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Re: Elite Screens Giveaway Qualification Thread!

Hi Everyone.
Just wanted to Thank The Shack for a very nice giveaway offer! Thanks Shack!

I'm interested in the Elite Electric Screen. I'm getting very close to ordering my very first PJ and the Elite Electric is on my short list. My plans would be to mount it in front of my current old Toshiba 51" CRT for movies and sports. Its been a long haul getting to the point where I am now with my current setup. I have no stories to offer why I deserve the screen other than it has taken me a long very time to obtain what I have now. Extra things like a HT are a luxury in my family so obtaining things like this is hard to come by. Ive always hoped my gear would not become obsolete before I got everything. Kinda like the Champagne taste on a beer budget theory. If it wasn't for the DIY community here at The Shack I would not be where I am today nor would I have what I currently own. I don't believe in posting alot of the same questions over again and prefer to use the Search Button as much as possible, hence my low post count. But if it wasn't for all the experts here taking their time to post such wonderful information, id be lost. Especially in the REW and DIY Sub forums, where I spent alot of time researching.

So here is a pic of where id like to put the Elite Electric screen. A place where we get lots of family time. And thanks alot for your consideration to have a chance at owning it.


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Re: Elite Screens Giveaway Qualification Thread!

I have been wanting to move to a projection system for a long time! Either one of these screens would be perfect for my room. If I was to receive the Fixed Frame screen I would just give away my RPTV and if I were to get the drop down screen I would set it up to drop down in front of the RPTV and continue to use it for TV only.

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Re: Elite Screens Giveaway Qualification Thread!

I would love to win the EZ Electric VMAX100UWH2 100" 16x9. Our kids are (mostly) gone and my wife and I remodeled our HT this year. Unfortunately, we did it based on a plasma, when in retrospect, we should have gone with a full blown projector system.

If I win the electric screen, I believe I can convince her to let me purchase a PJ and set up the room properly. We are currently trying to purchase theater seating, so our budget for a video upgrade is limited. As you can see from the photos, the electric screen would be perfect droping down in front of the plasma for a real theater experince.

Our son and daughter may even stick around to watch movies with us once in a while! The screen would go a LONG way toward promoting family bonding. (Even our dogs would be happier.) Thanks for this opportunity and please help us with this goal!

Steve in S.C.
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Re: Elite Screens Giveaway Qualification Thread!

Well forget Burger King, I love THIS place. Thanks for the great opportunity at a new screen.

Here is my entry for the 100" fixed screen. As you can see there is much work to be done. The dedicated theater is in the back left corner of the house, behind the third car garage, and will be 12'x18' with a 9' ceiling. The screen would be mounted on the back wall of the house. In our current house I'm projecting onto a wall painted with Behr paint, but a new screen would be a much improved addition to a new theater.
I'm also planning some audio upgrades, and we just purchased 6 theater seats for the new room.
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Re: Elite Screens Giveaway Qualification Thread!

Ever since my back surgery my theater room has been left unfinished. Now 7 months have gone by and my wife and my daughter are ready to burn me at the stake. Everyday I am asked when it will be done. They keep threatening to watch the movies I was saving for the theater room on our 27 inch TV. (NO!!! THE HORROR!!!) They forget that I was not capable to doing much during my recovery.

You would be really helping a guy out if you deside to select me as one of the screen winners. Money is tight from being off work for so long. The money I save can help me finish the room. If I hang a screen on the wall I think they will see that it is all coming together.

The fixed screen is my first choice. However, I will take either.
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Re: Elite Screens Giveaway Qualification Thread!

I'd definitely like to throw my hat in the ring for this one! I would be happy with either screen as the centerpiece of my home-theater room, but my preference would be the electric one.

I've performed most of the work for my home theater. From the design, framing, sheet rock, painting, wiring, electrical etc. Even the shelves and AV rack. Most of my gear was bought 2nd hand, or after some time waiting for sales. On a one income family of 4, there wasn't any choice!

I was on track to replace my "screen" (which is currently a white bed sheet); I had the base material (a white doable 4x8 board) and all the correct wet ingredients to mix a Scorpion DIY mixture (a combination of Cream&Sugar and Black Widow), care of the friendly DIY screen experts here. Unfortunately, my 4 year old jumped on it while it was rolled up and now the doable board has a crease down the middle. Thankfully this contest showed up!

I would really like to have a nice screen and not spend a lot more time on this crowning part. Most importantly, the WIFE would really like to see an end to the home theater project that has now consumed my life for the past ?? years and spend some time with the family and friends enjoying the room rather than working on it. I'm sure they will be even more impressed with an Elite screen than the extra bed sheet I currently use.

Note: IF I were to win one of the screens, I would then have no need for my DIY Scorpion wet ingredients. I'd be happy to spread the holiday joy by forwarding on what ingredients may be hard to come by for others (assuming they are shippable by UPS).
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Re: Elite Screens Giveaway Qualification Thread!

And the winners are...?
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Re: Elite Screens Giveaway Qualification Thread!

Yeah... we had a few hanging chads, so we have to recount.

Actually we are waiting for all the votes to come in. We will cut these off in the morning and announce the winner tomorrow.

Cedar Creek Cinema

PremierHomeAudio: Denon, Marantz, Onkyo, Yamaha, Sony, Pioneer, Def Tech and more. Shoot me a PM!
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Re: Elite Screens Giveaway Qualification Thread!

this will be interesting = who will win !?

i would enter, but :

i never win anything.
i allready have a descent screen, diy.
i want a 120"ish.

good luck to those who entered
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