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Re: Movie theaters, Are they dying?

Movie ticket prices haven't hiked in South Florida in a while, but I think that might be cause they're still as busy as ever. The theaters down here have a steady flow of customers. Most are very well maintained, and there's even one, kinda mom-and-pop theater that used to be really nasty that's really been getting an upgrade. At least in South Florida, theaters will probably be around for a really, really long time.
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Re: Movie theaters, Are they dying?

No such thing as a good theater in my area right now. But there is a new one being built that promises to be a radical improvement. Even so, I have no intention to go the the theater except for very special reasons. For example: my dad actually likes the Transformer movie and he would like to see the new one coming out next year. Well, the only way we can watch movies in any feasible manner is to go to a theater, so by that reason, I will be going again(and probably gain in 2 more years when number 3 comes out).

Personally, I have better image quality at home. I have better seating at home. I have better food at home. I don't know if my sound is as good really, as I don't have any kind of special sound system on my plasma, just a couple of old economic tower retail speakers from years ago. I have extremely high grade sound systems for music purposes, such as in my dedicated listening room and my special audio monitoring system for computer audio use, but I have put no effort at all into sound for movies or television, as I just don't care much about movie soundtracks. On top of these things, I happen to hate tolerating the people at the theaters. All it takes is one undisciplined kid(more and more common in modern days) or rude adult to destroy the experience.

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Re: Movie theaters, Are they dying?

I would say it is hard to pass up the peace and quite of home, watching the movie at your own starting time, pausing the movie for a break, the image and sound quality available at home nowadays, and if you have a popcorn machine from someone like Ultimate Home Entertainment, well... it is as good and in most cases better than any movie theater popcorn I have ever eaten.

Cedar Creek Cinema

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Re: Movie theaters, Are they dying?

WmAx wrote: View Post
I have better food at home.
And I'll bet cheaper, too!

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Re: Movie theaters, Are they dying?

Are movies theatres, dying?
Only time will tell. As from the comments received, mostly are negative side of it.
Yet, we still see the theatre around! The numbers of theatres in the good old days were many, but currently only a hand full still survive.In my areas, the number have not grown and is stagnant.
The theatres depend on the quality movies such as box offices to draw in the crowd, but recently such quality movies are hard to come by. The recent 007 Quantum of Solace was a big disappointment! Couple with the gloom economy worldwide,it is a matter of time we will know the answer to the above whether the theatres are dying?
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Re: Movie theaters, Are they dying?

Again, back to the quality available...

Movie theaters show third generation prints or prints derived from a digital
intermediate. The best quality in this analog format is copies made directly
from the camera negative which is what all cinemas exhibited until 1968.
The prints they make today are too far removed from the camera negative
and look it.

Most video transfer houses master the film directly off the camera negative.
So it's better than first generation, it's the actual stock that was exposed in the
camera which has the finest grain structure and resolution. While a blu ray
derived from it cannot be blown up to a 40 foot theater screen size without
seeing pixels, the typical home theater screen is between 8 to 10 feet wide
and you won't see any pixelation so the image quality is superior than what
is available in the megaplexes. And you can tweak the image in the menu
of your DLP to get the perfect brightness, color saturation and contrast for
your home theater. A movie is what it is and cannot be improved upon.

The sound quality is more difficult to guage since they use different formats
and mixes. A digital track is six channel and a Dolby track 4 channel on the
release prints. Both sound different. Blu rays and standard DVDs use the
5.1 format which is adapted from the six track mix. The advantage at home
is that you can customize your sound field to work ideally with your seating.
In a cinema it's always a compromise based on where you sit and the size
of the theater itself.

What would improve the quality of prints in cinemas? 70mm and 35mm dye
transfer (Technicolor) release copies both of which have a unique look that
cannot be duplicated digitally. Cinerama curved screen projection. But these
formats have been abandoned and the high speed Eastmancolor copies shown
in cinemas are inferior to what you can see at home. The only reason to go to
a theater now is to experience watching a movie with a large audience, not for
the quality of the projection.

Assuming anyone is actually in the theater this doesn't appeal to me either
because the few times I do attend, people are talking and taking cell phone
calls which is very distracting as are the 15 minutes of commercials before
the feature starts. The cost of two tickets is the same as buying a standard
DVD. If you add concessions, the cost is the same as buying a blu ray so
financially it doesn't make sense to see a new film in a megaplex unless it's
one of those pictures that is so controversial or intriquing you don't want to
wait a few months to screen it. There aren't too many contemporary films
that fall into that category for me.

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Re: Movie theaters, Are they dying?

You touch on some very important points there about how it was. I would like to add to how it was.

In the theater I used to go growing up, it was very different then it is nowadays. This theater went out of business in a mall where people mostly went to shop and not see movies. It was replaced with a Abercrombie & Fitch later. My town was very small then a poplulation of only around 70,000 and is now more over 150,000 or so. Back then we knew the staff at the theater. They would tell us when we got origanal prints, they had upgraded some kind of equipment or if they were trying something new. The staff would even let me in the theater before films were ready to be shown, show me how they were upgrading the acoustics in the theater when it was closed etc. They would check the focus and setup the projector while the audience would enter. No commercials. Then someone would walk up to the screen as the movie would start to check the picture and make final adjustments. The staff was so nice that they would show me where they would prefer to sit. They would even recommend a movie to see in all honesty at the ticket booth and they had seen them all. At the begining of the movie the manager would talk to us asking us to please be respectful etc with a full house always and everyone would be silent. At the end the audience would clap and exclaim their enthusiam often in tears. Sounds like something out of dream now I know, but that was the way it used to be.
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Re: Movie theaters, Are they dying?

Yes, I recall those days of showmanship. At our local theater, Beach Cinema, which
was the only place in Westchester that had 70mm projectors, they offered free coffee
at nights on the weekend. I went to some of the large curved screen houses in New
York City including the Cinerama and Rivoli. The Roadshows were quite
spectacular with overtures and intermissions. It was like attending a Broadway play
and audiences reacted to the this type of presentation and were well behaved if
not in awe at their surroundings.

I suppose contemporary megaplexes are still places for teenagers to take dates to or for adults to gather and on a limited basis share the moviegoing experience but the
concept that theaters are an optimum presentation of a movie seems to be
gone. It's not 'the' way to see the director's vision, just one of many types of presentations and certainly not the best.

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Re: Movie theaters, Are they dying?

My main theater has been stuck in the dark ages with the picture quality. After watching many different movies in Blu-ray on the LCD, even at only 42", it is almost painful to go to the theater and watch the blury picture. I don't even think the sound quality is quite there either. We have a more recent theater within a 40minute to an hour drive, but who wants to do that. Luckily our prices have not gone up much in the last 30 years. mostly it is around $7.50/person. I usually go on the weekend mornings when it is $4. I look forward to seeing certain movies, like the upcoming Star Trek movie, but I figure it will be only so-so in my theater. I don't care how big it is in my theater when it doesn't look as clear as my 42" LCD in 1080p.

If most theaters are like mine (I used to work there), most money is made on concessions. Which leads me to my other problem with theaters: who wants to pay that much for food? I mean $3 for a large soda that would cost $1.10 at a convenience store. Or $3 for a box of Raisinettes that really isn't the same portion that it used to be. I luckily have a movie card that got me a free large popcorn and large drink when I went over the weekend. I only spent about $30 for tickets/concessions for 3 of us.
I could have waited and bought the blu-ray for $24 and watched it over and over again in much better quality.
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Re: Movie theaters, Are they dying?

I hear you.

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