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Re: Your first DVD

I can't remember when, But Twister and soldier were my first.................It was back when they said "these (dvd's) will never catch on, your waisting your $$$$.
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Re: Your first DVD

It took me a while before I got into the DVD format. Primarily because I'm a film collector. I started in 16mm in 1985 then moved up to 35mm. Mostly I collect rare Technicolor prints of classics because the color is so much better than current Eastmancolor prints shown in theaters and they never fade. I was also burned on a lot of earlier video formats. I collected both CED and Laserdiscs until the formats were eliminated and I felt I had wasted a lot of money. To make matters worse, the discs deteriorated. The CED discs began to skip and some laserdiscs acquired 'laser rot'. My Technicolor film prints remained in excellent shape although some were fifty years old so I figured I'd stick with that format. I had seen earlier Sharp analogue video projectors and wasn't satisfied with the quality, especially compared to film prints I projected in my home theater. I did eventually buy a DVD player and began renting movies but not collecting them. My relatives gave me some DVDs as presents including the "King Kong" special edition, Rogers and Hammerstein collection and "Hair". The quality seemed comparable to the laserdiscs of the same titles.

However, about two years ago a friend showed me his DLP and projected a DVD onto his screen and I admit I was quite impressed. Unlike previous video projectors, the Digital Light Projector did generate an image that simulated a film print. Much better than 16mm although not as good as 35mm. But film prints were hard to come by, especially for titles made in Eastmancolor rather than Technicolor which
faded over the years. Obviously, it was better to project a DVD of a "De Luxe" or "Metrocolor" movie than a faded film print. So, I purchased a low end Optoma H27projector and Samsung DVD player and began to collect DVDs and got used to the 'digital' look. In some cases, the image is better than a film print for older titles since the distributors did a 'clean up' of the image and removed the scratches and dust from decades of printing off the negative. In fact, I have a problem now screening film prints that don't look mint like the DVDs.

Fortunately, the Optoma DLP is small and sits on a table below the 35mm projector lens so both formats fit in my projection booth. Since I only have mono sound on the 35mm machine, the DVD player has superior audio with 5.1 surround. Of course no video image can look as vibrant as a 35mm Technicolor print but a well made DVD can come pretty close and you have the advantage of 'tweaking' the image
which in my case is to saturate the colors a bit and add 10% more red which simulates the warm look of movies of the fifties and sixties which I prefer over today's 'colder' color cinematography.

If memory serves, the first DVD I actually purchased as opposed to received as present was Hitchcock's "North by Northwest" which did look better than the 16mm Technicolor print I used to own.

The only problem with home video collecting is that unlike film prints which have been standardized for the last 100 years, video formats keep changing and/or become obsolete. I'm well aware that the 186 DVD titles I have will all have to be replaced with HD versions in the future. Also, I don't believe DVDs are archival and they might deteriorate over the years like some CDs and laserdiscs in my collection.
The Australians did some tests on the longevity of DVDs and they claim 10 years
is the lifespan. So collecting DVDs of my favorite films is not a one time investment
like purchasing a 35mm Technicolor print of a classic but an ongoing one into the future.

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Re: Your first DVD

My first DVD was Heat. I think because I had just gotten the player, and I hadn't seen the movie, which was on special. I was just really eager to watch something and that popped out at me. I loved it, but it was subsequently stolen when our university house got robbed and I guess that's one I haven't gotten around to replacing yet.

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Re: Your first DVD

I paid $499 for a Pioneer DVD player back in 1999. It was a floor model too so it was $100 off. The first movie I watched on it was Terminator 2 which I rented from a pitiful 4 foot DVD section at Jumbo Video. It was great back then.
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Re: Your first DVD

Well this is all tied to my first dvd player, so let's start there. My first dvd player was the pioneer 525 back in the late nineties. My wife, whom I was dating back then, sat a listened very carefully as I ran through all the players I was interested in purchasing for myself(never letting on she was going to buy it for me). Then when she was finally ready, she called Crutchfield to confirm that it was a good player. She gave it to me for my birthday with great fanfare and said "let's watch something!"

But she didn't get any movies. So I've got this neet looking player and no movies. Occasionally I give her a hard time about that because I find it funny. The next day I went out and picked up The Last Starfighter and Terminator on DVD. And that's how it all started.
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Re: Your first DVD

My first DVD player I bought in 1999, it was the latest Panasonic at the time and the DVD I bought to watch on it was Star Trek First Contact. Great Movie! I actually bought the DVD a few weeks before the player... heh
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Re: Your first DVD

Some friends of ours gave us a DVD player and a bunch of DVD's just after we got married (2004) If I remember right I think the first DVD we actually watched on it was Mean Girls.
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Re: Your first DVD

I bought a DVD some days before.Before that i have a cd player of pioneer.The DVD is of Vinverth.
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Re: Your first DVD

First dvd was monsters inc. Back in whatever year it was when cheap dvd players with onboard dolby decoders were cheaper than dvd drives for pcs.
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Re: Your first DVD

I won a copy of Cast Away in 2000 in an online promotion, so I picked up a display Sony DVD player at BB. The jump in video and audio quality absolutely blew me away! I never looked back at VHS after that. That sony served me well untill my PS3 purchase last month. In fact, it's still pulling duty in the bedroom.

Springfield, IL

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