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Re: Am I getting 5.1 surround from my BD discs??

ODog4523 wrote: View Post
That's great, thanks again Bob! I havewatched a few titles and am completely happy with the results. Thanks for the time and insight, and for helping to restore some faith in seeking advice from online forums
Thanks Owen, that is very nice of you to say that. It does help me in wanting to help others.
You witnessed first hand my true dedication in providing the very best I can for others that have some difficulties.
It's in my true nature, and I find it rewarding to be online at various audio/video forums.
Also, by helping others, I also learn myself. So it is indeed a double win, and much more too, depending on how many people read these threads.

Cheers and enjoy life with music & movies, ...well, with the family also, of course.
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Re: Am I getting 5.1 surround from my BD discs??

I was going to ask this very question, until I ran into this post. My receiver is the upgraded Pioneer VSX-1019AH, and my BD player is the Sony BDP-BX1. I was so excited to hook everything up on Christmas morning and watch the system, "Come Alive!!" I even bought a Blu RAy disc to play Christmas to show off the 5.1 HD sound. And then the PCM lit up in big letters on my receiver. I tried everything also, and nothing... I too wanted to see the HD Digital lites, bold and proud. The separation and sound is good, as I am still learning and trying different settings. Sound is coming out of 5.1 speakers. All is good.

Why does Pioneer do it this way? Is there a way to make the display light up "HD Digital, or use the receivers decoders?"

Here is the definition of PCM according to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
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"PCM" redirects here. For other uses, see PCM (disambiguation).
Pulse-code modulation (PCM) is a digital representation of an analog signal where the magnitude of the signal is sampled regularly at uniform intervals, then quantized to a series of symbols in a numeric (usually binary) code. PCM has been used in digital telephone systems and 1980s-era electronic musical keyboards. It is also the standard form for digital audio in computers and the compact disc "red book" format. It is also standard in digital video, for example, using ITU-R BT.601. Uncompressed PCM is not typically used for video in standard definition consumer applications such as DVD or DVR because the bit rate required is far too high.

So I too am thinking analog stereo is being upconverted to a 5.1 signal, versus taking pure HD digital, from the BD sound and pumping it through some Pioneer filters. But according to you, Bob, we are getting HD 5.1 sound as good as it gets? I am using Sony Extended Definition speakers, which are rated pretty good.

We watched the new Star Trec on BR last sounded good. I'm not sure what I expected with the new sound system? I followed both user manuals exacally as far as setting up the listening area. My room is a little small, 11x21, but I have the Samsung Plasma against the wall across the 11 feet. It works out better that way for my furnture. SO the one of the rear speakers is right over my head, in the corner, and the other is about 10 feet on a speaker shelf mounted on the wall, same height.

I guess I don't hear the unexpected sound. As I watch a movie I was hoping to hear the unusual stuff, coming from nowhere? The surprise sounds, like was that real, or Memorex, or did a kid knock something over?

Any suggestions?

Thanks for the post!
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Re: Am I getting 5.1 surround from my BD discs??


What is the "BD Audio Setting" in the "Audio Settings" menu in the Sony player?
It should be "Direct" if you want to see the different audio format lights illuminate on the receiver. See pages 45 and 55 in the player's manual. ("Direct" is the same as "bitstream".)

Most movies have very few surprises in the surround channels. However, the following were selected for a demo disc that's being put together on the AVS forum:
Dark Knight: 01:15:00-01:22:30 "Lower city car chase with Joker and Bat Bike."

Star Trek (2009): "Shoot-out scene aboard the mining ship"

Casino Royale: 00:11:17-00:15:59 "Construction yard foot chase. Heavy equipment sound, destruction, music, textural sounds (metals, drywall, etc)"

Quantum of Solace: 0:00:33 to 00:03:35 "The Gun fire, bullet shells falling from automatic weapons, engines revving and crashes"
Quantum of Solace: 0:00:35 to 00:01:37 "Car chase scene"

G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra: 00:06:15-00:12:06 "Forrest battle"

House of Flying Daggers: (00:12:10-00:15:30) "The Echo Dance"

Knowing: 00:38:55-00:41:11 "Plane crash"

Peal Harbor: 01:28:00-01:38:50 "1st Strike on Pearl Harbor"

Super Speedway: 00:16:15-00:20:15 "Surround sound CART testing on racetrack with two cars passing each other back and forth. you can hear everything fly by the cars!"
Super Speedway: 00:36:25-00:38:00 "Racing with good music and surround"

The Aviator: 00:42:45-00:47:26 "Howard Hues breaks the air speed record only to run out of fuel and crash into a beat field. Old Planes , Classic cars and Music.
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Re: Am I getting 5.1 surround from my BD discs??

If I understood Bob's input correctly (and I'm pretty sure I did), reading PCM on the front of the Pioneer is just the reciever's own way for decoding the audio track. Maybe we're not getting the fancy "DolbyHD" lights, but we're still getting the full benefit of that soundtrack. I know I can hear bullets zipping past and planes flying overhead anyway, just the same as on a standard DVD when the Dolby or DTS logos DO light up. Btw PS3 games are particularly impressive, also coming through this "generic" PCM mode.

One question: What do you all mean by surprises in the soundtrack??
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Re: Am I getting 5.1 surround from my BD discs??

The PS3 has always been confusing to get to send the audio properly. With every firmware update they have fixed issues and if I am correct it now needs to be set to Bitstream in its audio setup if you want it to send TruHDS or DTS MA via HDMI. Are you sending it through HDMI to the receiver?
The "norm" is you need to be set to Bitstream if you want the uncompressed formats to be decoded by the receiver.

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Re: Am I getting 5.1 surround from my BD discs??


I took your advice and set the BD audio stting to "DIRECT"....and WOW what a difference. I rented the movie, Master and Commander, with Russel Crowe. I went to the battle scene, hit play, and wow, the receiver said "DTS" on the display. I've never seen that on the display on the receiver. My son came running into the living room and said it sounded like we were actually there at the battle on the ship. NOw, that's the response I was searching for.

By hidden sounds, I mean sounds that seem like they are coming from a different direction. As an example, during the battle scene, cannon balls were flying criss cross in the room. A pully hanging from a rope swings wildly across the deck and hits a seaman in the head. The sound was a great thud against his scull. Now that was expected, but that wasn't the focus of the scene. I just came out of nowhere. Unexpected sound. You can hear the ship's wood creaking as the cannon balls weaken it and the sea tossed her around. I'm so much happier with my new system.

Bob, you fixed my problem. Thank you.

NOw I'm going to figure out how to donate money to this site!! Awesome

Anyone out there looking for a good Home Theater Receiver. Take a hard look at the Pioneer rocks. Crystal clear sound. Video upconvert is also awesome.

Thanks again guys for your post...time to go watch this cool movie.

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5.1?? , bdp-s550 , blu ray , dolby digital , pcm , vsx-918

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