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Upgrade RXV-375....AVR or Separates, suggestions

I currently have an RXV-375 that I have been using for about 6 months. It is the first AVR that I have had in quite a few years, and was basically an impulse, unexpected purchase with no research.

Should I choose to upgrade, there seems to be a vast sea of options not only in AVR's, but also in the choice of wether to go the AVR route or with a separate amp and processor.

I am open to suggestions for AVR's, and what reasons would influence anyones suggestion.

As far as separate components go, the reason I am thinking about this, is it would seem that one could purchase a somewhat permanent 5 or 7 channel amp, pair it with a current processor, then upgrade the processor as technology advances without having to replace the more permanent amplifier. Does this seem like a good train of thought? If I go this route, I am totally lost as to what to consider, so definitely open to suggestions to look into, again, with some input as to why you might recommend a particular type.

Use: 5.1 living room home theater/stereo setup.
Equipment: HSU HB1.2 and HC1.2 for L, R, and C. Surrounds to be ordered soon, possibly fluance bipole design.
Sub: PB2000, small possibility of pairing this up with a second sub in the future.
Sony 5100 Blu Ray
Apple TV
Older Panasonic 50" Flat Screen

Budget: $1,000-$1500

Thank you all for any help and suggestions.
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Re: Upgrade RXV-375....AVR or Separates, suggestions

The challenge with a budget like that is your limited in what pre pros that are available. For $1500 you can get a great receiver that not only has all the best features but plenty of power to drive most speakers.
Many receivers have pre outs allowing them to have external amps hooked up to just two speakers or all 7 or 9 channels.
Have a look at accessories4less

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Re: Upgrade RXV-375....AVR or Separates, suggestions

From your listed equipment, it looks like you only need the basic connections. Namely a couple of HDMI inputs. AVR's now days will have plenty of those. The next best feature is the room correction software. I like to recommend Audussey XT32/Sub EQ. By the time you get to this class of AVR, your bases are pretty much covered. And Tony's right about the power. Get external amps later if you get a huge room or really hard to drive speakers.
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I like your idea, and I also follow the same train of thought as you when it comes to separates. If you have the amplification you need, you can always upgrade the preamp as needed. Keep in mind though a really nice preamp will cost about the same as a nice receiver with built in amplification.

I have never used separates, so I can't speak for any qualitly differences. I do however like the idea behind them. with your budget though, I agree with others that it would be best to buy a receiver with preouts for now.

Once you have an avr with preouts you can save up and buy the amp(s) you would need if you decide to purchase a preamp when it is time to upgrade the avr. You could buy a nice age with preouts for 7-800, the left over money in your budget could go towards adding an amp(s) in the future if you feel the need. Then once its time to replace the age you could just buy a preamp and you would have true separates, if that's what you want.
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Re: Upgrade RXV-375....AVR or Separates, suggestions

So, Bear, to take all of the above suggestions together, here's what you can get at Accessories 4 less - keep in mind all of these AVR's are refurbished, but all will have a 1 year warranty and AC4L is an authorized dealer for all...........

Denon X4000 $888.88

Marantz SR 7008 $1399.99

Onkyo Tx-NR929 $888.88

All of these AVR's have >100W/ channel, have Audyssey XT32 along with all of the features most people would use in an AVR..........

Good listening............
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Re: Upgrade RXV-375....AVR or Separates, suggestions

As mentioned above I'd go for the Denon X4000 for AC4L for ~$900 so you can have XT32 and Sub EQ to really get your PB2000 dialed in. If you choose to get a second PB2000 then it will be even more worth it to have the X4000.
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Re: Upgrade RXV-375....AVR or Separates, suggestions

Bear123 wrote: View Post
Budget: $1,000-$1500
To me, your budget is your answer as Pre-pros and five channels worth of decent amplification in my opinion is going greatly exceed your budget.

With the above "Debbie the Downer" opinion, my recommendation is a Denon AVR-X4000.

It's within your budget. Has a full set of Pre-Outs. Should you want to add outboard Amps at a later time and date, you can. It has Audyssey XT32 w/SubEQ HT for dual sub EQ'g and receives rave reviews for the robust output of the amplifier section from those who have purchased and used the X4000.

In my opinion, the X4000 is a win, win, win purchase, that fits nicely into your budget.
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Re: Upgrade RXV-375....AVR or Separates, suggestions

I agree with the others. With the budget you have set, you would be much better going going for an AVR up front.
Most of the AVRs at that price point will have pre-outs, so when you're ready you can add a nice power amp to the equation.
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Re: Upgrade RXV-375....AVR or Separates, suggestions

There are many people who can't here the difference between teh results of Audyssey and other room correction facilities. I would not limit your choice to receivers that just use Audyssey. I would also take a serious hard look at Yamaha's Adventage series of a receivers. Yamaha's reputation for bullet proof reliability stands over any other brand. They have a solid power supply feeding a soldi amp section and their pre-amp sections have some of the best S/N ratios out there easily putting some boutique brands to same.
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Re: Upgrade RXV-375....AVR or Separates, suggestions

3dbinCanada wrote: View Post
There are many people who can't here the difference between teh results of Audyssey and other room correction facilities.
I'm a layperson, with only experience as my qualification and nothing more.

Audyssey has several quality levels and the best being XT32/SubEQ HT. Just asking and having a conversation, are you posting about XT32, XT or EQ levels of Audyssey? In the case of the X4000, it comes with XT32/SubEQ HT and hopefully the individual will at some time and point have the money to integrate a pair of subwoofers into their sound system so they can take full advantage of what XT32/SubEQ HT has to offer.

I'm a big proponent of REW to the point of being accused of being a REW zealot and I am more than happy to post, that is a fair assessment of my attachment to REW. With benefit of an up-and-running freeware copy of REW, one can physically see the benefit room correction software brings to the table. Without a room analyzing program such as REW, one is flying blind as to the benefit of one program over the other. If one has a huge suck out in an area such as the 40hz to 80hz range, the mid-bass slam we all strive for is gone and yes, when these dips, nulls and peaks are corrected for, it's a safe bet that most, if not all can hear the difference.

Opening myself up to criticism, I only have personal experience with Audyssey. Yes, there are better programs than what Audyssey has to offer but it's going cost the consumer a lot more than the cost of a X4000. My understanding, if one has the money and insists on separates with room correction which is held in higher esteem than XT32, I would recommend looking at the yet to be released Emotiva XMC-1 and an appropriate set of amplifiers.

The point of my above, within the constraints of the stated budget, I'm trying to qualify my comments, show support for the X4000 recommendation, benefits found in using Audyssey XT32/SubEQ HT and via REW, physically show how one can empirically see the benefit of any particular room correction program. As to the ability of one to hear differences, in my opinion, that's going be up to the skill level and accuracy of the individual effecting the room correction software.
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