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Need help on a Denon Receiver & Klipsch Speakers

Well it's been a while since I have been on this site. There was a point in time when I was researching and researching my tail off for months at home and at work. I was obsessed. Well, I have lost ALOT of what I had learned and all of my bookmarks since then. So I need help.

One thing I know, is I am in love with Kplisch. I have always wanted a Klipsch speakers and noted that I wanted the following:

Front Floor Speakers: Klipsch RF-82 II - $600
Center: Klipsch RC-62 II - $400
Rear Surround: Klipsch RS-42 II - $215
Subwoofer: ???

Since 2010, I have thought about buying a subwoofer I used in my truck that alot of people use in their home theater system. Originally, I was going to use both of the subs from my truck, but unfortunately, the screws stripped out of the box and the subwoofers fell out and were halfway sitting on the floor of the cab of my truck. So I'm thinking about buying a TC Sounds TC2+ 12" subwoofer. They are excellent for both car audio and home theater use. They dig down low and have EXCELLENT Sound Quality. I'm not sure if anyone on here has heard of them or used them. They are rated for 500wrms, so I would have to find a pretty expensive amp. I guess this would have to be a project later on down the road and would just have to buy a 10 or a 12 to get me by for now.

As for the rear surround speakers, I like the idea of 2 drivers on one speaker enclosure per side like the Reference Series has a driver on one side of the box and another driver on the other side. This eliminates having to aim the speakers. The speakers would butt up against the corner of the room up high with both drivers firing in the right direction so everyone in the room can hear them on my 20ft monster sectional suede couch

Cost of Speakers: $1215
Denon Receiver: $899
Cost of Subwoofer: Unknown

Total Cost without Subwoofer: $2144

So I am a bit over budget, but these are my dream speakers. :-(

So I believe that was 3 years ago. I am... well I hate the word as it's so negative, so I wont use it.. I'll use the word... not working... Due to medical reasons from a car accident several years ago where my injuries have begun to affect me now as the injuries have taken their toll on me

My uncle, who has plenty of money, but has no idea how much this sort of technology cost, wants a home theater system for his man cave. So I just so happened to have my entire home theater system with me in my Nissan Armada as I was moving everything to my storage. I decided to set it up in his house to see how he liked it. The receiver is great, the speakers aren't and the subwoofer is above good.

It consist of:

Denon AVR-700
Speakers are from a HTIB I got 7 years ago for about a grand. They are Panasonic speakers. Front's are floor standing with a stand and the other speakers are bookshelf type speakers for the front and rear and then the center channel, but gets the job done.
Subwoofer is a Pioneer 8" powered sub and sounds pretty great for an 8" sub and is enough for him.

So he really likes it and wants to buy it. I'm trying to come up with a figure. I know I can squeeze out more money out of this system than it's worth. I know he's family, but he has no bills and can afford it, but I don't want to go too far with it. So I'm trying to sell it so I can upgrade my Home Theater System to a new Denon Receiver and Kplisch speakers. I'm thinking roughly $1800 including the professional installation I did, 100ft of very expensive OFC speaker wire, HDMI cables. He didn't have High Definition, so I called his cable company, requested an HD Box and got HD service AND actually reduced his bill by $12 a month. So he got an HD Box for free, HD Service for Free and $12 a month of his bill. So he's saving over $40 a month on his bill; $480 a month.

Ok, sorry for that write up. Probably useless

So I have roughly a $1500 - $1800 budget

I want a Denon Receiver. I want a Denon AVR-X4311CI. I found one on Ebay with a Warranty for $889 - Free Shipping. Is it worth it for the Denon X4000? Do I really need it? Or should I just go with the X3311CI? (The X3000 has only 105w per channel as the X3311CI has 125w per channel) I like the X4311CI, because it has 140w per channel and the MSRP is the same as the X4000 with only 7 channels and 125w per channel.

So I guess that leaves me with $1000 for speakers.

Kplisch has a Reference Line that I suppose fits into that category. I'd prefer to pick out my own subwoofer as I want a 10" or a 12", maybe a 15" subwoofer with alot of power. The Pioneer subwoofer I have is pretty good so I could go with a 10" Pioneer powered subwoofer.

So I need some help on this. It's ok if the speakers aren't the newest model lineup.

Sorry for the lengthy post.

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Re: Need help on a Denon Receiver & Klipsch Speakers

Couple suggestions.

First, it's tough to know the value of your old system and what to charge your uncle. IMO he's family so give him a deal.

Next, check out They carry lots of Denon receivers at a discount (factory refurb). Many of our members have had good experiences with the site. If I were going to go with a Denon, I'd choose the AVR-X4000 (or X2000 depending on budget). They have good power ratings and tons of features.

As far as subs go, check out our DIY sub forum here. You should be able to find several builds using TC Sounds drivers, and lots of suggestions for amps to use. Our DIY forum is great and you'll typically get much more bang for your buck with a DIY project if you have the tools. If you're going to buy something off the shelf I would suggest a budget of at least $500-$600 for a sub, based on what you have planned for speakers and receiver. SVS and Power Sound Audio subs are both great values.

Based on your budget I would recommend starting with one of the "RB" speakers from the reference series. The RF-82 would indeed be a great choice but would quickly blow through your budget.
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Re: Need help on a Denon Receiver & Klipsch Speakers

Don't cheat your family... How would you like it if your dad sold you something for more than it was worth? IMO if you are going to sell it to a family member you should always give them a better deal than you could sell it for on the street, no matter how much they can afford. If you want to sell it for max cash then sell it to someone you don't know.


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7 year old HTIB speakers and a AVR not listed on Denon's website and you're on here talking about gouging a unsuspecting relative?????
That's bad karma dude.
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Re: Need help on a Denon Receiver & Klipsch Speakers

I would use the value my uncle uses: Never sell anything to family or rent (you never know what could happen). My Uncle used to have a ton of rental properties as well as cars for sale but he would never ever sell or rent to family for the sake of it falling back on him.
I take that value to heart now as I know why his motto was as such, I wouldn't want some one from family to feal cheated. Guess what i'm trying to say is give the system to him for what he offers or less then half what you paid for it.
Just my thoughts and feelings.
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If your uncle is a smart enough man to have wealth, he will be a smart enough man to realize at least to an extent what he's getting; unless of course he has full trust in you and wouldn't second guess looking into what he's purchasing for what cost. Then that's just cheating an oblivious person, an oblivious family member.. Kinda sounds bad when you out it in perspective huh? I agree to everyone here, either sell it to someone else, or give him an offer you would expect from family..
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Let me elaborate on my comment made about how much I am chargining him. I am selling him everything the same as I would anyone else, since I spent many hours installing everything. It was installed like a professional would have instald iice I m retinist an I am MECP Certified in Car Audio Installations. So whether charging him for the installation, I am selling everything to him at full price instead of selling everything to him at a discounted price + installation; which I spent from 10:00 at night to 5:00 in the morning, taking a few breaks, but everything from the professional OFC 14 gauge wires, expensive Monster RCA cables, HDMI Cables, etc... to setting up the Denon Receiver with using the Denon Microphone to set up 4 different seating/listening positions, advanced settings, EQ'd the speakers, setup his remote for all of his accessory sources, set up his XBox 360, XBox Live Account, Ethernet Cable ran from inside his house to his mancave, set up his VCR/DVD Combo (Why he wanted it, I have no idea) etc...

So I did alot on this professional installation (no wires are visable also), plus the fact that I got him a High Definition Receiver, HD Service for free and lowered his bill as I stated above, which ended up putting a great deal amount of money by talking to his cable company for over an hour. Plus he has more than enough money to where I don't have to lose money just because he's family. I'm honestly not at all that close to him, but I'm still not overcharging him. Just wanted to make that clear.

So now that's out of the way, even though I'm not quite sure why it had to be pointed out to me, I still need help on my speakers, Denon Receiver and subwoofer on my budget. I still want Klipsch speakers; preferrably with floor standing speakers and for my rear surround speakers, I wana 2 way system where one speaker is on one side and the other speaker on the other side like the Klipsch RS-42 & the RS-52 surround speakers as seen here:



I'm only looking for a 5.1 surround sound system in the meantime. Later, I will look into a 9.1 or 9.2 system.

If I can't get a full set of Klipsch speakers on my budget, would it be ok if I spent my money on the center speaker and floor standing speakers and then buy my surround speakers and subwoofer on lower, budget series or mix it up with another brand in the meantime for the other speakers?

The surround sound setup I really want is the Klipsch RF-82 II Home Theater System with:
(2) RF-82 II Floorstanding Speakers
(1) RC-62 II Center Speaker
(2) RS-52 II Surround Speakers

Is the SW-115 Subwoofer worth the cost? I was happy with the performance out of the Pioneer 8" Home Theater Subwoofer I had for being an 8". It wasn't crazy loud, but it got the job done, for a small-medium sized room. I want to go with a 12" or a 15" subwoofer, but don't want to overpay for them. I'm a very experienced car audio installer and enthusiast, so I know in the car audio world; subwoofer quality and size makes a worlds amount of difference in sound quality and loudness (SQ & SPL.) In the HT world, is that the same case? As in is it as important for subwoofers as it is for HT as it is for car audio? I can see how there would be more leniency in the HT world, as long as I'm not spending several thousands of dollars on my HT setup.

My car audio system consist of Focal Utopia 6W2 6.75" Component Speakers in the front, Focal K2P 6.75" Component Speakers in the rear and FOUR Sundown Audio SA-8 V.2 Stock SPL modified to handle 1000wrms, maybe more, from 600wrms stock power handling with different swapped out voice coils, swapped out the spider packs and added 2 more for more power handling and better low end frequency response off of 2 1800wrms amps. My Focals will be powered by two 4 channel amplifiers that will either be bridged for 360wrms x's for the Utopias and 280wrms -'s 2 for the K2P's or will ditch the passive Focal Crossovers and go active. All running off of JVC's flagship model KW-NT800HDT, which I haven't installed my new one yet (had to send my previous 800HDT, because it was damaged in a rollover accident. Was replaced for free! And its not refurbished. Love this Navigation, but I want to sell it so I can get Pioneer's flagship Navigation because it has a feature I want; Accepts Android Smartphones. It's the only one I'm aware of that doesn't accept iPhones ONLY. If interested, PM me.

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Check new eggs sale on the Klipsch synergy series. Don't know anything about them but they are cheap and available.
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Thanks. I'll checkout NewEgg. I'm also looking at Ebay from a reputable dealer who has 99-100% Positive Feedback Rating or maybe a set of used speakers. I want to buy just the speakers and buy the subwoofer separetly, because I want to buy the subwoofer I want.

I'm looking at their Synergy Series. I would have to ditch the fact that I want the RS-41 II or RS-52 II Surround Speakers.

Does anyone have any experience with Klipsch's Reference Series or their Synergy Series? Unfortunately, I can't go demo this anywhere unless I find a good home theater place when I travel back to Dallas. Even then, I have found that demo rooms aren't EQ'd for each of the speakers on the switchboard if any EQ'ing has been done at all, it was probably EQ'd for one set of speakers and the other set of speakers on the switchboard are out of EQ'd balance. I'd have to find a good shop where they have a separate receiver for each Surround Sound Speaker setup

jamesfrazier wrote: View Post
Check new eggs sale on the Klipsch synergy series. Don't know anything about them but they are cheap and available.
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Re: Need help on a Denon Receiver & Klipsch Speakers

I had both types of Klipsch speakers that you machined and I personally wouldn't go for the synergy the reference series are the better performers by far
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