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Broad City: Season 2 - DVD Review

Title: Broad City: Season 2


HTS Overall Score:72

Comedy is a wildly subjective subject, and actually is the antithesis of drama. Drama is about personal growth. About the changes one goes through in their lives. Comedy is about reverting back to your base instincts. It’s about staying as steadfast and true to your ridiculousness as humanely possible, and in that vein, Ilana and Abbi (Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson) are the perfect pair of comedians. Stuck in the horrors of their jobs in New York City, the pair reverts back to their bitter, raucous and caustic natures which allows for more than a few belly laughs along the way. Season 2 of the famed Comedy Central show is back for another season of laughs and thrills, with a much tighter array of episodes as well as some fun cameos by actors such as Seth Rogen and Kelly Ripa.

“Broad City” is very much a rough and dirty sitcom that falls much into the same vein as “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”, just on a much more “mature” level (and of course really forgoing any serialized plot line). The two young women live in New York City, and have to deal with their menial day jobs. Abbi is the supposed “sane” one of the two and is forced to deal with the drudgery of a custodial job at her local gym, while the insanity of Ilana reigns supreme over while she blows off her boring office job under her milksop of a manager. Comedy usually has a straight man and a funny man in any pairing of comedians, and Abbi certainly comes off as the straight guy, while Ilana is the crazed funny girl. This is really a façade in fact, as Abbi is just about as crazy as Ilana is, but she has snowed herself into thinking that she really is the responsible one, when the reality of the situation is that Ilana does nothing but roll her eyes and smile, eliciting the desired response from Abbi.

As I mentioned, there is no real serialized plot behind the series, rather than the bonding of the two girls over their resentment on living slave level jobs in the high priced city of New York. The series revolves around the two basically trying to find any entertainment they can to make their lives just a little bit easier during the day (and nights). Being that they are about as jaded and cynical about their life as they can be, Abbi and Ilana have no compunction about being as disrespectful and completely carefree as they want to be, which is where most of the humor comes from. The two literally deal with life as if it’s a big joke, and in some ways it is that to the pair. They’ve been struggling and suffering for so long that they have to find humor and fun in some of the most UN fun situations in their life.

While the humor can sometimes be a bit too mean spirited at times, I can certainly see what the show is trying to do. It’s a modern day revolt against the craziness of our life. Life has become so hectic and so unflavorful, that it’s almost refreshing to see someone bucking the trend and fighting against the status quo. In fact pretty much EVERY character in the show is shown in that light. The cameos, the extras, the secondary characters are all shown in the most unflattering of circumstances as well as showing the least flattering aspects of their personalities to the cameras. Walking through life with a sense of narcissism and bitterness, they almost make Abbi and Ilana look normal by comparison.


Not Rated by the MPAA

Shot on digital handycams and the like, “Broad City: Season 2” (and season 1 really) looks very much like a documentary or a soap opera in nature. The frame rate of the cameras and the use of completely natural lighting in the shots makes it look like you’re looking directly at documentary footage, which actually fits the comedy central series rather well. It’s rough, it’s raw and the lighting can be a bit funky at times, matching perfectly with the rough and raw nature of the two main co-stars. Blacks can be a bit crushed at times and there are moments of macroblocking, but the detail is still pleasant for a 480p DVD. Colors are a given a natural color grading (in fact I don’t see much touchup work or stylistic grading done to the series at all) and have a nice amount of pop to them. The series isn’t reference series, but the show was intentionally shot to look like this so I can’t blame the transfer for the shows stylistic decision making.

As with many comedy central shows, the audio is a simple 2.0 Dolby Digital track in English. Dialog is crisp and clean, locked up front in the two mains, and blends quite nicely with the ambiance of New York City. There’s not a whole lot going on here, but the honks and noises of the big city add a feeling of depth that would otherwise have been missing from a very dialog centric show. Being that there is only 2 speaker support there is no real LFE or surround support to speak of, but the show itself shows no signs of audio distortions or anything that would be a negative for the recording mix.


• Outtakes
• Deleted Scenes
• Pop-up Enhanced Episodes
• "Back into Broad City" Series
• "Body by Trey" Videos
• The Nicole Memos


“Broad City” is a unique series among the comedy central shows, with its wicked sense of humor and ridiculously scathing commentary on life. The show is ever so slightly mean spirited in the humor department and that sometimes dipped into my enjoyment factor. I liked a lot of what I saw and have no problem with rude and crude humor, but every once in a while I felt the comedic duo took it a bit too far or was just plain crass without actually being funny if you know what I mean. The series has a distinct cult following and rightfully so. The chemistry between the two real life comedians/friends is easy to relate to and the disgruntled humor about the pains and sufferings of life in a big city is something a lot of people can easily feel at home with, which makes their success sweeter. Audio and video are solid enough for a DVD release and the extras are actually quite entertaining. Definitely a rental to see if their unique blend of humor meshes with you (albeit a must buy for fans as this season is tighter and more focused than the previous one).

Additional Information:

Starring: Ilana Grazer, Abbi Jacobson, Hannibal Buress
Created by: Ilana Grazer, Abbi Jacobson
Aspect Ratio: 1.78:1 MPEG2
Audio: English: Dolby Digital 2.0
Studio: Paramount
Rated: Not Rated
Runtime: 220 Minutes
DVD Release Date: January 5th 2016

Buy Broad City: Season 2 On DVD at Amazon

Recommendation: Rent as a taste test

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