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Sean O
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Re: Looking for that fuller Home Theater sound

I hope that this helps.

LM Pic 1

LM Pic 2

LM Pic 3

LM Pic 4

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Re: Looking for that fuller Home Theater sound

For some reason your links didnít show up, but here they are:

LM Pic 1
Image: http://s11.postimage.org/5rzz8yg9t/LM_Pic_1.jpg
LM Pic 2
Image: http://s11.postimage.org/d996o65sx/LM_pic_2.jpg
LM Pic 3
Image: http://s11.postimage.org/gu527each/LM_Pic_3.jpg
LM Pic 4
Image: http://s11.postimage.org/80e5qandt/LM_Pic_4.jpg

Image: http://s9.postimage.org/4mdzksyod/LM_Layout.jpg

I do see a couple of potential problems. The first is that you appear to have mismatched subwoofers that are poorly located. Itís a common situation that when people upgrade their sub, their thinking is that two subs are better than one. However as this post shows, mismatched subs can actually perform worse combined than one good sub optimally tuned and equalized for the room.

Second, in most rooms the best sub performance Ė output and extension Ė is realized with the subwoofer in or near the corner. Often you get a response peak with corner placement, but its easily equalized.

The next thing that jumps at me is your rear speaker placement in relation to your seating. They are way too close; Iím sure youíre able to easily localize them. The sound would be much more enveloping if you move the sofa well away from the wall, and mount the speakers 6-7 ft. up on the wall and angle them towards the seating.

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Sean O
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Re: Looking for that fuller Home Theater sound

OK. Thank you everyone for your help. I used a little bit of everyone's suggestions. I moved the couch up closer to the TV and raised up the speakers in the rear. I moved my ED sub into the back corner. I then changed the crossover. Everything used to be the THX 80. My sub now goes up to 120 and my mains go down to 60. I also had some extra speaker wire so I Bi-Amped my front speakers. After all of this I ran the calibration software in order to get the correct speaker distances.

Everything sounds much better now. I used a clip from Transformers to test the before and after the switch. Thank you again for your help.
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Re: Looking for that fuller Home Theater sound

trevorv wrote: View Post

It is not snake oil, at least in my own experience. We install many high end HT's and 2 channel Tube systems. In just about every case the speakers produced much better bass and midrange with bi-wiring. The sound stage also opened up as well. With using quality speakers use quality cables and components. Some speaker crossover networks are designed to be bi-wired. I feel it would make a difference to his sound.

A quote,

"There is no physical reason why bi-wiring should improve a speaker's sound."

I've heard this sentiment repeated over the years by some very reputable sources. So why do many respected manufacturers continue to build speakers with two separate sets of input terminals explicitly for that purpose (that is, connecting a loudspeaker to an amp or receiver using two pairs of wire rather than the usual one)? Bi-wiring doesn't increase the power going to the speakers - it just doubles the number of cables connected to them. So what's the point?

According to many audiophiles and speaker companies, the answer's simple: it's the sound.

I decided to see (or rather hear) for myself if there was anything to this bi-wiring. Starting with a pair of four-way floor-standing towers I have at home, I disconnected the metal jumpers that joined the two sets of positive and negative terminals on the back of each speaker. Then I hooked up my two matching pairs of speaker wires between the speakers and my receiver. Once connected, I fired up the system to hear the results.

I was impressed.

Bass definition had clearly ratcheted up a couple of notches. Individual bass notes were much easier to distinguish, and they seemed to have taken on a fuller and rounder tone. High frequencies also improved greatly. The somewhat harsh brightness that I had always attributed to my speaker's metal dome tweeters disappeared - replaced by a smoothness and warmth I hadn't thought them capable of.

I performed the same experiment on a pair of high-quality two-way bookshelf speakers that I own. The results were similar although a bit more subtle.

The bottom line - even though I can't explain exactly why, bi-wiring worked surprisingly well in my system. If you have speakers that are compatible with a bi-wired connection, I would highly recommend that you give it a try. Happy listening.

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If I was a betting man, I would bet that if you'd open up your bi ampable speakers that all 4 binding post would be all going to 1 wire (probably 18AWG) to a single passive crossover.
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Tonydb, all I can tell you as that I've been to the Monitor Audio plant in China where there assembled and to England where they are designed and there are 2 crossover networks in the Silver, Gold, and Platinum series speakers. When I was a Dynaudio dealer I went to Denmark and they had up to 4 crossover networks in their higher end speakers. I can't speak for all brands but my guess is if they are a quality brand with bi-wiring capabilities it has at least 2 crossover networks. Some brands do not because of different philosophies. Monitor Audio and others don't sell speaker wire so what's the conspiracy theory behind bi-wiring, if they sold wire I could see the correlation, but since they don't what advantage do they have other than improving the sound?

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Re: Looking for that fuller Home Theater sound

trevorv wrote: View Post
...there are 2 crossover networks in the Silver, Gold, and Platinum series speakers. ...and they had up to 4 crossover networks in their higher end speakers....but my guess is if they are a quality brand with bi-wiring capabilities it has at least 2 crossover networks.
So where is the physical switch on the speakers that would be needed to switch between these different crossover networks?
The crossover network inside the speaker has no idea whether you are using the jumpers or if you are using 2 sets of wires.

***EDIT*** Or did I misunderstand the statement?
At first reading I understood it to mean that there were several different networks inside the speaker that would be changed depending on whether the speaker is being bi-wired or not. Now I think I understand correctly that all the networks are being used all the time.

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