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Re: Movie Theaters vs. Home Theaters

Bob_99 wrote: View Post
Yes, that would get me back into the theater also. Unfortunately, unless some minor miracle happens, it probably wouldn't be directed by Peter Jackson, in which case I would have to think twice about seeing it.

If Peter Jackson doesn't do it, I don't think I'd be interested either. With someone else directing, it would have a totally different "feel" to it. It needs to be the same, or don't do it at all. They could easily make two movies, out of that story. They'd all make so much money, I don't see why they have a problem.......
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Re: Movie Theaters vs. Home Theaters

I go several times a year. I have Mondays and Tuesdays off and my wife's a stay at home mom. So we go to the early shows on these days. Rarely anyone else in the theater, tickets are half price and there's always a deal at the snack bar. We can get by easily on $20. Normally one of the grandparents watches our youngest so no babysitting fees.

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Re: Movie Theaters vs. Home Theaters

I like to take my son to the theater. I sometimes go by myself. It gets me out of the house. I like the movies.

In Kitchener (town next to Waterloo) they make DLP projectors for movie theaters, they're by Christie. There is a theater in Waterloo that shows movies on a DLP projector by Christie. I generally go to that one to see movies that were shot digitally like Sin City, 300, Star Wars.

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Re: Movie Theaters vs. Home Theaters

I still like going to the theatre, the local one in winter haven is fine, and i still like to see a movie when its just come out, if they released it on dvd at the same time, id buy the dvd (well, hd dvd/blurry)

Sound and picture in a cinema will always be better than 99.9999% of the generals populations home equipment, but those 99.9999% probably dont care, for us that bother to hook up rew, will a theatre ever realy match the sence of pride and satisfaction of playing a movie on your own setup? probably not.

as an aside, i estimated over 5 years, i spent close to £7000 on home theatre equipment in the uk, at close to £6.50 a ticket to the cinema, so £13.00 for my wife and i, thats 538 trips to the movies (twice a week for 5 years), not including the cost of my 400 plus dvds (obviosly these are uk prices, probably somewhat different here in the us)

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Re: Movie Theaters vs. Home Theaters

I despise public theaters. For me it is the horrible service, the sticky seats, and the 25 people talking on their phones or holding crying babies in a rated R film. I guess it is the people that ruin it for me. Nothing beats my HT...
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Re: Movie Theaters vs. Home Theaters

I finally went to the theaters recently after not having gone for over 1 year. I took my wife and 2yr old daughter to see Ratatouille. It was lots of fun and a great experience for my little girl(her first movie at the theaters). It was refreshing to see how excited she was from the "Whole Experience" of it all. Sometimes we forget about the little things in life, and just "big" things can be. A home theater can't match the experience of being in public with the crowd. Of course, that is something that can annoy people if all they focus on is the movie. But, what will keep the theaters in business is that its something that gets you "Out and about", mixing with people and socializing.

That said, I still much prefer to spend most of my movie cash at home, but I will mix it up a bit more with going back to the theaters more often than I have.
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Re: Movie Theaters vs. Home Theaters

This last post reminded of something that does make movie theaters special to me - its those "first" experiences. I remember the first movie I went to at a theater: 101 Dalmations. And I remember the first movie I saw alone (this is not a bad thing since it's a memory related to growing as an independent person): Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
(I just realized both of these movies have been remade.)

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Re: Movie Theaters vs. Home Theaters


Actually this is a rather interesting sidebar to the thread. Now I'm much older than
most people here (49) so my firsts will be quirky...

I have close to a photographic memory (pun intended) for movies and where I saw them. I even
saved the newspaper ads in some cases.

Way back in the early sixties, it was cheaper for families to see films in a drive-in than an indoor
theater. Variety referred to them as 'ozoners' and 'hard tops'. Children under 12 were free so
my parents put my sister and I in the back of our station wagon practically every week in the
summer. The first double bill I recall was "Bon Voyage" and "Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation" both
in 1962. I was six years old but still recall MacMurray getting lost in a sewer in Paris and wiggling
his finger in a manhole for help and James Stewart trying to get a rusty pump to work in a run
down cottage. Silly movies but funny for a child.

The first indoor movie I recall seeing is "The Sword and the Stone" in 1963. It was mildly entertaining
but I didn't admire Disney until I saw the later re-issues of his previous classics like "Snow White and
the Seven Dwarfs", "Pinnochio", "Peter Pan" and "Cinderella".

Jumping ahead, I remember the first "G" rated movie and the first "M" rated movies.
When I was eleven, the industry abandoned the Production Code and replaced it with the classification
system. No one knew what this was supposed to mean since most families were used to
'going to the movies' which were suitable for all ages even if some had content that was a bit risque
and went over the heads of small children. In 1968 we saw "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" which was
advertised as rated "G". I thought that meant "Good". What did I know. Other than the neat
car and catchy theme song it was a bore. The "M" rating confused my parents. 'Suggested
for Mature Audiences' made it sound worse than R or X. I had read the book "Secret of Santa
Vittoria" in 1969 and enjoyed it, persuading by parents to let us see it. Very tame by today's
standards. A few swear words and that's all. Because of the confusion, they later changed
"M" to "GP" and later "PG".

My first "R" rated movie I saw with my father which was the re-issue of "MASH". I guess it was the
raunchiest movie I had seen up to that date. Two nuns sat in front of us which made it more surreal.

Now here's a quirky 'first'. I recall vividly my first 'red band' trailer. From 1968-1969 they didn't rate
coming attraction trailers. Movies that were rated R and X had very explicit trailers. When they
were shipped to theaters they had either 'green bands' (cardboard coverings) indicating they could
be shown with G or M films and 'red bands' for R and X movies. Needless to say, once the cardboard
covers were removed the projectionists got confused. When our family went to see a G rated movie
in 1968 (I think it was a re-issue of "Stop the World, I Want to Get Off"), they accidently played a red band trailer of the X rated "Killing of Sister George" that had topless nudity in it. My parents and many others complained to the management. I also saw red band trailer for "The Wild Bunch". This became such a problem that the MPAA later requested that trailers be 'G' rated so they could play before any movie. The green and red bands were abandoned.

Here's another 'first' regarding classification. "Night of the Living Dead" was released in that interim
period before the elimination of the Production Code and Classification. It was never rated and just
booked without classification. Although it was released in 1968 by Continental (Walter Reade Theater
subsidy), it gradually gained in notoriety and continued to play in double bills through the seventies. After reading about it in "Castle of Frankenstein"
magazine, I talked my folks into dropping me off at the cinema to watch it alone.
I saw it in the strangest venue. In the Las Vegas Cinerama Theater as the second feature on a double
bill with "Ben" the lame and tame sequel to "Willard" in 1972. "Ben" was rated GP. Therefore whole
families were in the enormous theater. Then came "Night of the Living Dead" which really shocked
the unsuspecting viewers. After the cannibalism scenes, parents were dragging their children out
in mass. Fortunately, I got to see the whole feature.
It gave me re-occuring nightmares for years. It had a real impact on me at age 15. The only other
film that had people walking out was "Salo" in 1975.

The first "X" rated film I saw was "Deep Throat". A group of high school friends and I traveled to New Jersey to see it in a strip club. It had been banned as obsene in New York State. We were all underage but they let us in anyway. After all the hoopla, we had to admit the movie sucked...pun intended. Just a bore not withstanding Linda's sword swollowing capabilities.

My first good X rated film and first 3-D film was "Andy Warhol's Frankenstein" the next year. Once
again, despite the rating they let underage teenagers in. It was the most outrageous movie I'd ever
seen. It's still one of my favorites. Unfortunately, the 3-D was a mess. The wide shots were great
but the close ups a real eyestrain due to convergence problems with the StereoVision system.
Convergence is the separation of the superimposed stereo pairs. They're supposed to be slightly
overlapped, not on opposite sides of the screen. In any event it was an inspiration for my own
3-D film in 1995 entitled "Run for Cover". I was very careful not to have extreme convergence or
eyestrain like the Morrissey film.

The first movie I saw in single strip Cinerama was "2001: A Space Odyssey" in 1976 and again in 1978
in 70mm at The Rivoli Theater in New York City. An awesome experience. The deeply curved screen made you feel as if you were actually in space. I got a second hand high from all the patrons toting
up during the last scene. The theater reeked of pot afterwards but no one was evicted.

In 1997 the New Neon cinema in Ohio installed a curved screen and three projectors for the earlier
three panel Cinerama experience with "This is Cinerama" and "How the West Was Won" in a double bill.
A spectacular show although you definately saw the panel joins on screen. The most expensive film
I ever saw since I had to travel to the state by plane and pay for a hotel room just to screen it.
I still thought it was worth it since the opportunities for seeing three panel Cinerama were non-existent
from 1964 through 1996.

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Re: Movie Theaters vs. Home Theaters

Does anyone consider the lenght of a movie as a reason for not going to the theater? I noticed that the Simpson movie which is only 87 minutes, had a pretty good opening. For me, I like a movie that's at least two hours long which in some way eases the pain of the high ticket price, not to mention that hopefully, it gives a better chance for a decent plot development. That being said, I still have not been to a theater since Peter Jackson's King Kong.


"There is always hope, even if it is just a fool's hope."
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Re: Movie Theaters vs. Home Theaters

Overly long (imo) films actually put me off, some films just seem to drag for me, things like spiderman 3 that ran for 140 mins make me want to wait for dvd, where i can sit for over 2 hours in comfort and press the pause button on the almost ineveitable toilet break.

There is a very rare occasion where length will not put me off, LOTR: ROTK was one example, but i made the effort and went to a cinema with electric recliners and a bar

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