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Re: Ocean's 13, anyone else get the dvd?

I've read some people saying that there may be an outside chance that they are now doing this on purpose to get people to HDM....seems way fishy, but could it be true?
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Re: Ocean's 13, anyone else get the dvd?

I'm not going to be the guinea pig...

Cedar Creek Cinema

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Re: Ocean's 13, anyone else get the dvd?

I agree the standard DVD didn't look good. The movie was watchable and mildly
entertaining but for a 122 minute feature, I was surprised there was virtually no character
development. Unlike the other movies, I had a hard time counting the 13 people involved in the
caper. Some members have few lines and little to do. I also agree that the leads seemed to be walking through this film without any emotion and just posing to look cool. No romantic interest other than the attempted seduction of Ellen Barkin who was too old for the role. They created
a new word for the film, "Gilroy", which is a fictional aphrodisiac. I surprised they didn't
try to market some cologne with that name as a tie in.

There were few close ups of the leads probably to hide the fact that they are middle aged now. Brad Pitt is 44 and still lacks a 'defining role' which is important for movie stars. On the other
hand, Carl Reiner looked pretty good for 85. Still doing his fake accent schtick that dates back
to his days with Sid Caesar. The film had choppy editing which seems to be in vogue now. It makes it hard to follow the story. The split screen sequences didn't help either and there seemed to be no point to them.

The villain in this film is Al Pacino who continues to overact and shout every other
line. It's hard to believe he used to give very subtle performances decades ago
in "The Godfather" and "Serpico". The trouble is, overacting doesn't really make
him seem threatening and without a threat, the story lacks suspense. The team
seems to pull off the heist with few hitches or any real obstacles in their path which
makes it too predictable. I guessed immediately that they didn't take the real
diamonds and were going to remove them later. Also, the fake nose on Matt
Damon is rediculous and wouldn't fool anyone.

The suppliments which gave an architectual history of Las Vegas were interesting.
Most of the hotels and casinos from the Rat Pack days have been torn down.
Reminded me of New York City which used to have many movie palaces and Roadshow
theaters but all have been demolished and replaced with megaplexes.

Regarding the poker craze comment, one thing I always find amusing is
poker games that take place in the Wild West. I've seen in a number of
movies and TV shows with the players engaged in five card draw. This is
inaccurate. The first poker game and the only one they played in the
Wild West was five card stud according to a poker site I logged onto.
So if you see a Western and there's no face up cards on table, it's historically inaccurate...asuming the producers cared about such things.

In general, I'm not that interested in watching people play card games
on screen although I did like "The Cincinatti Kid", primarily because it
was a character study. McQueen and Robinson were good in it.
"A Big Hand for the Little Lady" was also amusing although I guessed
the plot twist early on. Less successful were Dean Martin in "Five
Card Stud" which at least got the game right.

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Re: Ocean's 13, anyone else get the dvd?

My wife rented it for us and I agree it was a joke. The story line was ok at best and the picture was awful. I though something was wrong with my player or projector. I am sure this was done for effect right?... Right?.....

Either way, It does make me wonder if they bothered to preview the film at any point of the production?
I was not impressed.
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Re: Ocean's 13, anyone else get the dvd?

Finally had to rent this locally in SD since Netflix never sent me the HD-DVD version. The movie was very good. The best one of the 3 for me.

Now the SD version. Wow that looked horrible! The worst picture I have seen in a while. I guess I should have waited for the HD version, but I really wanted to see this movie. I will have to put it back on Netflix and wait for it to compare.
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Re: Ocean's 13, anyone else get the dvd?

i hated it too.

The picture was the worst I've ever seen on HD DVD. The color was bumped up so high I had to turn the color almost completely off. It was close to total greyscale, if there was one or two color the faces were just saturated with red. There were some scenes that looked passable, particularly outdoors.

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Re: Ocean's 13, anyone else get the dvd?

I remember the theatrical print having that color saturation as well. It looked a little gaudy IMO.
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