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Re: Where to buy HD-DVDs?

I usually pick them up at Best Buy (usually the best price) lately Superbits have been $9.99. The local Media Play is gone and a F.Y.E moved in, only $24.99 for Superbit, what a deal They'll probably last less time than Media Play did at those prices.

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Re: How do you get your movies?

Netflix for me, and then purchase the ones I really want used from Hollywood video. If I go in during non busy times, they let me pull several DVD's from the shelf, open them all, and choose the one I want to purchase (no scratches). Hollywood has a lifetime guarantee on previously viewed dvd's. They often run 3 for $25 specials, so I usually wait until them and pick up a bunch.

Tommy, as far as storage, I too use a large binder. I have done so for about 5-6 years (stored horizontal) with no problems. For me, the cases just got out of control, and once I got over the "hey look how impressive my DVD collection is" phase, it was an easy choice. Besides, when somebody wants to watch a movie, I think it is really cool to plop down a binder for them to flip through to find something to watch.

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Re: How do you get your movies?

Sure, I rent from the local vid store all the time. It's convenient. I have many movies stored as data and play them back through a Windows MC and my Xbox 360 extender, but it's a slight compromise in sound and video quality.

I asked a similar question on the AVSforum in the media server group. I got ideas from people that use media servers regularly. All kinds of hacks going on there. It's interesting, they tend to be surprizingly hi-fi savvy people but also, obviously quite computer literate.

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Re: How do you get your movies?

Australia's just floating the idea of movie downloads, but until our broadband coverage improves there's little use.
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Re: How do you get your movies?

I acquire them as cheaply as I can. For purchasing, that usually means getting them used from Amazon. For renting, if my library doesn't have what I am looking for (free rental), then Family Video typically will, and they only charge $0.50 for 5 nights for movies more than a year or two old. For new releases, I stick with Family Video as well. Am I a cheapskate? Yeah, I guess
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Re: How do you get your movies?

I'm about to face a new situation when it comes to getting DVD's...
Shortly, I'll be moving to a country area, where the nearest rental shop will be about 20Km. away..That's 80Km. there and back twice for an overnight hire..
With the current price of petrol taken into account, that makes it a very expensive overnight hire...
It would be less expensive to just buy the DVD from a discount supplier. But there are a number of movies that I would like to see that I would probably never buy..
I may have to join one of these online hire places..At least with them, you can keep the DVD for as long as you want..
Can any one in OZ recommend one of these online hirers?....NOT Bigpond..
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Re: How do you get your movies?

Sonnie wrote: View Post
We've done the Columbia House thingy a few times.... when they offer the better deals we'll bite between long breaks.....
Here is where I get most of my movies but I also look for deals on BestBuy, Circuit City, Costco, etc. usually I try to get the movie as cheap as possible, I always get them new.

Last week I joined Columbia House (again) and got Babel, The Departed, The Librarian 1 & 2, RV and Crank for a lot of money total was $17.40 I just need to get 4 more in the next two years (from $14.95 and up), usually when you get one at regular price, you can get as many as you want with 50% or 60% off regular price .... but sometimes they have other specials too .....
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Re: How do you get your movies?

We would previousl rent 2-3 movies per week, now that we have the HD DVD & Blu-ray player plus bumped up to using Netflix we would be lucky if we rent that per month now... And thats not because of the service which has been fine its simply because I havent stopped buying movies left and right for the HD DVD player... Wow that really got me hooked, I wasnt planning on replacing any dvd movies... lol
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Re: How do you get your movies?

Everything we watch is DVD and DVD only. We dropped cable back in November/early December of 2004 and never looked back! Most of our favorite TV shows (we admit, we like older shows more than the new stuff on) are on DVD, and the new shows are coming out on DVD very quickly too. It's at the point that when we go visit someone commercials almost give me a headache. (Kind of like the awakening Rowdy Roddy Piper had in They Live)

Movies are anything from SDVD to HD and BD. Even though I am format neutral I still buy SDVDs probably at a ratio of 10:1. We rent from Netflix, as well as the Block Buster online rental, and also buy movies. The local Sam's Club doesn't have that great of a selection, and Best Buy is over an hour away, plus they always have the highest prices. Hollywood Video is an excellent place to buy SDVDs!

Unlike Walmart's famous and notoriously unorganized $5.50 bin, and even the $7.50 discount racks... Hollywood Video is mostly in wide screen format. They have a constant supply of older movies for $1.99 each, as well as more recent releases for $3.99 each. Even their 'more expensive' selection is still 3 for $30 and they are some of the newest titles too! Yes they are all previously viewed, but they are also guaranteed. If one skips or is scratched... they replace it free.

Am I a cheapskate? Maybe, but it lets me spend more money on the High Def movies! In case anyone was wondering 'Why so many SDVDs?' well we still watch a lot of movies upstairs, and my wife has a room she likes to slip away to and spin movies and TV shows, so we may love high def, but regular run of the mill SDVDs are still a big player in our house!
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Re: How do you get your movies?

wbasset, wow that must be a large collection of dvds if your not even watching tv shows... I'm just getting to the point now where I think im replacing all the same movies in an endless circle

From VCR to DVD to replacements etc... When I wad deployed a couple years ago I put most of my movies in a CD softare album and took it with me, plus friends and family send movies while I was away. It worked great for that purpose but looking at the condition there in now, ever one has visibily scratched in it...

Oh well thats atleast giving me an excuse for replacing all with the HD & BR versions as there announced but Im dreading when one format (if not both) does go under there will be a repeat of this again
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