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Need Advice for Bass Shakers

I am pondering getting 2 aura bass shakers for my couch to add some effect to movies and music.
Thinking of these...

My main question is how best to power them with my current setup. I have a pioneer elite vsx-92txh receiver with a pair of paradigm monitor 7's... plus some jbl surrounds for 7.1

My subwoofer is home built powered by a Nady XA-900 hooked into the subwoofer output spot... I only see one subwoofer spot.

Anyway I don't want to sacrifice any power to the subwoofer, so I'd rather not use the Nady for the bass shakers as well as the subwoofer.

I'm willing to buy another amplifier.... maybe this one....

Or a different amplifier if you guys suggest something better.

So, I'm wondering if there is a way to hook up these bass shakers with my current setup without sacrificing any power or sound quality from the receiver or subwoofer amp (Nady).

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: Need Advice for Bass Shakers

Here's the link to pics of the subwoofer and Nady amp if curious.
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Just use a simply Y splitter on the sub pre out. As for amplification, I'd say go as cheap as you can. "noise" isn't really an issue with shakers, so high quality isn't really important in this application. I previously had a clark TST, and I powered it with a 20 year old receiver I found in my dad's garage. I never felt the need to upgrade.
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Re: Need Advice for Bass Shakers

Cool. That sounds easy. So buying a splitter will not decrease the signal or anything from the subwoofer?

Second question... do you think 2 of these will be enough for a 2-3 person couch?

And, now that I did some more research....

Which would be better... 2 aura bass shakers or one of those tactile transducers?


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Never used the auras, so I can't be sure. Look in the specs for a rated force per watt. I don't think the splitter will cause issues.
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Re: Need Advice for Bass Shakers

I favor the Auras over the Clark. Although I have not tried the most expensive Clark TST the cheaper ones did not work well in the basement (concrete floor). My friend, on the other hand, did try my Clarks at his house (elevated wooden floor) and it was a huge difference.

I like the Auras because they can be used with music, TV, and movies. My only complaint (with movies) is they do not play low for big subwoofer systems (Pros peak at 40Hz). I run seven of the Pros in my recliner and use a 350w plate amp to get the most out of them. If you are only running two you should be able to get away with a 150w or bigger plate amp.

Just my two cents hope it helps. Let me know if you need more info.


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Re: Need Advice for Bass Shakers

Fazorcat wrote: View Post
...Second question... do you think 2 of these will be enough for a 2-3 person couch?...
I have one Aura in my second row loveseat and it works well. I think you'd be okay with two although it's probably a personal preference thing.
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Re: Need Advice for Bass Shakers

I have 6 of Aura Bass Pros wired up to 3 seats. Love em. Definitely get them. Without going through great lengths, here's the quick and dirty:

1) Yes, you split the LFE line and run the signal to another amp.

2) You will want to buy a 50 hz low pass fmod from parts express and put that in your LFE line after the split. This limits the signal going to your bass shaker amp to 50Hz and below. We found that the experience without the fmod was as good... too much bass from music in movies was being reproduced by the bass shakers. The fmod helps to keep those shakers focused on rumbling what you want: gun shots, explosions, roar of motors, etc.

3) The bass shakers are 4 ohm devices, so you need to wire them in series so they match-up with your amp. Easy to do and a quick net search will show you how to do this if you aren't familiar with it.

4) I found my amp had trouble powering them... that is until I went into my amp's menu and cranked the bass output to +10. Now, the experience is perfect.

5) Mounting them is everything. They need to be mounted firing UP into your seat.

Here are two threads on a Polk Audio user forum where I detailed my install experience and trouble shooting (thread number 1)... thread number 2 is one in which I answered someone else's post about shakers. I'm 27dnast in the threads.

Thread 1:

Thread 2:

Oh... in answer to your final question... I would probably install 4 in a 2-3 person couch. Be prepared to add some wood mounting points if your couch doesn't have secure places to install them. I hope this all helps.
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Re: Need Advice for Bass Shakers

Thanks for the help guys. Well, I ended up trying the 209 clark and the amp i posted in the first post.... 150 watts bridged.

I mounted a board from front to back on the bottom middle of my couch, then mounted the clark to that.

Didn't shake enough for some reason, except if I turned everything up. I had to turn the reciever's sub output up to max, and then the amp up to max, and then still had to turn the volume up to get a fair amount of shaking. Not pleased with that result.

So I'm changing to the aura's and planning to send the clark back. I purchased 2 aura pros and they are on the way. Hoping that they are more efficient than the clark. I don't want to have to turn the system all the way up to get a little shake.

I will keep you posted.
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Re: Need Advice for Bass Shakers

Got the 2 aura pro's in the mail today. Hooked them up and still not 100% satisfied yet. They do seem to shake more than the single clark did, but I still have to turn the subwoofer channel level on the AVR all the way up, and then the shaker amp all the way up to get them shaking good.

I'm not a fan of turning amps up to the max.

I just don't get it, i read posts elsewhere from people saying that they are using a 70 watt plate amp with these and they are getting more shake than they need. And people say these shakers don't need much power.

I'm wondering if I need a bigger amp now or what?

Another question for you guys... how do you know when you've turned these shakers up to their max? With a speaker, you can kind of tell by excursion, but how do I tell with these?

I'm gonna call PE tomorrow and see what their experts say, but any more advice here is appreciated... or any recommendations on a different/better amp for these.

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