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Re: my revised theater

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Has anyone here done a drive-in style, or even just an extremely large outdoor setup, looking for something i can have about 5 cars in front of, i've seen the 201" porsche tv on youtube, but i don't even wanna know how much that costs, wondering what kind of issues i will encounter, or even if i'm the only nut case that would want such a thing.
201" is about the size of the width of a 2 car garage...are you trying to go 5 cars wide? 5 cars wide is going to be more than 300", I believe. You could just buy the material, and drape it from the roof of the garage front. If you get AT screen material or actual old theater screen could put your front 3 speakers be hind the screen (with the garage door open). If you want to get even more like a drive could transmit the audio via FM, and use your car speakers. Don't forget to go that big you are going to have a long throw for the projector to get that big, and plenty of Lumens. I am thinking you might want to look for a Big Venue Projector around 5k or more Lumens (Maybe even 10k). Where are you going to mount the projector?


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Re: my revised theater

hi, nope we're backwards here, the garage will be built about 70 feet behind the house (kinda pole barn style) holding 5 cars in a line. projector will be mounted inside of garage, mounted to the ceiling of the center bay (or with its own window above the middle bay) depending on distance and or door interference , projecting onto the rear wall of the house. i can do the screen any size i want it. just needs to be view able from 5 cars wide ( at 80 or so feet). so that means the projector will be protected from weather, the screen material will be the only thing in the elements ( unless the fronts and center channel are out there). i guess i might be stretching calling it a drive in , cause the cars are already there. but back to the theater part, i've got a friend who did a 50's diner garage, and seen many gas station looking set ups, but i've never seen a drive in style one, and i loved drive ins back in the day. and since they've all died. i guess if i wanna see one again, i gotta build it. i was just fishing for ideas , in keeping with the 60's to early 70's look , or ways to mask the tech making it look 50 years old ( new style wise , can't stand american pickers " rusty gold " to a person like myself rust is worse than cancer ). that being said it should look like it's dec. 21 1971 again, and this was just built . while i loved the drive ins , the last time i was at one, was the showing of Indiana Jones- raiders, first showing, and what was that 1983, so my memory is a little fuzzy. ideas to make sure it looks not only somewhat period correct but like a drive in at all ,are kinda whats holding me up ( even know all but one of the cars would have had to come thru a worm hole to be there). i already plan on a out building with a false concession stand look ( to hold battery chargers, jacks etc... basically if it doesn't go in a tool box, it goes to the building ) off to one side. the frame-less doors are just to try and get it to look like a row of cars sitting in front of the screen, when they are all open. possibly glass doors. and yes i have my wife's blessing, on the condition she gets her garage spot back (which she hasn't had in 15 years), in the house garage that is. so that means i need it to be a 5 car. but i'm worried it'll just look like a shed, a garage ,and a screen . so i need ideas to push the drive in theme, i got the " please turn off lights" sign under the screen covered, and on the car side i'm good , there will be 3 foot emblems in the concrete, of the car in that bay , and such. its just that drive-in part. probably watched the beginning of "the need for speed" 200 times looking for anything and everything . projector doesn't need to be daylight compatible, this is just a evening and night thing. and i'm sure i'll throw a few screens up on the inside of the garage (32" lcds or whatever i can find), but any ideas, theater or car wise are welcome, the cars are a 2003 benz s-500, 94 jaguar xjs, 78 cutlass 442 clone, 1999 infiniti qx4 lifted 4" on 35s and a 71 opel gt, and just for example the jag hasn't seen a rain drop since 1999, they are all in mint condition and are dusted daily. bet this is a new one here. i'm sure plenty of garages have been converted into theaters , but how many had to have the cars incorporated into it ? oh well ,that's my little project.

and yes i skipped everyday of language arts, never missed a day of auto shop tho
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