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Favorite DVDs of 2006 so far

What are some of your favorite DVDs so far this year?

I really enjoyed seeing King Kong again on DVD, as the theater I saw it in had horrible sound with no bass. I know a lot of people nitpick about this movie, but for me it was great entertainment. Sounded great at -5 to -7 RL or so.

Zathura was great entertainment for watching with the kids. I got up to about -5 below RL for this one, and it sounded great.

I really enjoyed Everything Is Illuminated, as a movie. The picture quality was great after the first 20 minutes or so, and it had a great, diverse soundtrack. But the story is what I enjoyed most about it. I also enjoyed The Squid and the Whale, another indie film with a great story.

I loved HP4 (I have a 7yo daughter, and got into the films because of her a few years back). The PQ was a bit iffy, but it sounded great at -5 or so.

A History of Violence was a disappointment for me, as far as the story goes. I was also disappointed with Serenity, the story anyway (and I like SF!).

I'm still waiting to see Brokeback Mountain, Jarhead, Capote, and Pride and Prejudice -- I'm on Netflix, so what can I say. I have Walk the Line and Match Point at home right now, waiting to watch this weekend.

What else am I missing for 2006 DVD releases?
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Re: Favorite DVDs of 2006 so far

King Kong would be my favorite for the year thus far. I know there's been mixed emotions about it but I just plain out like it.

On the softer side I really like Just Like Heaven. It's rare I like romantic comedys but this one I thought worthy.

One that somewhat surprised me was In The Mix. Just a rental but I actually liked it. Not so fond of the hip hop but I was surprised at how well Usher could act.

The New World is one I think I'm gonna like.

I also have Walk the Line and Chronicles of Narnia in my stash of yet to watch DVD's. Our daughter has watched both several times and loves them. I think her and my niece have watched Walk the Line about 5 times.

I did the Netflix thingy but after a few months I had seen all I wanted to see at the time, so my subscription is on hold until I can select enough to make it worthy.

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Re: Favorite DVDs of 2006 so far

Cyber, it seems that every movie I see in the theaters just cant compare to my HT. You get so used to your own killer bass that nothing compares The bass always seems too "lean" for me in most average theaters. NEver did get a chance to see king kong in the theaters but I got a bonus today at work, so it'll be next on my shopping list Along with WOTW (which I haven't seen yet).

Oh and dont get me started on Usher

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Re: Favorite DVDs of 2006 so far

You people have Walk the Line at home and have not seen it? I am waiting for it to be released in Europe on DVD and have it on order. It was a movie that I really enjoyed, both leads were pretty amazing and the music is great! Just my 0.02c
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Re: Favorite DVDs of 2006 so far

Both 'Walk the Line' and 'Chronicals of Narnia' are great movies. I also really liked watching 'King Kong'. I did not see KK in the theater, so I really enjoyed seeing at home on our home theater.


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Re: Favorite DVDs of 2006 so far

A couple of movies that I didn't see were Batman Begins and Kung Fu Hustle.

Those could be the best movies I've seen during the last year.

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Re: Favorite DVDs of 2006 so far

now that I think about it I don't know that I have seen any new releases in the last few months. I have been catching up some classic "must-sees" of the Home Theater realm. ie: LOTR's all 3, WOW, Hero, BHD, M&C, U-571, SW I, II, III, etc. I have been using Netflix for oddball out of the way type movies and rarely get new releases from them. I loaded up the queue with a couple hundred movies about 1 1/2 years ago and really haven't touched it since. When I get home it is always a surprise as to what I get. I had about 15 total DVD's last December and now I have well over 100, so I have spent a lot of time re-watching many of my all time favorites. My parents got me King Kong for an easter present (ma still does goofy stuff like that, I guess her way of still being a Mom) but I haven't seen them in over a month. i invited them over to dinner next week as I will be out of town on mother's day again this year--kind of becoming a trend with me. Why do they put that day in MAY--its too good of weather to stay home. Anyway I digress, some of the recent movies I have seen are Hitchhiker's guide to the Universe--not nearly as bad as I expected--enough funny little parts to keep me entertained. Plus, the massage I received from my sub because of this movie kept the enjoyment factor up.
Ray--I definately see why Jamie Foxx won the oscar for that--great job and an enjoyable movie.
Didn't get a chance to see walk the line--I had it for a few days, the girlfriend was a bit disapointed though. I guess she was expecitng more.
Crash--Definately a moving and disturbing movie, it felt a bit documentary-ish to me. I wouldn't go as far as to say one of my favorites, but apparently the best movie of last year?
WOW--Watchable. Good special effects, Crazy, I repeat CRAZY bass scenes. The new king of bass DVD's--without question and I own them all.
One that is a must see if you have a new system is house of flying daggers--visually and sonically awesome. On par with Hero. It will test your surrounds.
Just thought of one:--Forty year old Virgin: Hilarious!! definately a "guy" comedy. Don't let the kiddies see this one. I watched it twice within a week, the second time I enjoyed it so much more-- funny.
Wedding crashers--OK. once you get the premise, there isn't much there, a bit disapointing, but watchable.

I will post more as I think back through the newer movies I have watched. I know not all of those above were released in '06, but within the last year or so.
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Re: Favorite DVDs of 2006 so far

Brokeback Mountain. I originally rented it just because SWMBO wanted to see it. She enjoyed it so much she went out and bought it . I have now watched it as well and can honestly say I was Impressed. The scenery is unbelievable.
OK the story line did not appeal but at the end of the day I can't critise her for buying it.
The four DVD's I have bought for myself this year include two releases from last year Dukes of Hazzard with Jessica Simpson Herbie Rides Again, Bruce Springsteen UN/Plugged, and a really old classic that I found- Smokey and The Bandit.
Into Car movies and will check most out, but also into music DVD's as well.
Watched Cher earlier this afternoon instead of doing the work I brought home for the week end.
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Re: Favorite DVDs of 2006 so far

I really liked War of the Worlds. Maybe it was because it was the first movie I watched after getting my new sub, but I found it to be really suspenseful and a more human take on Sci Fi than most movies.

I will second House of Flying Daggers. Very well done sound. Very immersive without being overdone.
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Re: Favorite DVDs of 2006 so far

King Kong by far...reason is, I have slowed down purchasing DVD's until the HD war is over.

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