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Suggestion for 5.1 speaker system


I am pretty novice in this area, so please pardon my ignorance and the confusion.

I am looking at 5.1 home theater system, for which following products have been shortlisted so far.

My usage would be watching movies and listening both video as well as stereo(2 channel) audio songs in a room which is around 15 * 12 feet in size. I am planning to plug my settop box and a blu-ray/DVD player with HDMI inputs to AVR.

I seem to be pretty much convinced with this AVR. Your suggestions are welcome though. I am limited on budget though Want to stay under 400$ or so.

For 5.1 speaker system I have big confusion.
One system I am heavily inclined, obviously due to price factor is this:

I think this is pretty nice deal, but would like to hear from experts so as to what I might miss. I feel the reduced price is due to its white color, if there are any other intricacies which I missed, please share.

Another system which is definitely not comparable and goes at least double in price is:

I understand these are completely different systems and different price-range but wanted to understand if its really worth to go for HKTS60 with that doubled amount.
What are the things that will be extra in HKTS60 compared to HKTS16?
I could see the power difference for speakers and the fact that HKTS60 has '2-1/2-Way, Dual-Driver Satellites' which includes CMMD Lite. Frankly speaking I couldnt understand what does that mean to me.

The 200W subwoofer looks same to me as I am just comparing the power.

So any comments regarding the merits of HKTS60 will be really helpful.

Apart from this, any suggestions regarding these shortlisted items or any other models/brands is definitely welcome.

I probably stayed with Harman Kardon because I do not have much exposure to the technicalities and wanted to stick to single manufacturer; but that is not really constraint.

Considering that I also looked at in-a-box solution by HK
The AVR here is not quite powerful I believe.

and Bose with Pioneer AVR - available at Costco only as a package. Their store has Acoustimass 6 + Pioneer VSX 822 at 800$, which also seems good deal.
And the online store has this one at 1200$

Thanks in advance,
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Re: Suggestion for 5.1 speaker system

You're not likely to find many Bose fans around here . . .

Putting together a good 5.1 speaker system and AVR for the prices you're looking at is going to be difficult. At a bare minimum, I would look to spend at least $1500. I know nothing about the quality of Harman Kardon speakers, but I suspect you could do a lot better with a little more investment.

For example, you could pick up 5 of the Hsu Research HB-1 MK2 speakers (or 4 HB-1 and 1 HC1 MK2 for center), plus an STF-1 or STF-2 subwoofer. This would set you back about $1100 - $1200 and it would be a step above anything else you're likely to find in the price range. I've not heard them personally, but I have read many good things about them, including that their value proposition is off the charts.

I don't have a problem with the Harman Kardon receiver, though I don't know much about it. It looks like it has a room EQ of some sort. If you were to go with a Denon receiver, you would likely be able to pick one up for not much more that has the well-respected Audyssey MultEQ room correction system.

I suspect you'll have a few more people chime in on this.

Edit: Wow, just saw that SVS has their small speakers going for half price! Check these out. Half the price of the the Hsu speakers I mentioned above. Not sure which will be better, but both are highly likely to be better than the HK or Bose speakers you mentioned.

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Re: Suggestion for 5.1 speaker system

HK still makes pretty solid electronics, but their speakers are little more than a sideline at this point so you should probably consider other options for those. Since you seem sure of the receiver it might be worth getting, but for speakers and a sub a few other options spring to mind...

With the exception of the Dayton all the subwoofers will be on the weak side, but that's to be expected for systems in this price range.


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Re: Suggestion for 5.1 speaker system

Here is a much better AVR

You have a decent size room so I would recommend larger speakers. In your price range

If there is some additional spending room you could buy the pioneer speakers without the sub and upgrade to:
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Re: Suggestion for 5.1 speaker system

Thanks a lot all for your valuable suggestions. Will go through these and share my findings.
Any more inputs are welcome
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Re: Suggestion for 5.1 speaker system

After hearing lot of inputs and also visit to bestbuy store, made me think highly about Denon AVR 1713, it has MultEQ XT.
Above suggested 'Onkyo TX-NR709' seems very nice receiver, but I am restricting the budget and moreover I do not really need 7.1.
Any inputs regarding 1713 are welcome.

If I go with 5.1 set, I would probably go with Energy Take classic or MonoPrice variant as suggested elsewhere.

I am considering getting the individual speakers as well.
Can you suggest descent ones to pair with Denon 1713, for room size around 15*12 feet?
What things should be kept in mind while getting the individual speakers for front, centre, surround and sub?
I am ok with not so loud sub

Thanks again for your inputs.
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Re: Suggestion for 5.1 speaker system

Going with the Denon 1713 is a good choice, mostly because it has MultiEQ XT.

As for the speakers, I'll second Andre's recommendation of the Pioneers. They are absolutely fantastic for the price. I'm pretty sure Fry's still has them on sale and if you don't have a Frys near you, you can print out their online ad and bring it in to Best Buy and get them to price match it. People are walking out of BB with the 5.0 set of towers, center and bookshelves for around $250. That is a steal. That will leave you with a decent amount to put toward a quality sub from Rythmik, SVS, PSA, HSU etc.

That combination will be much better than the Energy Take Classics/ Monoprice clone. Good luck with your search.
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Re: Suggestion for 5.1 speaker system

Finding a decent theater in a box can be a challenge. But, ultimately it's up to your ears, and your ears alone. I'd like to offer you an alternative to consider. Instead of buying a HTIAB (home theater in a box), consider buying the best pair of speakers and reciever you can in your budget and add on as you are able. It may not have to same sense of completion as an all in one package, but you will be much happier with it in the long run. If you were to buy some decent bookshelf speakers to start as your fronts, you could move those around to surrounds or surround backs if you buy floor standers, or just stick with nice bookshelf speakers if you have the right size room. Just a thought!
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Re: Suggestion for 5.1 speaker system

Thanks for your replies.

I think I am now very much inclined towards getting the bookshelf pair first. Also will see for the Fry's offer for Pioneer!
will update as I find something.
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Re: Suggestion for 5.1 speaker system

Those Pioneer speakers are worth many times more than the prices they are selling for now. Highly recommend trying to listen to them or any other speakers before buying. I have the 1st gen Pio speakers and simply love the way they sound in my room. As for subs, take a look at what SVS offers here

SVS PB1000 and SB1000 Subwoofers
SVS PC12-NSD Review

Best of luck,
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