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Re: The Marantz AV7701 Giveaway

Wow! This is an impressive giveaway. I have the AV8801 and it is a wonderful beast. My work area needs a good front end and this would fit the bill very, very nicely.

For those that haven't checked out Marantz gear lately, they have some nice kit on the shelves. I love the pure direct mode and I'll be eventually taking advantage of the 4K TV features (pass through AND upscaling available) too. iPod integration is very nice and there's an app to turn your iPhone into a remote too (assuming you hook into the web with your pre pro.

Someone is going to be very, very happy when they find out they've won this!

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Re: The Marantz AV7701 Giveaway

Since I put myself in this great giveaway already I have a a question. Maybe this is not the right spot for this and I could maybe move it but doing some research on the avr 7701 and have a question. What kind of power or what source unit does marantz recommend to power through their avr7701. Do they recommend anything specific or one of their items? The pre/processor is somewhat new to me as I do not run one now and am trying to familiarize myself with them. Input, guidance and recommendations is appreciated.
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Most manufacturers will probably recommend their own matching amp, but I don't see a need for it unless you are especially keen to have everything in The cabinet matched. It would certainly be a great choice but any quality amplifier would be (in my mind) just as good. Consider the speakers you will be driving and the size of your room for power needs, and check out some options. I probably would stick with something that is intended for use in a high quality av setup (low noise floor, etc) but the brand matching itself isn't mandatory.

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Re: The Marantz AV7701 Giveaway

Gotcha there. I am actually in the the process of working on changing up my system. Have been looking for and reviewing new receivers for about a month or so now so will be in a holding pattern on that to see how the give away goes but here is what I currently have. Fronts paradigm studio 20's. Working on replacing with the GR-Research MTM floor standing setup. Hopefully to be complete mid January. Current center is the paradigm center 1 to be replaced with the X-Voce. Rears are the older paradigm 370's. Not sure what I will do for a replacement want to go diy but haven't got that far yet. Current sub is a diy 12" with dual PR's components from PSI. Currently working on a dual 12" sealed enclosure about 3.7 cubic net replace that. That being said what would be a good option for an amp
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Re: The Marantz AV7701 Giveaway

Very awesome looking receiver, I would love to win it as Marantz is supposed to be great for music!
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Re: The Marantz AV7701 Giveaway

Hey, another great giveaway from the folks here at HTS! Love the Marantz stuff and this Pre/Pro is supposed to be a lot of bang for the buck. Excellent choice.
Good luck to everyone!
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Re: The Marantz AV7701 Giveaway

Don't think I qualify since I was away between early September and November (lots going on at work) but it looks like a sweet giveaway. Good luck to the winner.
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I have 50 posts and will go to the Rocky forum as well. I want to be entered
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Re: The Marantz AV7701 Giveaway

Sonnie, on these giveaways how is the winner determined?
Do you put the names of the qualified people in a hat and pull out a winner, or do you evaluate each qualified entry and pick on merit?
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Re: The Marantz AV7701 Giveaway

The first thing I do is make sure everyone is qualified, which I normally do that as each member post in the qualification thread, and I delete them right then if they are not qualified. We have a mod/plugin that was built specifically for giveaways that randomly assigns each entry a number and then the winning number is drawn from a random number generator.

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