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Re: I am Legend - Blu-ray Review

It wasn't exactly true to the original story line. You could say that this is a good or bad thing. However, in my opinion, this was one of the most over-hyped movies since Wild Hogs. I was disappointed in almost every aspect of the movie, sound notwithstanding.
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Re: I am Legend - Blu-ray Review

Will Smith, despite being an incredible dork, is a really good actor. The movie does devolve, just like the creatures. Oh well. Scares the out of me whenever one of them jumps out. Looks and sounds really good as well.

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Re: I am Legend - Blu-ray Review

I watched the movie last night, To be honest it had some very good low end audio. The lack of a musical soundtrack made the hart pounding jump out and scare you parts very good. I however did not like the ending as it was very anti-climatic and it almost seemed rushed.
Video quality was good and the colors in the ending of all the fall colors in the trees really show off High definition.

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Re: I am Legend - Blu-ray Review

The alt ending is bad.
I don't necessarily agree. I never read the text the film is based on, but from the synopsis a friend gave me, the alternate ending comes much closer. The original story also centered around the last man on earth, and the "Dark Seekers" created by a plague. The man spent his days, not working towards a cure, but killing the Dark Seekers and throwing them into oil fires that were still going. At night, he would retreat to his fortress, and watch the Dark Seekers taunt him from outside. Needless to say, he was lonely, and the female Dark Seekers would try and entice him to come out. Finally, he encountered a woman during the day, and was so overjoyed that he invited her back to his compound for protection. Of course, she was a Dark Seeker, but mutated to be resistant to light. She let all of the others in, and they took the man back to their "hive", where he was put on trial for the murder of thousands of Dark Seekers. In the audience, there were women and children, the latter looking at him in terror while the mothers consoled them. He realizes that these people are not simply animals, but they have a culture, a society. At this moment, he remembered what his mother used to tell him that if he misbahaved, the "bogey" man would get him. Here, he was the "bogey man". So, the guy who we are rooting for the entire story really turns out to be the bad guy after all.

So, the alternate ending, while not completely true to the text, comes much closer to this realization, to me, at least.

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Re: I am Legend - Blu-ray Review

I just borrowed the BD from some friends, so I plan to view the movie again and the alt ending.

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Re: I am Legend - Blu-ray Review

Regarding Alt vs Theatrical Ending:

When Will Smith's character, Neville, first catches the Dark Seeker in a trap the Dark Seeker that comes out into the sun for a few seconds is the same one that is after Neville the rest of the movie. That same Dark Seeker uses the same trap on Neville. Neville's comment that the Dark Seekers must have lost all semblance of humanity is not correct and the alternate ending drives this home. The theatrical ending abandons all the character build up regarding the Dark Seeker and the one Neville caught. It strays even further from the book and was a weak attempt to candy coat the whole movie with a happier ending.
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Re: I am Legend - Blu-ray Review

It strays even further from the book and was a weak attempt to candy coat the whole movie with a happier ending.
Very true.

In fact, my major complaint with this movie, is that it was so far removed from the storyline, as to render it unrecognizable as such. (the original story was based in LA, not New York!!!) This movie should have carried a different title, IMO. It was just plain dumb.

I wish I could say something good about it, but it was a huge disappointment. Unlike Cars - I hated the movie, but was knocked out by the picture and sound!
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Re: I am Legend - Blu-ray Review

I really hate it too when they twist the story so much that it becomes so different than the original it becomes recognizable only by a simple idea contained in, or contains characters from, the original.

They should say "Based on" rather than name it the title of the original. I find it a rarity these days that a movie actually reflects it's written counterpart very well.
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Re: I am Legend - Blu-ray Review

Holly Thread resurection BATMAN!

I have to say this movie had me at the edge of my seat the entire way through. It was awesome! I truely connected with Will. He had to kill his own dog. How could you not feel for him?

I know nothing of any of the stories before so sticking to any story line was not important to me.

CGI - Yes we are spoiled. However, I am still amazed at how 10 commandments did their 10 commandments even today. It was slick.

Thanks for saying something about this being to precurser to modern day Vamp and zomb movies. This did have that feel without being about it. Make sense. Your statement about it being were it all began makes perfect sense and fits.

Alt Ending:
BARF! I do see the points about Will saying "they lost all sense of humanity." I have a feeling the director and writer wanted to go back and add on that. But studioes have deadlines and you have to deliver something. Thank god it wasn't the alt ending. I felt dirty after watching it.
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Re: I am Legend - Blu-ray Review

I must defer from so many who are lauding this movie.

I will admit the creation of the post-event NYC was pretty good. But nothing truly novel considering the many post apocalyptic movies made recently about post-traumatic upheavals in urban centers. And the first 3/4 of the movie simply takes on a high speed chase about this landscape (interspersed with vignettes where we learn of his obligatory emotional attachment to wife and family...).

Thereafter its all downhill. The cgi mutants are ludicrous, one dimensional with the extent of their novelty being nonsensical rubberized contortions that would make a snake with its loosely hinged jaw jealous.

And the plot almost announces that it must hurry up and make something, anything, happen and lives up to the incredible lack of a satisfactory denouement. We simply hit a period where the run time is approaching the the maximum and the producers decide they had better wrap it up.

The alternative ending is ridiculous as the raging mutants, who have thus far only exhibited the ability to howl and display now intelligible means of communication and have simply reacted as pack animals who react to immediate stimulus, suddenly subjugate all impulsive reaction to the 'leader' of mutants as hey suddenly - en mass - exhibit a highly developed sense of attachment and empathy for he who pines for his 'girlfriend', and who, after he gets her back, turns and walks away in a completely incongruous 180 degree reversal of all established behavioral traits - is not even worthy of a C comic - where all logic has been jettisoned for cute sentimentality and an utterly insufficient exploration of such a primitive developed race that simultaneously (so we are led to believe) also exhibits a highly developed sense of awareness and compassion and empathy. Huh? It is as if they employed the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz to cobble this incongruent mishmash of characteristics together.

Not to mention the oh so convenient travels, and arrival of the strangers from the north who magnificently find their way to and around Manhattan only to drop by and say "hi".

The cgi landscape was pretty good, the mutants completely unimaginative and utterly incongruous as we are unable to suspend our 'sense of disbelief' and ultimately, when the movie ends, one sits and wonders, is this all there is????

After so much hype, a Complete and utter letdown. One of the worst I have seen in a while.

Will Smith has fallen into too many of these mediocre vehicles! Independence Day, Wild Wild West (and I love the series - which made this one hurt all the more!), I Robot, etc. Lots of hype, a large budget, and whoosh - nothing of substance.

If you want a post-apocalyptic movie where the man has a dog for a friend, check out "A Boy and His Dog" instead. Not only is the plot more complete and developed, the dialogue between the boy and dog is more stimulating (and humorous) as well.

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