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New receiver, which one?


I've been looking like a crazy person all over the Internet, but I still cannot decide which receiver I should get for my B&W DM685.

At first I started looking for receivers with 2 HDMI outputs. But now I really don't know. My pockets aren't that deep and I find it troublesome to justify the cost for JUST 1 more HDMI output when I can get me a HDMI switch.

What I want is a good receiver, with power to drive 5 speakers (the surround and center I haven't chosen yet). I don't think I'll be streaming that much, but still a network receiver would be nice. HDMI 1.4a to make it future safe. 2 HDMI-out would be bonus, but not THAT important. Another bonus would be to use my android phone as remote.

The receivers I've been looking at are:
NAD T748
Maratz 5006
Denon 2312
Denon 3312
Onkyo 709
(Might be able to get a Marantz 6004)

Here in Sweden, the NAD is the cheapest one, around 500 (give or take a few). I'm hesitant about the NAD though. Even though I know they have loads of power, some of the features just aren't there. But still, its quite a lot cheaper than the other ones.

The Onkyo 709 seems to be the best for the money(?), however, I'm not all that fond of Onkyo receivers (had one, didn't work that well).

I don't want to write a wall of text, so I'll stop here. If I get any replies we can always discuss further
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Re: New receiver, which one?

My personal choice would be the Onkyo 709. It just has the strongest amplification section of them all and has pre outs.

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Re: New receiver, which one?

Was just going to add, full range pre out for an amp in the future would be nice.
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Re: New receiver, which one?

I am with Tony on this one - I would also personally choose the 709 for the exact reasons he stated.
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Re: New receiver, which one?

I was not crazy about Onkyo for no particular reason, I always prefered Marantz and Yamaha.

Upon recommandation from this forum I bought a 709 and do not regreat it at all. The sound is really good (Audessy EQ does a fantastic job)
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Re: New receiver, which one?

Onkyo has really hit it out of the park with the current x09 Series. The Bench Tests for Output Power have been utterly fantastic. The TX-NR609 output around 90 Watts into 5/7 Channels and the 1009 output well in excess of 100 Watts into 5/7 Channels when both were Reviewed by Home Theater Magazine.

The 609 performance is really impressive as its MSRP is only $599, but it easily outperformed AVR's costing twice as much and more. And the the $599 is nowhere near its street price. Couple an excellent Video Processor (Marvell Qdeo and or Qdeo/HQV Vida), what I and many consider to be the best commercially available RoomEQ in Audyssey, and much improved Quality Control over earlier Series and I really think there is something special to this Series. And Onkyo finally changed the Industrial Design for the first time in 5 or more years. My TX-NR3008 looks practically identical to my 4 year older TX-SR805 I sold to a friend.

I would wait until the 809 is On Sale for $649 again at Newegg. ($1099 MSRP) If not, the 709 really provides all the necessary ingredients to make your HT as good as you can afford/imagine with Preamp Outputs, Audyssey MultEQ XT, Qdeo Video Processing, etc..

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I went with the Onkyo 809 and love it. Seems to be a unanimous decision.
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Re: New receiver, which one?

Thanks for all the response.

Seem like we have a clear winner

The Onkyo I had in the past (can't remember model) was a quite cheap one. The room calibration never really worked with that one and I struggled to get it to process bitstream. I was however satisfied with the sound- and picturequality. It was a while ago, though, and on a much cheaper machine, so I guess I shouldn't worry too much about it.
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Re: New receiver, which one?

Yes, The Onkyo 709 should be a fantastic choice, and good bang for the buck.

First thing a potential buyer should know these things get super hot. This is a trait of all Onkyo receivers. If you decide to go with the TX-NR709 make sure you have a well vented space and a draw out fan. If you do these 2 things you can increase the longevity of your investment. ** Now on to the cool stuff. This is one of the best receiver that I've purchased. The mic that comes with this thing makes setting it up a piece of cake. You should be able to tell a considerable difference after the Aud. mic has done it's thing. One of the features I utilized was hanging speakers for height sound. The few movies I've tried it on gave it new life. If you decide to do this a few movies to test it with are Jurassic Park, Ghost Rider, Predator, A Haunting In Coneticut, and Harry Potter. The loudness feature is awesome especially if your watching a movie at night. You won't have to worry about any wall shaking explosions. It lets you still hear alot of the detail in movie you would normally not hear with the system turned down. There is a few things I've not utilized yet the Wireless USB Network add on is something I might add on a little later. I don't listen to a whole lot of music and the movies I watch are on Blu Ray. I did alot of homework before buying this monster from talking to guys at Best Buy to reading stuff on the Internet. The reviews that I read were all positive and most experts we're blown away by this thing.
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Re: New receiver, which one?

Only thing I would add, spend the little extra for a model with pre outs and give yourself some future proofing. that is the only regret I have with my Onk. i didn't think that was an option I needed, so decided to save some money and get the cheaper model. A couple years later, and I want more power.

Your preferences will likely change as time goes by; make sure your equipment can change with you!
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