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Re: need more output

informel wrote: View Post
Funny that you mention that, I was just reading the tutorial on Audeyssy setup and no I did it completely wrong (I will also rerun it at home)
That will probably make a huge difference as well. Its one of the biggest mistakes people make is not doing it right and the sound will suffer. Make sure you read all 8 positions even if you have to place the mic in the same position more than once, just move it to the left and right a foot.

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Re: need more output

^^^ Agreed, re-run Audyssey with all 8 mic positions. But, first put the speakers in their correct positions - expecially the center. As mentioned, also pull the L/R away from the walls. Thier front baffles should also be in front of the plane of the Media Center Rack. It would be great to have a picture of the room and equipment if you are able to give that.

You didn't mention if they had a coffee table in between the front/center speaker and the listening area (couch, chair). That would also be one thing to eliminate.

One other thing. You mentioned your friend will not wear a hearing aid. That's fine. Just keep another thing in mind. After running Audyssey, always choose the Audyssey curve and not the 'Flat' curve. The Audyssey curve tapers off above 10K Hz. If you use the flat curve at extremely high levels, it won't only be ear-piercing but can blow your tweeters. Just a thought...


Happy Listening!!! Listen with an open mind and heart!!!
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Re: need more output

When you finish the calibration, check to see if there is still a problem with dialogue. If so, then it is just a matter of raising the level of the center channel manually, leaving the other channels alone.
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Re: need more output

When in Dolby surround mode, I can hardly hear my center speaker. Really just have 3 options: Either listen in 'all stereo' mode, or get a very large center speaker. A tall band PA speaker with 4-10" drivers, or 4-12" would do. Last option is a separate center channel amp. The main problem is Dolby and sound engineers don't boost center channel enough. If you're watching a program with heavy music and effects, dialogue will suffer.
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Re: need more output

I have to think that a lot of what is being recommended here, while correct in the general sense, is wrong in your situation. If your wife has problems hearing the dialog, that’s all in the center channel. Moving the left and right speakers around isn’t going to help that at all. And if your room acoustics were all that bad, you’d be complaining about a dialogue-intelligibility problem, not just your wife. Also, Audyssey is designed to smooth out frequency response, not to give an assist people who might have deficiencies in their hearing at certain frequencies, so it might be making the problem worse, at least where the center channel is concerned.

Your center speaker is very likely generating an unnatural boost in the 150-300 Hz range, due to resonances caused by the cabinet you have it in. Excessive energy in this frequency range can do a lot to muddy up voices, especially male voices. I had the same problem in my system and had to apply a fairly broad and deep cut at 205 Hz to restore frequency balance.

If you can correct that, either with Audyssey or manual equalization, and it doesn’t help, I’d next try a boost of a few dB in the 2-4 kHz range. This would serve to emphasize the dialogue and make it “stand out” a bit more. As fmw suggested, simply turning up the center speaker a bit will help as well.

Keep in mind that a solution that gets your wife what she needs may well end up with sound that you’re unhappy with.

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Re: need more output

I recently went deaf in one ear. My human speech recognition is cut nearly half what it was. When I watch TV, I'm forced to put the receiver in all channel stereo to hear speech. The biggest thing that helped me was wearing wireless headphones. Your wife might want to give them a try. Found mine for around $25.
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Re: need more output

thanks all for your suggestions, I did not have much time to visit my friend lately, but will try to see him next week.

I have an SPL meter from Radio Shack (uncalibrated) and that might be enought to check for frequency response, I will probably buy a calibrated microphone in the near furtur to make more precise mesearement.

note: this is not my wife but my friend's wife.
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Hi: this is an important discussion. In my opinion, ANY horizontally oriented center channel speaker is going to involve significant compromises, primarily in frequency response and issues such as comb filtering. I had an expensive center channel speaker and after experimenting with a "phantom" center, could not tell the difference, so I sold the center. Still, I think there's a superior solution, it involves extra expense, but in my opinion, it's worth it: running dual vertical centers with your best 2 speakers. This does several things: allows the center to go lower(in frequency response), allows a much wider sweet spot, greatly improves dialogue intelligibility and devotes more of your resources toward the most critical channel. You do need an extra amp for this, and you will need to split your center channel's output, but I think it's worth experimenting with. Anyone else interested I trying this approach?
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Re: need more output

There are AVR settings which will reduce the maximum possible volume (according to my Onkyo TX-SR706 manual):

--Check to see if Maximum Volume has been set. There is an option in VOLUME SETUP that can limit the maximum volume, make sure this is "Off".

--"After the Automatic Speaker Setup function has been run,....the maximum volume may be reduced."

--"When the 'Equalizer Settings' is set to 'Audessey', the maximum possible volume is reduced by 6dB."
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Re: need more output

Just go into the room calibration software and boost the center channel by 5 or 6 db. It is as simple as that.
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