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Kevin's Man Cave

Here's my Home Theater. My initial plan didn't involve video, but some friends urged me to create a space for college football viewing - glad they did. My local dealer sold me his demo Runco RS-1100 (had about 300 hours on it) for an unbelievable price and he talked me into the Stewart Filmscreen - glad he did. The whole room is encased in foam and I've taken measures to reduce as much sound leakage as I could. Being in a separate structure from the house (above a detached garage) helps dramatically. My only regret is that I didn't build a wider garage, thus enabling a wider room. Still, a 92" screen isn't too shabby.

a rather old photo with the screen down - groovin' with the King
Kevin's Man Cave-985.jpg

a photo of the current rig
Kevin's Man Cave-img_0383.jpg

one of the subs hiding in the corners
Kevin's Man Cave-img_0271.jpg

one of the rears
Kevin's Man Cave-img_0382.jpg

the projector
Kevin's Man Cave-img_0380.jpg

the screen
Kevin's Man Cave-img_0381.jpg

the seating
Kevin's Man Cave-img_0377.jpg
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Re: Kevin's Man Cave

Wow. Looks nice. I like the overall look. I agree with your statement - 92" screen isn't too shabby.
I am sure watching football on that screen will be very enjoyable.
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Looks great!!
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Re: Kevin's Man Cave

A great space to be proud of - a great day of football yesterday to enjoy in it too
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Re: Kevin's Man Cave

Nice setup and Awesome Projector!


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My Go Big or Go Home Theater Construction Thread
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How are those def tech supercube I'm assuming reference subs treating you?
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Re: Kevin's Man Cave

Great setup. Lucky steal on the Runco.

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Re: Kevin's Man Cave

Thanks for the positive comments. As I sailed past 50, I figured it was time for a dedicated audio room. My original plan was for nothing more than a nice stereo (getting that out of the living room pleased my wife), a comfortable chair and some exercise equipment. I blew my original budget by a huge margin, but we only live once. I had my sights for the video components set far lower at the outset, but my local dealer made me an offer I couldn't refuse on the Runco projector - would you believe $3500? It was less than a year old, but the RS-1100 was being discontinued and he wanted to mount a current product in his demo room. Since his demo room had a Stewart Filmscreen and I thought the image was to die for, I figured I'd go for broke (paid more for the screen than the projector) and I have absolutely no regrets.

I had to reduce the exercise equipment to a Water Rower (you can see part of it to the right of the seats) and the big ball, but that's pretty much enough - gives me a great workout. Behind the smaller door is a half bath, which is convenient. Behind the rug on the wall is the window that building code required (between the rug and the window is acoustic foam).

No matter how well I think I plan projects, I always forget things or make mistakes. That room is full of evidence of that fact, but it's a great space - the product of decades of dreaming and saving. Like most of us, I was also forced to compromise in order to keep the costs from running away too badly. Regardless, it was a lot of fun and I'm especially proud of my DIY cabinetry (warts and all). I built the bottom, center shelf of that rack to show off the main amp, which became this piece of eye candy (trust me when I say it's ear candy too).

Kevin's Man Cave-img_8605.jpg

Yes, the subs are Def Tech SuperCube Refs and they dig deep (measured in room -3dB point is 16Hz) with serious authority. Not only that, but they work very well as audio subs. In fact, I use a crossover (Bryston 10B Sub) to direct the bottom end away from the Maggies and to the subs. Thanks to REW (which is what brought me to this website), I managed to get the bass clean and strong. Well, I should also give credit to ASC for the sub-traps and bass-traps.

The center seat has a built-in shaker, which I wasn't too enthusiastic about until I experienced it. It's not ridiculous at all. It's actually pretty cool.

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Re: Kevin's Man Cave

Still, a 92" screen isn't too shabby

I agree 100%. I am envious!

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