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View Poll Results: Which A/V receiver do you recommend?
Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A3030 23 19.66%
Anthem MRX 710 24 20.51%
Pioneer SC-79 16 13.68%
Onkyo TX-NR5010 16 13.68%
Denon AVR-4520 38 32.48%
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post #1 of 508 Old 04-24-14, 02:05 AM Thread Starter
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Best flagship A/V receiver?

Options I am considering:

Yamaha AVENTAGE RX-A3030
Anthem MRX 710
Pioneer SC-79
Onkyo TX-NR5010
Denon AVR-4520

Looking for something to drive my original (bought new in 2002) Klipsch RF-7, RC-7, and RS-7 speakers. The subwoofer is a Seaton Sound SubMersive. My room is small, about 15 feet x 11 feet x 9 feet. I need high SPL capability with excellent dynamics and excellent overall sound quality. I need to be able to hit reference level with ease. The overall sound should be smooth and not too bright as I already have speakers that lean towards the brighter side of the scale. Build quality and reliability are extremely important as well.

Currently, my main home theater is still in the DVD ages with an SD plasma, DVD player, and a flagship A/V receiver from the DVD ages (2003-2004). I will be upgrading the TV to a 1080p TV, getting a Blu-ray Disc player, and a new flagship A/V receiver.

I was pretty much set on the RX-A3030 until I read how good the MRX 710 sounds. Some reviews stated that it is as close as you can get to separates with an A/V receiver. Is it really that good? However, it definitely does not have all the features of the other units mentioned. While sound quality is top priority for me, there still should be some good features available that I might want to take advantage of later down the road such as Internet connectivity.
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Re: Best flagship A/V receiver?

I think all of them would do very well. I'd probably lean toward the Yamaha for build quality and reliability. Onkyo if you're into room correction or are planning on using the receivers' video processing. If audio performance is of utmost importance I'd lean toward the Anthem.
Looks like a tough choice but I think your best bet would be to pick the one that has the most features that you need or think you may want in the future.

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That is an impressive list and like Mark said any would be great. I've never had any experience with Anthem but I've read some impressive articles about them and their room correction software. I'm a really big fan of Audyssey and would probably choose one of them employing XT32 which would include the Onkyo and Denon.
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I know it is a step down but I have had the Onkyo 3010 for a few months now. It is powering klipsch rf82's, rf62's, rc62, rc52 and using outdoor klipsch for front high. It is an amazing receiver thus far with amazing room correction. The video looked better and crisper on my epson 6020 than it was with previous receiver which was an onkyo 805. The 4 sub outs are great along with all the other features and ease of use.
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Re: Best flagship A/V receiver?

For me Denon , Pioneer and Anthem sound the best ( music also included ) but i also would put in the mix the Marantz SR7008 (or a pre/pro AV8801) .

If you are doing 50/50, movies/music , the Denon and the Marantz would be my option for your Klipsch .

But it comes down to personal preferences . Did you audition all those models ?
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Re: Best flagship A/V receiver?

I chose the Onkyo. I only have experience with the Pioneer and an Onkyo and I love what Audyssey does much more than Mcacc for room correction.

Onkyo TX-NR809 HT receiver
HPS-4000,SR-70, John Allen, Klipsch Heresy, Speakers for L.C.R.
QSC GX-5 power amp for L+R mains
Chase Home Theater PRO-10's for surrounds
Behringer EP 4000 pro amp for the Danley DTS-10 tapped horn sub
Oppo BDP-93 universal BD player
Toshiba HD XA2 HD dvd player
Sony VW-VPLPRO1 1080p PJ
Cinema White 1.0 gain 106" fixed frame screen
Dish network with 2 Hoppers and 1 Joey
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Re: Best flagship A/V receiver?

Why do people do this to me? ......

Kain wrote: View Post
Looking for something to drive my original (bought new in 2002) Klipsch RF-7, RC-7, and RS-7 speakers. The subwoofer is a Seaton Sound SubMersive. My room is small, about 15 feet x 11 feet x 9 feet. I need high SPL capability with excellent dynamics and excellent overall sound quality. I need to be able to hit reference level with ease. The overall sound should be smooth and not too bright as I already have speakers that lean towards the brighter side of the scale. Build quality and reliability are extremely important as well.
We're running an older pair of the RF-7s in the form of Epic CF-3s. The CC is a RC-64 II and the surrounds are KSP-S6s. We have a pair of Rythmik FV15HPs. We upgraded from a Marantz SR5007 because it didn't have what it takes to cleanly reach and hold onto full on reference level play. The top of the 4520, in an entertainment credenza, door open a couple of inches with extra vent holes cut into the back of the credenza, after a movie at reference level playback, is not so hot that your can't run your hands all over the top metal casing. It was not that way with the SR5007 which was too hot for the hand.

That said, we recently purchase the Denon AVR4520CI, which comes with XT32 and SubEQ HT. The reason we purchased the 4520 was for the reason you listed, the ability to run full on reference level output with low low distortion. At the same time we acquired Denon's universal blu-ray player, the DBT-3313UDCI. We purchased the 4520 for three reasons, reference capable amplifier section, HDMI switching capability and XT32/SubEQ HT room correction software.

An aside, research showed me that the 4520CI is suppose to have pared down (from 11.2 to 9.2) guts of the Marantz AV8801 inside. Being this is a flagship model and Marantz and Denon are both the same company (D&M Group), it makes manufacturing sense to blend these two flagship Pre-Pros.

Here are a couple of review links. The first link is to a HTS review. I was partial to the last comment:

"Summing It Up

In conclusion, I am thoroughly impressed with this unit. It has about all the features you could ask for in a receiver/processor and ample power to accommodate most any speaker system. I initially intended on reviewing it and then selling it, but instead I have already sold my Onkyo 5508, XPA-3 amp and XPA-1 monoblocks. I keep thinking to myself that the 4520 seems to be a little on the pricey side, but if you consider what any other processor with the same features would cost you and then add the expense of amplification, the 4520 price actually sounds like a bargain. I think the most surprising part of my experience with the 4520 has been its ability to drive my MartinLogan speakers effortlessly. I had almost given up on ever trying receiver power because I have always read and heard that the Prodigy’s pretty much needed at least 300 watts of good clean power to perform their best. I will have to disagree with the naysayers, as I find it hard to get any better than what it is right now with the 4520 the only power amp source in my system. Excellent job Denon!"

The second link is to a recent Sound and Vision review that included bench tests to certify it's output capability. The specs of the 4520, five channels driven are equal to that of McIntosh separate amplifiers and considering the price difference between a McIntosh Pre-Pro/amplifier combination to that of a 4520, in my opinion, that's huge.

And that's why I voted for the 4520. ...

(system photos and REW graphs can be found in our photo gallery)

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Re: Best flagship A/V receiver?

I chose the Onkyo based on my previous experience with the 5508 and 3008 compared to the Denon 4311 and Pioneer Elite SC-05 I have all owned in the past. I really do like the Pioneer Elite receivers but MCACC doesn't EQ as well as Audyssey. I also had better EQ results with the Onkyo variation of XT32 than I did Denon's by a decent margin. With the Onkyo's I didn't need to use an additional EQ for my subs, with the Denon I had to still tame some peaks and this was in the exact same system with the same mic placement.
The Onkyo also had a more dynamic tone which made the Denon sound a little bland in comparison for movies, for music the more laid back sound of the Denon was better though for jazz and easy listening.

I don't know about these new receivers though, just going off of past receivers I have owned.
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Re: Best flagship A/V receiver?

I would get one with Audyssey XT32, as it does the best job with equalizing the subwoofer. Only a couple of the newer Pioneer models are using any filters on the subwoofer. Yamaha's YPAO does not equalize subs (not sure on their reasoning to exclude it). As far as I am concerned, there is nothing more important than getting your subwoofer response right.

I am not familiar with the current ARC system, but the older one was not that impressive to me... Audyssey XT did a better job back then... and I had the Anthem processor, not the receiver. I would probably lean towards the Denon or Onkyo. I have had the 4520 and it is nice (those are actually my comments quoted above)... and I now have the 3010 Onkyo. I have had the 4311, 4520, 5508, and 5509... and a slough of others. I can tell you I have never heard a sound difference in the amps. The correction system makes the difference in my opinion, but not between the ones with XT32, which result pretty much in identical results when everything is setup properly. Any of those receivers will easily power Klipsch speakers to their fullest extent and do it clean... I doubt you could stay in the room with them. I would look for XT32 and the other features that are important to you.
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Re: Best flagship A/V receiver?

I voted for Anthem! Partially since i own a mrx 510

If you are looking for sound performance, i'm going to have to suggest the Anthem. If you want all the bells and whistles of internet radio, built for ipods, front or rear usb for flac or mp3's, you'll need to look elsewhere...

I feel as the anthem arc is fairly easy to use and tinker with. The quick measure tool on arc is great for finding the best location available for your speakers/sub. Giving the user play-ability of speaker locations prior to running arc..

My only audyssey experience comes from audyssey 2eq, so i can't compare to other audyssey flavors...
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