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Re: Movies that scared you!

There was a scene near the star of 'the boogeyman' when the kid is in bed, that had me on the edge of my seat, there was a similar one in 'Darkness Falls' when the kid pulls the sheets up over his head and you just hear the noises. I wont say too much incase some of you have not seen it. I wouldn't call either movie very scary, but those scenes were very effective on a HT system.

I watched "An American Haunting' the other day and there was a very good 'jump moment' in that.

I watched the trailer to 'The Descent' the other night and it looked very creepy, I have the DVD I will watch it over the weekend.

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Re: Movies that scared you!

When I was young: The Exorcist (I saw it in the theatre in 1973 and it scared the daylights out of me for about 10 years)

As a more "mature" person, and after watching countless gore and scary movies, for whatever reason, that **** bunny in Donnie Darko raises the hairs on the back of my neck every time.
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Re: Movies that scared you!

I find it very interesting, the sort of movies that scare people ...It seems to be a very subjective thing..
A lot of people are scared by movies like "The Omen", "The Exorcist" and movies of a similar genre..
Others get scared with movies that have a theme of whackos running around with knives, axes and chain-saws, mutilating people...
The latter category fits me...

I have seen The Exorcist (original and later version) The Omen (all 3) and didn't find them scary..but if you show me one of the mutilation type films, I'll be cringing in my seat...

Some people found the original "Alien" movie terrifying, and others thought it was pretty tame...

I do find however, that there can be "moments" in some very benign films, that can make you jump in your chair..One that comes to mind was "The Others"..when in the movie there is not a sound, and suddenly there is loud running footsteps, that come from behind you and run to the front...Sounds very real with a good surround sound system..

Scariest movie of all time?...One that probably most of you have never seen...It was only on film and never released on VHS or DVD as far as I know.."The Creeping Unknown"...
Saw it as a kid and it scared the living daylights out of me for a week, and I knew of adults who slept with there lights on after seeing it...
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Re: Movies that scared you!

Justed watched Descent and it was very good, I never considered myself claustrophobic but I think I am after watching that. Its worth a look.

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Re: Movies that scared you!

The ring was pretty good. Nothing has really scared me, but that one brought the heebie jeebies back a bit. Haven't heard from them since I was a kid. Plus I liked the little secret on the menu.
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Re: Movies that scared you!

Probably the last movie to really scare the pants off of me was "Alien". I saw it at the theater when I was in my teens and swear I must have done a 360 in my chair 20 times.

One movie that totally DISTURBED me was "Dead Ringers" with Jeremy Irons. I don't know if it would do the same thing now, but man, at the time, for about 2 weeks I felt like I was in an out of body experience all the time.

Other movies that at least gave me the willies:

Hellraiser -- definitely made me want NOT to go to the bad place
Hostel -- have to admit, it made me squirm.. a LOT.
Audition -- Japanese movie that will hurt the tourism trade to Japan
Eraserhead -- weird AND disturbing
Videodrome -- weird AND creepy
The Exorcist -- nothing needs be said about this one
The Omen -- ditto
The Shining -- Jack is so great in this movie

I'm sure I'll post this and go, "Duh, what about...", but I'm gonna leave it as is for the time being.

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Re: Movies that scared you!

I'm a real 'fraid-y cat, so I don't see too many really scary movies. But my wife took me to see What Lies Beneath at the multi-plex. I was so tense through the whole movie that my stomach was sore by the time we left the theater.

For a "pleasant" thriller, I recently enjoyed watching the 1946 Spiral Staircase on AMC.

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Re: Movies that scared you!

"Dead Birds" is a fairly recent move that really surprised us... very creepy.

The US version of "The Ring" also gave me chills.

We're watching "The Descent" tonight actually, so I'm glad it's good...
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Re: Movies that scared you!

Some oldies but goodies:

I must say that Event Horizon (1997) has always stuck in my mind as being one of the most nerve-racking.

The Thing (1982) bothered me as well...

If you could forget about the sequels, I still refuse to say Candyman five times in front of a mirror!
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Re: Movies that scared you!

The scariest horror films in my judgment, are those that have strong characterizations along
with the gore and shocks. When you have sympathetic characters, you watch the movie subjectively
rather than objectively. If the film contains only special effects without people you empathize with, I believe it loses much of it's effectiveness.

With this proviso, my favorite horror films that scared me are
"Psycho (1960)", "Carnival of Souls" (1961), "Night of the Living Dead" (1968), "Jaws" (1975) and
"Carrie" (1976). In fact "Carnival of Souls" and "Night of the Living Dead" gave me reoccuring
nightmares after I saw them as an adolescent.
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