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Yep. The 828 is a step down, the 929 is a slight step up - two extra channels, and Bluetooth & wifi if that's useful.

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Re: Onkyo 818 w/XT32 subs never sound right!?!?

Was sure a shame to get a bad 818 and to have an issue with the xpa5 at the same time. Thankfully, though persistence, and a whole lot of patience. I've been able to successfully deal with both ONKYO and EMOTIVA and obtain two perfectly working units!!!! The modified xpa5(other thread), is all but completely silent. It's requires an "ear in the grill" approach to notice any noise at all and even then it requires effort!!!

Imo the 929 is an outstanding reciever, easily the nicest avr I've had the privilege of placing in my system. It's powerful and clean, xt32 is fantastic!!! You'll never notice you needed the headroom and clarity that the xpa5 gives you...until you have it. However, once you do, and it's all dialed in correctly.... you're in for a real treat!!!!

As far as dealing with the two companies for the issues... they weren't exactly POLK AUDIO (I know the high guys will laugh of me calling out POLK)--- but THAT company is the definition of CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!! I've always used their speakers, and any time I've ever had an issue... be it with a driver, a psw 505 amp, and eventually a psw 505's enclosure.... it was simply one call -- "this is my issue"--- and a few days later whatever you needed was at your door.

Onkyo and Emotiva took a lot more effort.... Onkyo nearly failing-- then, finally coming through. Emotiva never failing, just reluctant to believe the ground loop wasn't my systems fault. Once the issue was pin pointed, I have to say it was only 2 weeks in between the call tag being sent, repair completed, and receiving it at the door!!!! Wish they would have sent the full precision audio testing.. not just signal to noise ratio.. but other than that.... I'm one super happy, super relieved, audio addict that wishes it wasn't 2 am right now so I could blow some up!!!!!! Fast 6? Wolverine - hiroshima opening scene... oh man, with xv15's.... it's like my room bends (effortlessly i might add) when the nuke goes off!!!! I've tried to post some pics so you guys can "see" the setup... I've done some custom bass traps, and diy treatments that turned out pretty decent... but my pics are 2mb and the max upload is 293kb??? If anyone could help me with that???...I'd appreciate it??!!!
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Re: Onkyo 818 w/XT32 subs never sound right!?!?

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Re: Onkyo 818 w/XT32 subs never sound right!?!?

Nice setup! I bet those two pressurize the room nicely. I'm not sure of "the best" way to show larger photos, but I use Photobucket to host the photo and create a link to that photo from my post.
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Re: Onkyo 818 w/XT32 subs never sound right!?!?

Thanks Doug c!!! Yep I have to day those xv15's are more power than I could ever need in here!!! I wrote Tom at PSA TOP NOTCH customer service by the way!!!!!! Just a real pleasure of a guy to deal with!!!!! The back of the room is actually open to a small room on one side and a bigger room on the left.... even with the that, the gain on each sub is barely at 12 on their gains. When ever i wanna scare the out of someone new to the room... i can sit on top of one of the subs... turn the gain to 2-2:30 for a minute (it still is effortlessly hammering out bass but I'll just say I've never once had anyone ask me to turn it back up orrrrrrrr even ask what the second sub turned up simultaneously to 2-2:30 on its gain would feel like! !!!! Lol!!!! Just really incredible subs.. couldn't imagine what a pair of the xv30's, or triax... would feel like!?!?!? Maybe one day should I budget allow.... I guarantee you I'll find out!!!!!!! Woooo hooo!!!!!!!! I think I mentioned before, in wolverine opening scene... where they drop the bomb.... When it ignites...wooooooooooowwwwww at 12 pm loafing along... I seriously without exaggeration feel like the room and everything in it bends bro... no !!!!! Evil laugh!!!!!! .....lol!!!

If im honest, Tom is the one who actually suggested treatments somewhere along the way in our emails back and forth. Once I started searching I found out the treatments were outrageously priced!!! I kept searching as I will always find a way to get it done. I ended up building the corner super chunk traps for $50 I think it was for the pair. Cheap fabric from walmart, furring strip for all the framing from home depot, 3 V braces anchored into the corner, Owens corning unfaced r30 from home depot 25' rolls are $11-12 won't find anything cheap ever in life, I used a staple gun for the face of the traps... made a simple rectangle frame from the furring strips, then stapled the front and back of the strips to each other... and put a third curing strip in the center stapling both sides as well... was actually fairly stable... enough to gently wrap it's front with the fabric. .. and then screw it into place.. via the 3 corner View braces(which gives it it's real strength)..... After of course cutting the insulation into squares from the roll (use a furring strip to press down on the fluffy insulation to make it easier to cut) and then cut the squares diagonally corner to corner.... The is will give you the most out of the roll. 2 rolls made all of the traps I have in here... which are the corner traps and 10 acoustic panels. Take your time to think out your measurements so you can get the most from the materials is a helpful hint... i did this and it saved me a lot if money... I bought precisely what I needed by for example: the furring strips are 8 ft in length..... 96".... divided by 3 gives 32".... This was the height of all my acoustic panels minus the bass traps and the two placed behind the towers--- as they are taller and I thought it looked better (my only splurge...lol!!)

Anyway, enough rambling.... think I "high jacked" my own thread a couple times there!!!!! If any of you guys want to try it out... i could probably put together a build thread.... If it doesn't already exist???.(I'm sure there are a Ton already)
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