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New help choosing equipment for a new Home Theater

Folks ( I am posting this in your section cause I have read a significant portion of your posts around diy screens today, feel that I know you guys a bit, trust, you and I also, during the day picked up a gallon of the Lowe's custom Dunn Edwards porpoise (seems a bit blue). I would ask that you respond within your realm of knowledge to the below. and thanks!

In the old days I would have read this forum top to bottom researching. Today I have a 4 year old and a 6 year old and do not have the time to do so.
I am building a 16 x 20 foot dedicated basement theater. The room is complete, the 7.1 wiring is in. I have insulated the walls from the rest of the basement and house. The room has no windows.

I need recommendations or your thoughts on the following:

1. a 1080P projector (< $3K, thinking about the Epson),
2. thinking about painting the screen ~ 100 to 110"(diy),
3. thinking about a new receiver with hdmi switching (have a Marantz SR6300 that I could use, maybe though it is only 5.1)
4. rears l/r (maybe in ceiling)

My fronts will be my old Polk LS50's (L/R) and a Polk CSI3 (C), and my new demo Paradigm ADP590s! will be surrounds.

Thanks for any help and comments.
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Re: New Theater - Help - I have kids

What's your screen budget? If you want a screen that's just about Bullet Proof, take a look at the laminate screens, still less than $100 and virtually indestructable.

For a painted screen, you'll want something that's more durable than just a flat finish, there are a few options in that area too.

Since you have a dedicated Theater room, I would be inclined to say Designer White. For paints, you can use either Behr Ultra Pure White (UPW) or Sherwin William's Luminous White. You'll either want to put a poly coating on or get a paint that you can clean. The poly isn't hard, but can be a bit tricky to ensure you don't have any roller marks. A matte finish would be better than the flat, you'd be able to wipe it off without the need of adding a poly coating.

There is also Rosco's OffBroadway White White, it is an outstanding white screen that is vinyl based and comes in a matte finish, but you'll have to check their store locator and see if there's anyone in your area that sells it. It's around $25-28 a gallon.

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Re: New Theater - Help - I have kids

my budget is 500 to 1000, but if I can get a screen that will mimic this same capability for $50 to $100 I am there. Thanks for the quick reply. I appreciate your comments.
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Re: New Theater - Help - I have kids

i use the dunn edwards porpoise - what lowes base did they mix it in for you? i bought mine in the valspar signature matte base 1.

the paint in the can, for me, is extremely void of color hue. on the wall it takes on what i think might look like a very slight blue hue but when i put the roller tray up to it it's that same neutral color as in the tray.

projecting against it has been superb for me with no hint of blue push (no purple lips on people et al) but if your mix does look a tad blue to you then a behr 780 poly top coat will knock that down some.

my porpoise mix numbers for 1 gallon in valspar singanture matte base 1 are:

101 - 16
104 - 2
105 - 14

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Re: New Theater - Help - I have kids

Hi Randy and welcome to the Shack!

I have moved this to General Discussion since you are asking about several different products. I also deleted the duplicate threads, which is against our Forum Rules.

You can create separate threads to ask about each item individually if you like and post those in the appropriate forums.

Cedar Creek Cinema

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Re: New Theater - Help - I have kids

as far as your receiver choice goes there are plenty.

best bang for the buck is still probably the onkyo 605 since it will upscale non hdmi sources to hdmi 720p. i prefer the next jump up though with the onkyo 805, yamaha rxv-861 and sony dg1100 et al.
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Re: New Theater - Help - I have kids

For 1080p projectors how about the Panasonic PT-AE2000U or the Sanyo PLV-Z2000. Both are under $3K and are rated highly.

If you're going for a new projector with HDMI 1.3 then you'd want to match up the reciever so it has it too. Not that deep color is really an issue yet, but you might as take advantage of the other features. I'm a Denon fan, but Onkyo does have a winner with the 805 (THX Ultra2 certified).
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Re: New Theater - Help - I have kids

rpollycheck wrote: View Post
my budget is 500 to 1000
Check out Carada. They are pretty good and fall within your price range. I built a screen using white Formica and love the way it looks. I had it projecting on a wall before then and noticed a huge improvement afterwards.
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Re: New Theater - Help - I have kids

Hi and welcome to the Shack, I know where you are coming from as I have 5 girls so it gets tough to find time for lots of things.
About the in ceiling speakers, that will not work for surrounds as the sound is fired downward and thus just hitting the floor rather than filling the room with sound. Your best option if you must conceal speakers is to place in-wall speakers at the rear of the room. If the rear wall is to far back or non exsistant then your going to have to place bookshelf speakers behind the rear listening positions.

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Building 7.1 Home Theater System: Need Help

System rocks already, being driven by older Onkyo 5.1 receiver

Fronts are LS-50 old Polk Reference
Center is Polk CSi-3
Sides are Paradigm ADP-590's

?? looking at spending about 500 for a sub; possibly HTU? or SVS
?? also need help for in-ceiling rears, l and r

Looking to spend enough for high-end quality, will be driven by new receiver; Denon, Marantz, Onkyo, 110 Watts/channel, will eventually spend $800 to 1K for the new receiver

Epson 1080P Pro projector now, homemade screen

thanks for helping


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