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Re: No room for center speaker - options? Thx!

Matteo wrote: View Post
I agree with all of the above, but I wanted to throw a FYI into the mix for informational purposes. I listened in on a Sherwood Newcastle R-972 demonstration and one of the features is that you can move your "center" of sound to where you like. In the demonstration, they had a typical setup with front, center on the mantel, and right speakers. The TV wasn't able to be put on the mantle, for demonstration purposes, so they placed the TV in the corner, near the right speaker. After setup, the sound adjusted and it really did a good job of shifting all the speakers so you still had sound from left/right/center but it was all centered on the TV. Just a heads up in case someone ever had a situation where they needed something like this. It really was pretty cool. It was done by aiming the microphone in the direction you wanted to center channel to shift to.
Just information. Your phantom speaker setup will work great.

Indeed. The Trinnov EQ in the R-972 really is impressive. Trinnov EQ's used to be almost solely in the hands of Movie Studio's and the like. And the prices for the standalone Trinnov EQ's were in the tens of thousands of Dollars. Now it is available scaled down on an IC. Great news. Everything I have read about Trinnov has been quite impressive.

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Re: No room for center speaker - options? Thx!

hi! is it not possible to mount the Ctr speaker on top of the display panel angled towards your listening position? or other option is reposition your sitting arrangment not facing the fireplace so get place to put your center speaker...
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Re: No room for center speaker - options? Thx!


Thanks again for the replies and info. I think the only way I could arrange for a center speaker above the fireplace would be to use in-wall or in-ceiling speakers firing downward from above the TV. There is a chimney pipe that I have to worry about, among other considerations, so at this point I feel good about going with a phantom center. However, maybe I will consider putting speaker wire in place behind the wall in case I ever change my mind . . .

I also think I may seriously consider wiring the room for another TV location just in case, or at least put some wires in a conduit. Does that sound like a good idea?

The next big issue is wiring the house while everything is open during the renovation. I have been reading about wiring here and other places and my head is spinning a bit., I only have a few days to figure this out, so I think I'll be posting a few questions in the other forum and I hope you guys will respond there as well.

Thanks again, Mike
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Re: No room for center speaker - options? Thx!

If the walls are open, I'd definitely wire a 2nd location. Different strokes for different folks, but I'd never settle for a TV above a fireplace. I'd board up the fireplace before that happened.
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Re: No room for center speaker - options? Thx!

I'd take out the fire place, but we are in Texas and I still don't understand why we have fireplaces.
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Re: No room for center speaker - options? Thx!


The fireplace in question is in our new family room that we're renovating. We removed a back staircase between the kitchen and attached garage and are making the garage into our family room. My wife really wants to include a gas fireplace, so we are. She wants it for extra warmth in the colder months. I was, however, able to prevail on the issue of vented vs. ventless. We had a ventless gas fireplace before, and I never liked that the place always smelled like we had our kitchen burners on high. Also, I'm sure we were sucking all of the oxygen out of the house.

In any event, I'm already a bit worried (1) that the TV placement above the fireplace will be too high, (2) that it will interfere with the ability to configure seating, since the TV will stick a foot or more into the room, and the viewing area is across the narrow part of the room, and (3) that the heat will be a problem.

What are the main critiques other folks have about locating TVs above the fireplace? Same or similar as above?

Thx, Mike
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Re: No room for center speaker - options? Thx!

#1 critique is one often cited and if your TV is too high, you sound is likely too high, or disjointed from the video. Spend two hour staring at the place where you TV would be. Odds are, you're going to get a stiff neck.
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Re: No room for center speaker - options? Thx!

Does the TV absolutely have to be in the same location as the fireplace? You can usually have the fireplace on one wall with the TV on another, with no conflicts...

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Re: No room for center speaker - options? Thx!

I have not seen anyone suggest this so I will throw it out there. I know it not matching speakers however it may be possible to use the displays speakers as the center channel. All you would need to do is use the receivers center pre out and put a splitter on it and send the signal to the left and right input on the display.

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Re: No room for center speaker - options? Thx!

As flat panel television get thinner, so do the speakers in them. I haven't heard built in speakers that I would trust dialog to since the days of CRT Rear Projection, and there's a reason why soundbars are all the rage these days. Phantom Center might not give you pinpoint positioning, but the overall quality of sound will more than make up for it.
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