, saying they couldn't get the circuit board.

Then, forgetting it was a gift and forgetting I told him the board was unavailable, he called me and said he sort of wished he'd never taken it! I felt like he was blaming me! Almost lost a friend because I had to tell him he acted "stupidly."

Next time, in the trash!
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Re: Another Onkyo bites the dust

My cousin has an Onkyo Pre/Pro (had I should say) he has had the HDMI board fail on him twice within 1.5 years the last fix took about 6 months needless to say he had an unhappy home theater. He has since switched to a Pioneer unit which he likes very well and has the Onkyo up for sale (can,t say I blame him).
I must say in in every manufactuers defence is that these thing can happen regardless of mounting, cabinet style or what have you. Fortunetly for me I have an old Denon 3808 that I bought new about 6 years ago with no problems. Great! I have probly just cursed myself.
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Re: Another Onkyo bites the dust

Hey, Bambino!

I was just thinking the other day I should ask if anyone had heard from ya recently because I noted I didn't see ya around the 'boards that much as of late...

Good to hear from ya buddy!
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